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Helping H1B Visa Stamping Aspirants coming to Mexico, Contact: matamoros.guest@gmail.com

What help do we provide ?

  • We provide Visa fee payment help even if you are going to any location in Mexico.
  • As a courtesy we can assist you with any doubts while filling DS160, Registering account for visa slots booking, Assistance with re-scheduling visa dates.
  • We offer Complete package including Accommodation & transportation for your whole trip Only in Matamoros, Mexico.
  • As extra help, we can connect you with folks who been to Tijuana, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico City etc., using our Facebook group.

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I am struck with visa fee payment, can you help ?

  • Even if you are going to any location in Mexico (Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juarez , Guadalajara and Matamoros, Mexico city etc.,)
  • We can help with Visa fee payment at Mexico banks in-person same day
  • @ 10 AM & 3 PM CST everyday(Mon-Fri) except Mexican Holidays…even if you are going to any location in Mexico.
  • Note : Bank timings – Mon-Fri (10AM to 4 PM CST); Banks are closed on weekends.
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Who got successful stamping in Matamoros, Mexico ?

  • Our guests include FTE (Full Time), Consulting (EVC, EVVC model), guests through CTS, TCS, Wipro(Implementation partners) etc., got successful stamping in Matamoros, mexico.

Can i go to Mexico for stamping, is it safe ? Check whether you can answer below questions ?

  1. In USA now ?
  2. Have doubts whether to go to stamping or not(Due to possibility of 221G etc.,) ?
  3. Do you hold valid I-797 ?
  4. Have all valid documents except expired visa or about to expire ?
  5. This is NOT your 1st time Visa Stamping ? (After extension or transfer)

If you answer “yes” to above questions, Read below for solution…

Yes, It’s safe to go to Mexico, Check our reviews, you can find the genuine reviews from our guests.

  • For H1B, H4 , L1, L2, E Visa’s for (Extension/Transfer) Stamping.
  • We already helped, guided many people for filling DS160, Registering account for visa slots booking, by providing accommodation & transportation for who came to Matamoros for stamping.

This is my 1st time Stamping, I recently changed Status, Am i Eligible to go to Mexico ?

  • NOTE : For the 1st time stamping (COS – Change of Status – Mexico is NOT an option)
  • If you moved from one visa to another ., F1 to H1 or L1 to H1 or H4 to H1), either Canada or your Home country are the best options for you to go for stamping.
  • Mexico does not allow for 1st time or Change of Status stamping.

Why choose us ?

  • We provide the same facilities as any hotel can provide,
  • Where we stay ahead from the regular hotels is …. Read below
  • Let us say if you need to stay for extra 2-3 days with a hotel, you need to pay whatever the cost it is (69+ tax etc per day), They don’t consider your situation, but we will as we care about our customers, we will charge affordable price & we care about our future good relationship with customers.

How to connect with us & others who went to Mexico in different locations ?

How many days process is the Visa Stamping in Matamoros, Mexico ?

  • 99.9 % who came to Matamoros finished H1B Visa Stamping in 2 days,
  • 1st day for ASC Interview, also called as Fingerprints appointment.
  • 2nd day for Visa interview
  • Same day in-person pick up of stamped passport at US consulate.
  • Matamoros & Brownsville, Texas are border cities, next to each other. US consulate in less than 2-3 miles from border. Drivable distance from Houston(5 hours), Dallas (8 hours by car, 1 Hour by flight)

I have more questions, where can I find answers ???

Click “MENU” & check “FAQs” section on top of this screen; 90% you will get your answers in this page & in FAQS page.

Remaining 10 % or so, we can answer as best as we can in our whatsapp group & also by remaining members.

Also check “RECENT UPDATES at Matamoros location” & REVIEWS” from below links,

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Watch this video about Visa Stamping in Mexico : click here for YouTube video

What are the experiences of the candidates who been to Matamoros, Mexico ?

One of our candidate : H1B Visa Stamping Experience

  • I got 1st H1B stamping in Canada(F1 to H1B) in 2014,
  • In 2017, I got my H1B extended, I was looking for easy stamping.
  • Just like anyone else,
  • I was in dilemma whether to go to stamping in India or any other location, found out going to Matamoros Mexico is easy, just 2 days process and also has most successful visa stamping rating. I got successful stamping in June 2017, been to India trip in July 2017(saved 2 days out of short india trip 21 days), Ernesto helped me for my stamping.

Remaining Candidates Experiences & Reviews can be found by clicking this



Dear Visa Stamping Aspirants,

We are not a legal advisers or Immigration Lawyers. At this point, If you are planning to come down to Matamoros or to any location from Mexico , you may know that, if you hold a valid visa from Canada, USA or Mexico , you can go to any port of entry to Mexico without any problems, if you don’t hold any,

Then check with your closest Mexican embassy and ask for the 6 months Visa, it will cost you about $36 USD , sometimes you don’t even need appointment and you can get it in less than 2 hours if you go in-person if you walk-in,

If you get this Mexican VISA, then you will be fine if for some reason your stay at Mexico needs to be extended.

Check this website https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/losangeles/index.php/paisano

We are working for a good cause and we will try to help you as much as possible; so far all our guests got successful stamping without any issues within 2 days, make sure you carry all documents. we will not be responsible for any unpleasant happenings or circumstances in regards of immigration to Mexico if any of this recommendations are not followed.

Be Happy Stay Happy. Be informed.

We just offer the Visa Fee Payment services … Accommodation, Round trip transportation to Border, ASC Fingerprints, Visa interview, Passport Pick up, Food.

What’s the purpose of this website & What’s the rate of approvals in Matamoros, Mexico ?

This website was created to make aware of this stamping process to H1B/H4/ L1/L2 community.

In October 2017 – 7 members got successful stamping in Matamoros, Mexico.

In November 2017, 11 people got successful stamping in Matamoros, Mexico.

In December 2017, 18 members got stamped, includes a family of 4 members, another family of 3 members, 16 more individual members got successful stamping in Matamoros, Mexico.

Incase if you are planning, Check “contact us” from top MENU.

Note : Better to take Mexican Visa before your travel in near by Mexican Consulate before your travel.

On your arrival day, stop at the Mexico Immigration Office at the International bridge, the officer will check your passport and stamp your date of arrival, you will pay $30.00, and fill out a form with your basic information. At the end of your trip before crossing into the U.S, you need to stop at this Immigration office, and return this form. The officer will stamp your passport to indicate that you have left Mexico.

What are the other pages, Information we provide ?

Check “Menu” of this site for more info, also clicking below links will take you there

Follow the instructions to book US Visa interview:

I am ready to go to Mexico for stamping, what are the steps ?

  • Click this page which shows detailed steps => US Visa Booking Process
  • Fill DS-160, Submit DS-160
  • Register in : https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-mx/niv
  • Pay the visa fee
  • Finish booking FingerPrints(ASC) slot & Visa Interview Slot.
  • Plan your travel to Brownsville, Texas(Border city for Texas & Mexico )

Arrival to Brownsville, Texas (By Flight)

If you need to fly, Try looking for tickets to Brownsville, Texas. If you find tickets are costly, Other option is to Fly to Houston(Check United & Southwest Airlines for better prices) and plan to Drive 6 hours from there to Brownsville.

If you are flying, Take a Cab or Uber to Border (International Bridge, Brownsville) from Brownsville Airport.

Once you reach to Border at Brownsville,

  • We will come and pick up you from the Border, we will take care of the accommodation & transportation from border to his place(15 mins from Border), transportation to consulate(15 mins drive) for visa interview, passport pickup, for food etc.,

Arrival to Brownsville, Texas (By Car)

  • If you are driving to Brownsville, Texas,
  • If you arrive before 5 PM, park your car at the Border @ the Duty free parking for 5$/day.
  • If you arrive after than 5 PM, Park your car at the below location : You need to pay 10$/day for parking(24 Hours).

“University Inn & Suites 55 Sam Perl Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78520”

About Our Accommodation place:

  • Near by Mexican mall for shopping.
  • Near Cinnepolis Movie theater,
  • Near peter Piper Pizza and Papa John’s Pizza.
  • 15 mins from Border.
  • 15 mins drive from ASC Fingerprints Office & Visa Consulate,
  • Individual house, Safe location.

These are the pictures of accommodation.

Note: Matamoros to Brownsville has 4 bridges -> International Bridge, B&M Bridge etc.,

Things to do Before your Travel:

Note: (You can enable International day pass from phone service provider(AT&T/Verizon etc.,) for 2 days, For ATT, it costs you 10$/day), Just call your service provider over phone while in US itself before your travel. AT&T Mexico, Verizon and other carriers are available in Mexico. so you can have uninterrupted service.

Arrival Day :

  • We will come and pick up you from the Border @ International Bridge or @ University Inn & Suites.
  • Drives to the individual guest house where we host the guests, guest house has Wi-Fi access.
  • We live in another individual house adjacent to the accommodation place.

Day 1 :

  • At morning, we will drive you to the ASC office for Fingerprints + Photo.
  • Take your passport + DS 160 while going. (Do not take Phone with you to ASC appointment)
  • We will wait for you outside of the ASC office, Takes 10-15 mins to complete this process.

Day 2:

  • At morning, Drives you for the visa interview to US Consulate.
  • We will wait outside the US Consulate.
  • Once your visa interview is completed, will drive you back to the accommodation place.
  • At 2.30 PM, Drives you to the US Embassy, take your luggage along with you if you want to leave same day.
  • Take your Drivers license or some ID card for picking up the passport.
  • You need to pick up the passport before 3.30 PM at US consulate itself where you been for Visa interview.
  • We will leave you at the I-94 office.

At I-94 Office: (Customs Border Protection)

  • Once you come to the US side, there comes the US CBP (Customs and Border protection), Show the officer your stamped visa + H1-B approval form.
  • CBP officer directs you to an office to get your I-94 stamped. Same officer will give you a yellow slip with I-94 written on it by hand.
  • On the right hand side – there is a building with clear glass, where you can see alot of people waiting in line.(These people are regular mexican folks who cross border)But that’s not where you need to go and stand.
  • Same building, inside, you can see people sitting in chairs. You see a lot of people sitting there. Take that yellow slip + passport and go to 1st window.
  • They(CBP officer) will take both that yellow slip & passport, Please wait patiently for almost 3-4 hours to be called, Once your name is called at the window by an officer, He will asks you to put my right 4 fingers and right thumb on the fingerprints scanner and he will take a photo.
  • CBP officer Staples I-94 to page next to the H1-B visa.
  • Please make sure that the I-94 date will be until the Expiry date of your H1-B visa, If your passport validity is before that H1-B visa validity, they might give you I-94 until that passport validity.

Be ready with 6$ in cash to pay for I-94.

Please be patient inside this office – It might take from 3-4 hours.
Good luck with stamping.


Check for our contact info in contacts tab.

Disclaimer :

* Mostly this process will complete in 2 days for Best scenario without any issues as per your case.

NOTE : From the time when we started helping since June 2017, all guests who came to matamoros got successfully approved.

Please have all the documents ready. your accommodation, local transportation etc., will be taken care


Ernesto & Venkat

H1B Stamping LLC

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