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US Visa Stamping documents checklist – Latest information – 2021

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Here is the us visa stamping documents checklist to take along with you for US Visa Interview Renewal – 2021

Please make a checklist and make sure you carry all documents without missing, so your visa process will be smooth.

Recommended Document (as part of us visa stamping documents checklist)
Get Mexican visa at near by Mexican Embassy for being on safe side & to make your travel smooth with out any issues. It will be valid for 6 months and you can travel to any city in Mexico.

Mandatory Documents for your US visa stamping documents checklist
  • Passport (New + Old one -> if applies)
  • All H1 Originals – All I-797 approval forms + Spouse H4 Approvals(If applies) – Latest one – original is better, Old one’s can be copies.
  • Client Letter(Consulting), Vendor letters(Consulting) or Employment Verification Letter (Full time)
  • DS-160 Form – 1 copy
  • Educational documents(Bachelors certificate or Masters Certificate)

Optional Documents: (But better to carry every possible document)

  • PayStubs – 3 months Copies.
  • Bank Statements – 3 months Copies.
  • Tax Return Documents(1040) – 3 years Copies.
  • W2 Forms – 3 years Copies / original.
  • Emails from colleagues – 1 Copy.(Safe Side)
  • I-140 original or Copy(if you have one)
  • Job Description – Original. (Full Time)
  • Job Offer letter (Full Time)
  • SOW, client, vendor letters (Contracting)
  • Utility Bill or Drivers License – originals – to prove that you reside there.

NOTE: Activate International Travel Plan – If you want to use AT&T in Mexico, AT&T has coverage in Mexico as well. While in US itself, talk to AT&T & get this plan activated. Costs 10$/day.

T-Mobile works in Mexico as well. (T-Mobile plan might include Canada & Mexico calls – Talk yo your customer care

Other carriers, please talk to customer care once.
Carry Cash as listed below:
30$ for Temporary Mexican Visa @ Border.
6$ for I-94 at US Border while coming back to USA.

2$ worth of quarters.
Cash for paying us in matamoros Mexico depending on your situation(single/family/with friends)
Credit card that can allow foreign transactions for purchasing at stores, food @ subway, restaurants, movie theaters, malls etc.,
Note : Try to take credit card that does not charge any international fee(Like travel credit cards), Also intimate your credit card company about your travel, so they will keep your card open for your transactions without blocking
Mexico currency is Pesos, there will be foreign exchange centers which can help you to exchange dollars into pesos if you need.

us visa stamping documents checklist

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