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63 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I would definitely recommend Ernesto and Team to my friends. Fee Payments were on time. Team management was excellent.
    Thank you Venkat and bhuvana for your quick response and help.

  2. It was a good help from you guys guiding us through the process. Answering all the questions. ernesto is very helpful in proactively providing us the next steps and on time always . Thanks guys

  3. Venkat and bhuvana thanks for your help and support, really appreciate your timely response and guidance

    Ernesto, you are an amazing host, really appreciate your hospitality and thanks for making our stay safe and memorable 👍

    Thanks to Rubi😊

  4. I would recommend services from Ernesto and Team to my friends. Fee Payments were on time. Especially team management was excellent.
    Visa stamping @matamoros is a right choice.
    Thanks Venkat and bhuvana for your wonderful help.

  5. Excellent service and great punctuality by Ernesto and team in Matamoros. Our group was pretty large with over 25 ppl including families and kids. Never did Ernesto miss a thing throughout our stay including accommodation (clean rooms), food, pickup, drop off or luggage. He pre planned everything and made sure we were informed before every step.
    Also want to point out that Before even getting to Matamoros our friendly admins Venkat and Bhuvana took care of the Visa slot booking and bank payment very promptly which laid the foundation.

    I would recommend usvisastampingmexico and Team Venkat to everyone who is open to go to matamoros as they guide you seamlessly and make the process look Simple.

  6. This team is very organized, responsive and committed to provide great customer service.

    To start with Venkat and Bhuvana were very helpful in answering all the questions related to the process in Matamoros and Ernesto with the fee payments. And once you enter Matamoros, it’s Ernesto all the way who will take great care of you. He will make sure you have everything that you need during your stay in Matamoros till the point he drops you off at the entry point to US after your stamping. He explains the process in detail and will be there to guide you at every step during the process.

    I highly recommend to avail this team’s services.

  7. I came to know about Venkat and Ernesto during my visit to Mexico consulate for getting Visitor visa. At first my plan was to go by myself but some one at the consulate who came for visitor visa, passed on Venkat’s number. Venkat immediately responded and added me to a watsapp group. Their responses were crisp and very timely. All the information was handed well before and the prcoess was hassle free. At any point i didnt have to call any body, it just went like a smooth project. I didnt even have to go throught their website.

    A special thanks to Ernesto and his team in Matamoros. They have complete knowledge on the H1 B process there. We just have to cross the border and he handled it with his team smoothly. Accomodation was provided at a guest house and there were no complaints at all. Everything was clean and comfy. His team drove us to places wehre ever we want. They were very patient. We are a bunch of 24 folks for that day and all had happy faces in the end.

    Also the entire process was very economical. Worth every penny and you will know it at the end of visa interview that you made a right choice going to Matamoros 🙂

    Good Luck to Evey one out there. I strongly recommend to go through Ernesto. 10/10.

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