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46 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Very good service. Thanks to Ernesto for helping us for various things like hotel, food, travel in Mexico. Highly recommend this service.

  2. I had my Visa stamping done on 15th of April. General questions were asked like
    Who is ur employer
    What your employer do
    How long u r on H1B
    Asked for employer letter, I140 ,last year Tax returns & W2, Education certificate copies.
    Asked about my role.
    Simple questions, suggestion is be specific to answers.

    Ernesto takes care very well , you can see him as guide, care taker. He will help in all formalities of MX immigration and will give facts based on his interaction with all people like us.
    Venkat/ Bhavana, will keep in touch with you, once you join the what’s app group…Yoral we attended 38 people at this location and all got their visa approved . For 2 people it took 3 days.
    I strongly recommend Venkat & Ernesto, if one is planning for Matamoros

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I got my Visa approved in Matamoros, Mexico on 15th May.

    Huge Thank you to Ernesto, Venkat and Bhuvana. It was wonderful experience. Thank you for taking care of everything. All went smoothly even with my 4 yrs twin kids. Very grateful to all of you and appreciate your service.

    Highly recommend Ernesto, Venkat and Bhuvana services to everyone. Ernesto is very good person, takes care of your food, accommodation, transport. Ernesto answers all your doubts.

    My profile:
    Visa: H1B extension (completed 5 yrs)
    and i140 approved
    Job: EVVC model
    Education: Bachelor of engineering in Computer Science
    Stamping: Matamoros, Mexico

    Interview questions
    1) VO: Good morning
    Me: Good morning officer

    2) VO: Can I have your i797
    Me: Sure. Gave i797

    3) VO: What do you do for your company
    Me: I work as programmer analyst

    4) VO: Your Visa is approved, gave yellow slip and asked to come and collect passport at 3.00 pm.
    Me: Thank you, Have a good day

    Collected the passport at 3.30 pm. Submitted back the 7 days Mexican permit in Mexican office. Crossed the bridge and went to I-94 office.

    Officer asked i797 and I’d proof. Took photo and fingerprint of me and my wife. Took $6 each and gave the I-94 slip for both. Returned back to US.

    Thank you once again Ernesto, Venkat and Bhuvana.

    Good luck to all


  4. Hi Guys,
    I have had my visa approved on Apr24th last month in Matamoros, Mexico and I highly recommend Venkat and Ernesto’s services for visa stamping in Mexico. Their help and guidance provided to me right from creating the DS-160 form till I came back to US (with a successful stamping) was invaluable and impeccable. I had a lot of doubts in my mind regarding the visa stamping in Mexico but Venkat has patiently and promptly answered all my questions either via whatsapp or email. He also introduced me to Ernesto who usually takes care of your visa fee payment, food, accommodation and other logistics (such as pick-up, drop-off from consulate) during your stay in Matamoros, Mexico (If you are planning to goto any other Mexico locations remember that Ernesto can still do your visa fee payments). Ernesto is an awesome person to get along or to have a conversation with and I didn’t have any second doubts on my visit to Mexico after chatting to him via phone/whatsapp.

    My profile:
    Current Visa: H1-B renewal (completed 6 years) and I140 approved
    Job: E-V-C Model
    Education: MS in US (Major: EE) from a reputed university
    2nd stamping (H1B): Matamorous, Mexico

    So, I flew to Brownesville, TX (BRO) via AA around 11am on Apr20th and from BRO I took a cab to the US-Mexican border a.k.a the International Bridge. I called Ernesto to update him that I took the cab. Ernesto will then give you directions on how to cross the border and also inform you about the procedures to follow while/after crossing. So I followed his instructions and crossed the border and there he was waiting for me already exactly the place he told he was going to be. We shook hands and after completing some formalities (which he’ll brief you once you are there) he then drove me to the accommodation.

    The accommodation I was taken to was a pretty decent place with most of the basic amenities that we require during our stay (like, WiFi, TV, milk, coffee powder, plastic spoons, napkins etc.). I had a room for myself throughout my stay which was very neat and was kept that way all the time (thanks to Ernesto’s house keeping services) during my stay there. That day Ernesto took me to a cafeteria place for lunch (walkable distance) and then to a Mall/Subway for dinner. I was a vegetarian and was worried about veggie options but don’t worry guys Ernesto will take you to places where there are options for Veg’s too.

    Next day morning, Apr21st was my finger prints (a.k.a ASC) appointment at 9am. Ernesto took me to the finger prints 15minutes before my appointment and as soon as I arrived there was a lady standing at the door who first checked my DS-160 confirmation page, passport and I-797 (3docs) and then send you in. After going in a guy sitting at a computer desk again checked for those 3docs and then sent me to security check. Note that they won’t allow anything except your docs inside the consulate not even small things like chapstick, chewing gum etc. Ernesto will anyways brief you about all these things even before starting to the consulate. So, after security check I was then sent to a small open area which had chairs and glass counters. I was guided to sit down in the chair according to first come first serve basis and then was called to one of the available glass counters. The lady at the glass counter took my 3 docs and then took my photo and finger printers. That’s it finger prints was done and Ernesto took me back to the room.

    My Visa interview was on Apr24th which was 2 days after my finger prints (that’s how it was available when I booked my visa appointment) but in those two days I did some time pass by roaming around the city along with Ernesto while he did the visa fee payments and also to pick some other folks from the border. The city was no different from any small town in India or my hometown too so I felt a little nostalgic seeing many things that were quite similar to India (like brick houses, roadside eateries etc.).

    After a well spent couple days, the visa interview day arrived. We were about a group of 10 people for visa interview from Ernesto. So, before the night of the visa interview and after having dinner together, Ernesto briefed us all with the things to remember at the visa office and the logistics surrounding pick-up timings (as there were 10 people with different interview slots). My appointment was at 8am so we started around 6:45am and picked up other people on the way and were at the US consulate by 7:20am. At around 7:50am they started calling in the people with 8am appts. and asked us to sit in a Verandah before calling us in one-by-one. After going in there was a light security check (again remember they do not allow anything except your document folder inside) and was asked to sit in a chair. After my security there was a person who asked for my passport and will ask you sit in a chair again to wait for your turn for visa interview. As soon I went in I observed that there were 3 VOs doing the interview at that time. Then within just a few minutes of sitting I was told to goto a specific counter for my int and below was my experience or questions asked.

    VO: Good Morning
    ME: Good Morning Officer.
    VO: Which company do you work for?
    ME: I work for
    VO: How long you have been with your company?
    ME: Mentioned how long I have been working with my current employer.
    VO: How much do you make annually?
    ME: Mentioned my annual salary.
    VO: What is your job title?
    ME: Told him my job title.
    VO: Do you have a MS degree?
    ME: Yes sir.
    VO: What is your MS in?
    ME: Electrical Engineering
    VO: After a few seconds of typing on his keyboard, he then asked have you had any issues with your employer like not paying in time or similar to those?
    ME: No sir. No issues with my employer.
    VO: Have you ever been unemployed or benched while you are/were on H1B visa by your employer?
    ME: I know this is a tricky question and there were multiple answers on different visa blogs but I just chose to simply answer “No sir”. He seem to be happy with that answer and dint ask any follow up questions on that.
    VO: Again after a few seconds of typing then finally came the Golden words. Congrats, Your Visa has been Approved!!! Gave me a slip which is required to pick up passport. The slip will also have the time slot mentioned when you need to collect your passport. Mine was between 3-3:30pm.
    ME: Thank you sir. You have a good day!
    VO: Thanks, you too.

    Once I came out I waited for just 20mins till the other folks in my group also finished their visa interviews (they finished way earlier than their actual appts.). All got their visa approved on that day except one person who got a 221G but I heard that even that person got visa approved just 2days later. We went back to the room with all smiles and then went to lunch from there. After lunch I immediately booked my return ticket for the next day morning but from Harlingen, TX (HRL) which is a different place than I landed (reason was I just wanted to fly back via Southwest and HRL is the only closest airport to border which has SWA service). Some of the folks who drove in from Dallas, Houston and other places close to the border drove back that same day itself. I heard from those folks that it took around 2-3hrs at the US CBP office that same day.

    The next day morning, Ernesto took me to the border around 10:30am but this time he took me to a different bridge than the one I came in through (as per Ernesto, there are 3 different bridges it seems). Ernesto again very clearly briefed me with the procedures to follow inside the CBP office. As soon as I entered the CBP office there was an officer sitting near a security screening machine to whom I went and said I need i-94. The officer then gave me a form and asked me to goto another room where there are chairs and more officers sitting behind glass counters. One of the lady officer asked me to fill in the details in the form. I filled in the details and gave the form back to the lady officer. She then asked me to sit down and then entered some details (required for providing i-94). Then after a few minutes she called me to the counter and asked for $6 (don’t forget to carry this amount before going to the CBP office). Once I gave the cash she then gave the receipt and the new i-94. Then I took the same form back to the officer who was outside at the screening machine who then checked my i-94 and stamped my entry on my passport. I was a bit lucky here as this whole process inside the CBP office took me just 15mins whereas it took about 2-3hrs for others (My best guess why it took so much time for others was because they travelled back to US the same day they took the passport along with many other locals as well). After coming onto the US side I then booked an Uber to HRL airport which was like 30miles (took 30-40mins) from the border.

    As you guys can see from above, I wouldn’t have written such a detailed review if it wasn’t for Venkat and Ernesto. Especially Ernesto’s hospitality and his coordination (even with large number of groups) was simply amazing!! He’s a very humble and organized person and I had a very good conversations with him. Overall I can say that my visa stamping experience went smooth from start to finish and would not hesitate to visit Matamoros, MX again for my next visa stamping also if the situations there still remain the same (in terms of visa).

    Venkat & Ernesto – Thanks again guys for making my stay comfortable and enjoyable.

    Good Luck to all the folks who are planning to get your visa stamping done and please choose Venkat & Ernesto’s H1B stamping services if you do not wish to worry about your stay and focus only on your visa.

  5. I highly recommend who has already a US Visa stamped on their passport & expired or about to expire, want to attend for consulate interview, provided you have good documented in full, Matamoros consulate gets your visa stamped quickly due to the CST/CDT timezone as of Kentucky USCIS where the central server is.

    To go Matamoros, you might have think about security issues, if you have only a goal to get the visa stamped, not at all a problem, you are safe here. And, if you wanna be serviced like a King/Queen, please go with Ernesto-Venkat where they will be taking care of your stay and travels in Mexico with reasonable price. And, on top of that, all the information and legal rules knowledge will be shared with you transparently.

    Ernesto is very good hearted human being who serves people coming to Mexico, he becomes the brand ambassador of Mexico that shows Mexico people are so nice and hearty.

    Ernesto has all the information, ask any questions related to the travel, interview etc. He has good connections and proceed each and every step with utmost care.

    Venkat and Bhuvana who operates from US, provides/shares information on time and answers all your questions, make you comfortable and confident.

    I would say if you wanna go Mexico, please reach out to Ernesto/Venkat/Bhuvana, Excellent service they provide.

    All of them provides great support and helping boost your confidence. How you should behave or show your attitude at the interview or socially in Mexico will be taught by them well.

    Please be proactive in asking questions to these people as they are supporting and answering quite a lot of people, so please do not hesitate to ask your questions.

    If you still feel like you are not confident, please follow your intuitions.

    I wanted to say the above comments because how I being treated by them was amazing and inspiring me how human beings should mutually help/assist/service each other.

    And, lastly, if you decided to go with Ernesto-Venkat team, that means you are already being taken care of the situation and it’s all 100% successful going to be.

    trust me you will be the next person who goes to write the review here with all your heart kept open.

    All the best!

    Thank you so much Ernesto, Venkat and Bhuvana. It was nice experience to have your service. I would never forget you people in my lifetime, it’s a milestone or stepping stone to provide service to others and have connections with people around.

    Venkat is providing all the information proactively and on demand, through WhatsApp or Call. I had disturbed him all the time asking each and every question separately. So, I advise you write down your questions and ask at once to Venkat/Bhuvana/Ernesto.

    Ernesto being very busy in accommodating people in Mexico, he might not be able to respond your questions, hence Venkat/Bhuvana will be supporting during that time.

  6. I visited Matamoros, Mexico by End of April and stayed there in May first week and returned in 1 week. During my stay, I received an excellent service for my visa, country visit, information sharing and great people sharing their heart with their family who is serving us.

    myself and family should say with open heart, Ernesto a great human being who is very loyal and following and knowing rules.

    He and his family really treated well. And, the information he shared was to the point and excellent regarding the interviews and stay there.

    He gave me more confidence.

    Also, before I visit Matamoros, I gone through other’s review and got skeptical, but when I talk to Venkat, Bhuvana, Ernesto, I really got confidence in their service. The way they treat us was excellent who knows the system and sharing that knowledge with everybody.

    Venkat and Bhuvana who operates from US really gives all updates and answers your questions. Really they are very open and clear.

    The feeling you would see once you visit Matamoros and came back is no words to express

    Excellent Excellent Excellent, if you do not believe still, then I would say follow your intuition.

    Thank you Ernesto, Venkat and Bhuvana for your great effort, patience and service.

  7. Ernesto ,Venkat and Bhuvana… All 3 are awesome persons , Their service is too good . Thanks you so much for your service .
    Venkat was helping me while creating DS-160 and paying fee and with other questions you are really super
    Bhuvana was also responding back to me whatever question I was asking about VISA stamping
    Ernesto : He is awesome guy , his service and the way he took care of me ( the section when he picked me from border and he drop me at border after VISA stamping ., Accommodation , tranportation answering all of my questions . . )

    I highly recommend using their service while visiting Matamoros . 10/10.

  8. I went for my visa stamping on 4/23/18- 4/24/18 to Matamoros. Right from picking from Mexico border to dropping back again at the bridge Ernesto took care of us. I will rate his service as 7 star and beyond my expectations. Stay at Hotel was good, food was good. Ernesto made sure that we understand the process completely and don’t get into any hassle be its Mexico immigration or getting in the US Consulate.

    Ernesto has lot of patience and he helped beyond my expectations and i will surely take his service again.

    Reg the US Consulate Interview- Its is better then giving US Visa Interview in India as there are high chances of getting Visa here but nothing is 100% and we always go with a risk when we leave US.

    Once again, thanks to Ernesto and team for all the help and logistics.


  9. I strongly recommend take Ernesto & Venkat services for visa stamping in Mexico, both have very good knowledge on visa and immigration process, will give tailor made suggestions for any corner case scenarios.
    We need professional services help if something doesn’t work in our way, they are masters in handling those critical situations.
    I had my US H1B visa consular interview on April 24 and had been asked similar questions what others have posted, visa got approved in 3-4 minutes, asked me to collect passport at 3PM. I answered most of work related questions towards client side like saying working with xxx company last 3 weeks and before that worked with zzz company 3 what ever I was saying isn’t matching in his database(probably he is looking my DS160 form), he got confused and asked me how long you are in US.. I said 8 years..then asked me show my I140..seeing I-140, consular said you are with bbb company, I answered bbb is my employer and have been with them 5 years and xxx, zzz are the clients. Consular is satisfied with my answer and approved the visa.

  10. My visa experience with Ernesto:
    April 15th:
    I reached Harligen (Valley international airport ) from Phoenix via Houston on April 15 th at 6PM.I chose HRL airport because southwest flight timings are convenient for me. Reached International bridge via CAB. Crossed the gateway bridge in 5minutes. Before exiting USA , we need 4 quarters to open the gate.

    Ernesto was waiting for me at the bridge.He took me to the mexico consulate right next to the gate.I don’t have Mexico visa but I do have valid Canada visa.I showed the visa to consulate officer.He was initially not satisfied but finally he gave me a form to fill and collected 30$ to issue a 7days border permit.He also stamped my entry date.Ernesto was very co-operative in that situation as the officer was talking spanish.I felt like I entered home country.

    Ernesto welcomed me very well and took me to the Hotel where he booked my accommodation. The hotel was very neat and clean and felt like home.I asked Ernesto to give me 30mins to fresh up and he went to his home.After that he came to pick me again to dinner.We went to Bojo restaurant a very nice place to dine in and delicious mexican food.After the dinner he dropped me at the hotel and I had sound sleep that night.

    April 16th:
    Hotel provided me a complimentary breakfast (Timings 7am to 9am) which was delicious too.Ernesto came to pick me at 8: 40am to ASC office where they take fingerprints and photo.ASC and consulate are in different locations.Ernesto speaks good english and he explained me everything in detail.He was helpful waiting with the our belongings while we were in ASC.They only allow wallet and documents file inside the office.No bags jewellery ,metals etc ..

    **We need ds-160 confirmation page and I797 document at the fingerprints office.**

    After the successful fingerprints ,Ernesto dropped us at the hotel and later picked us for lunch.He took us to El serenito seafood restaurant where the food is a must try.He is very good at explaining the different items in the menu and asked us our likes and dislikes. Garcias Ernesto!(Al a diablo fillet is very tasty)

    In the evening he came back to hotel to take to dinner .This time he took us to Garcias bar and grill(I dont remember the name exactly).He ordered buffalo wings and few beers for us.I liked Sol beer the most.We don’t get that in USA.So try it once.

    April 17th:
    I had visa appointment at 8am .Ernesto sent his wife to pick me as he was busy picking up other canditates.
    His wife spoke very well and dropped us at the consulate where I met Ernesto.He showed me where the line starts and wished me good luck.I stored my belongings in the bag and put it in the car trunk.Ernesto was very helpful to securely guard our valuables.

    I was the first person in the line .The security checked my passport and allowed me to sit in the benches where we have to wait until they call inside.It was my turn to go inside and they did security check and allowed me enter the Visa officer hall.As soon as I entered the officer at counter 2 was ready to call me.

    Me: Good morning sir,how are you?
    VO: Officer asked me the passport.
    He checked for expired USA visa and stamped ‘cancelled without prejudice’.
    VO: Asked me “Your visa expired in 2015 Aug and why did you stay after that?”
    Me: I explained him that my employer applied for extension and I have valid I94.
    VO:Do you have the I 797 doc?
    Me: Yes ,and showed him the doc.
    VO: He was little calm and asked when did you come to USA?
    Me:I told “in 2010”
    VO: After 6years how did you get approval again?Do you have immigration petition filed?
    Me:Yes sir,I have approved I140
    VO: Do you have the docmuent?
    Me:Yes sir,and showed him the document.
    VO:What company you work for and what do you do for them?
    Me:I told Im a programmer Analyst and explained the duties I do on a daily basis.
    VO:location where you work?
    Me:Phoenix AZ
    VO:Do you work with End client?
    VO: Name ?
    Me: gave the name
    VO: What degree you have?
    Me: Told the answer
    VO: Your visa is approved and asked to collect the passport at 3PM and gave me a yellow slip.

    It took only 3 minutes max for the interview.

    Ernesto was waiting outside and he dropped us back to the hotel.We had breakfast and relaxed in the room.In the afternoon we had visa party lunch and all 6 members were present at bojo restaurant.We had some tacos again with beer.

    Around 2 15PM Ernesto took us to shopping and then to Consulate to collect the passport by 3PM.

    **We need valid driving license and yellow slip to collect passport**

    As soon as we collected the passport ,Ernesto took us to Mexican consulate at the border and asked to return the border permit .We also got an exit stamp.This is mandatory ,failing to do so may incur 300US$ penalty in the future visits to Mexico.

    Time to say goodbye to Ernesto:
    He dropped us at another bridge (because it take less time to cross the border and enter USA).We need 4 quarters to exit mexico and enter the CBP office.The officer at the CBP office scanned our passport and gave us a orange slip and allowed inside the CBP hall where we have to wait for the another officers to call us.It took 30mins to get the i94 .We have to pay 6USD in cash .They may allow Card as well.

    Finally enterd Browsnville TX.I booked a lyft to Harligen airport .It is 30miles away from border.

    Back to Phx ,Back to work next day.

    You are safe in the Ernesto hands.

  11. Hi All,

    No second thoughts on safety and guidance when you follow Ernesto & Venkat.
    I can bet my Bitcoins to say that I have got a nice friend from mexico who takes all the efforts to make you comfortable and get ready for visa interview ..

    Do your ground work, make sure you take all your documents and follow the instructions as guided.

    Below is my experience.

    Out of the entire group, I was the one who grilled out for a while

    Type = EVVC model

    1) Which company you work for
    2) From when are you working for your company
    3) What is your salary
    4) Do you work for a client
    5) Which client
    6) What is your designation
    7) What are your roles and responsibilities
    8) What is your highest degree
    9) From which university
    10) Majors in (mine is mechanical engineering and I am working in IT) – I was prepared for this question
    if any further justification needed on this.
    11) Which location you work for the client (I work at San Diego and there comes the tricky question)
    12) Why did you come all the way to Matamoras from sandiego, Tijuana is very near to you (I was prepared for this question)

    13) How is your employer (Just a check to see if employer is treating me good or not)
    14) How all you have been in US?

    Then comes the golden words, Sir “Your Visa is Approved” Please collect your passport between 3 to 3.30 PM today..

    No documents asked..

    Meher Satish

  12. Few of my friends suggested this group and initially I was in a dilemma to go through this group or a different group but after talking to Venkat I decided to go with Venkat. First Kudos to Venkat who was very prompt and helpful in answering all our doubts and explaining how the process works. Once I decided and paid for my services then the most important concern was going to Mexico and especially Matamoros. I was so concerned about my safety. The moment I met Ernesto and all other people who were travelling in the same boat I did not even had to worried about anything. Ernesto was really a good guy and very helpful and he took us outside for shopping and to few good restaurants. I would highly recommend them for their services. My overall stay was for 3 days and 2 nights and I did not had to worry about anything when I was in Mexico. I still remember the motivational speech that Ernesto gave us before entering consulate to not worry about anything and be confident. He is a very good guy and well organized. Thanks Venkat and Ernesto, really appreciate all your help and Hospitality.

  13. Hi All, I had my interview last week which went well. Initially I was contemplating whether to use Ernesto services for my stay at matamoros. But, he is the best you can ever ask for. He is very patient and will be there for you at anytime of your stay. They will help you with visa fees and your entire stay at matamoros. That said, if you choose to go to matamoros then I highly recommend using venkat and Ernesto. They know what they are doing and are good at it. All the best everyone.

  14. Before I going to Matamoros I was extremely nervous. I was nervous about the safety first then getting 221-g and being stuck in a not so safe place. In order to overcome my fear I become a part of multiple whatsapp group to see how it really is out there. Out of all the groups admin I noticed Venkat was the most prompt to answer the questions. He was quick to respond compared to other groups. His promptness started calming my nerves and I decided to go with Venkat and Ernesto. Then the day came when I was traveling to Matamoros. Right before leaving Ernesto called me and explained everything. After talking to him I felt connected and safe. He sounded very honest which started making me feel better. Right away when I crossed the border he introduced me to his family which cemented my trust for him. I was really nervous crossing the bridge but once I met Ernesto it was all downhill from there. The place felt really safe and his hospitality and the way he handled a fairly large group (14 people) had all impressed me. He knew we all are nervous so kept giving us pep talks every now and then and keep telling us you will be going back. All those words helped catalysing the motivation and everyone who went came out with firing cylinders of happiness. I already made my mind next time I am gonna use Ernesto and Venkat again. I will recommend anyone blindly to go with Ernesto and Venkat. Ernesto was really nice and helpful. His hospitality won my heart. Ernesto and Venkat you rock man!!!!!!

  15. I would definitely recommend to use Ernesto services for VISA stamping at MATAMOROS, MEXICO.He is very helpful and genuine.My sincere thanks to both Ernesto and Venkat.

  16. Hi Guys,
    My case is H1b ext with approved I797 but no I94.
    Went to Matamoros consulate got stamped successfully. Thanks to Venkat & Ernesto, Ernesto is simply awesome guy, he took care of us really well as I stayed their for 5 days as my ASC day is Saturday and consular day is Tuesday.
    Here are the questions I faced….
    1. What’s your Role
    2. Whom do you work for
    3. Whom do you report
    4. Since how long you are working fo this company…( be specific with your answer, I said 3+yrs, he asked again what? I responded 3 yrs 7 months)
    5. How do you know this company..(Again be specific, as I said when I was with my previous employer I saw their post and applied for it)
    Here goes extra questions….
    6. Who is your previous employer
    7. What they do..
    8. Why did you leave that company…😀
    Then 2 mins gap btw me & VO, keep checking on system…VO called another lady officer discussion went btw them for 2 mins…
    9. What’s your salary per annum
    10. Does your employer treat you well…
    11) what’s your education.
    Then got the golden words, Sir your visa is approved, come and collect your PP by 3 PM😀.

  17. I would definitely recommend to use Ernesto services for VISA stamping at MATAMOROS, MEXICO.He is very helpful and genuine.My sincere thanks to both Ernesto and Venkat.

  18. Service is nice and genuine as they are saying in website. I met Ernesto in Matamoros , he is very friendly and his guest house so secure and good place, even you can go with family. He has taken me to matamoros down town trip and some good restaurant as well. He always make sure, candidate should be in time for bio metrics and interview. I have already recommend three of my colleagues/ friends. I would highly recommend using his services when you visit Matamoros.

    Venkat always prompt in response, they have guided me in right directions. Thanks Ernesto and Venkat.

  19. A big thanks to Venkat and Ernesto for the help. Their prompt response in DS160’s, Visa fee payment, Mexico visitor visa application and guidance during in Mexico was really helpful.
    We definitely recommend choosing their services if planning for visa stamping in Mexico.

    My husband Sai is on H1b visa working in the same field and myself on H4 visa. We had first stamping in India and we had to choose consular processing for the second time while employer change.

    Finger printing was simple.

    Next day was visa interview-
    VO : Good Morning
    Sai: Good Morning
    VO : What do you do for XXX company?
    Sai: Role described in 2 sentences.
    VO : What’s your education?
    Sai: Masters in the same field.
    VO : You can come pick up your passport in between 1:00PM to 1:30PM
    No other documents were asked nor there were any questions for me.

    And we picked up passports on the same day at 1:30PM.

    Over all its just 2 day trip to Matamoros. Ernesto will be with us starting from Mexico immigration office while entering into Mexico till we return back to US immigration office where we will get I-94s. He will drive us around, helps us choose and order food while at restaurant, will wait with us at ASC and US consulate outside to help us since they speak only Mexican.
    The hospitality and services provided for the price are really appreciable and grateful. Even we are couple we were comfortable and happy with the accommodation provided. We are glad we found you guys.

    PS: Accommodation was really wonderful and Ernesto will stay a call away. Ernesto is Honest and very helpful.


  20. Name: Lalith
    Full Time Employee
    H1B Extension 6th Year
    Interview: ASC-Jan6th and Interview-Jan8th
    I will definitely and 100% recommend Ernesto and Venkat’s Service.
    I completed my DS160 online and emailed Ernesto for bank payment mrv form which he helped in short time. I booked my interview and provided my itinerary.
    Arrived Brownsville around 4pm and been to the border, was picked by Ernesto along with another H1B candidate and he drove me to Mexico border control.
    I took on arrival 7 day permit as my H1B visa was expired. Paid 30$ and I received a card and arrival stamp on my passport. Keep the card as you will need to provide it while leaving mexico.
    Next morning Ernesto drove us to the ASC center and we were here by 8:30am. The process here takes 15-30minutes depending on the number of people. Here you go through security, will be seated in the waiting until you are sent to the booth, here they verify DS160, i797, picture is taken and finally they stick a confirmation sticker to your passport for visa interview.
    On the interview day we left the home by 7am arrived to Consultate by 7:20. The process:
    1. Stand in the line closer to the wall until they call people by interview time.
    2. Now will stand in another line closer to the consulate where a person with a sheet will call your name.
    3. Once your name is called you will form another line but now seated under the hood. Here they will verify your passport again. Group of 2/4 people will be sent into the consulate.
    4. You go through security screening
    5. Seated for passport and i797 verification. Here they will call one by one and person will take your documents for scanning i guess. Returns back your documents and passport.
    6. Now you are seated closer to the interview booth and will be called upon one by one.
    My Interview:
    VO Lady: Good Morning and Passport please.
    Me: GM, gave the passport
    VO: Is this is a H1B Extension
    Me: YES
    VO: What do you do
    Me: Explained Role and duties
    VO: Kept typing for 30sec’s. Your visa is approved, please come and pick by 3pm.
    Me: Thank You.
    7. Before exiting the consulate you will be given a card which you need to show while picking up the passport.
    Ernesto drove us to the consulate by 2:30pm. Process here:
    1. You will sit near the consulate. Person will come out and call names whose passports are ready. Even though your visa is approved you might not get the passport as they might do admin check on your profile which happened to one of the guy in our group. Luckily he received it after 2 days and there was another person who waited for a week to get his passport back but these are very rare scenarios.
    2. Pick you passport and time to go back.
    Exit process from Mexico:
    1. Ernesto drove me to the mexican border control where I gave back the card and got exit stamp.
    2. Next he drove us to the US border control where traffic will be little less compared to the other one.
    3. He walked along with us on the bridge until where you insert 1$ to get into the US border.
    US Customs Border Control:
    1. You walk into a building where you ask for i94 form, which will be handed over to you.
    2. You enter the office where the officers will call us on first come first serve basis.
    Officer: Hi Passport and i797 please.
    Me: Gave them.
    O: Why are you in Mexico.
    Me: to get my Visa stamped
    O: Where do you work and which place.?
    Me: Gave the answer
    O: What do you do?
    Me: Explained
    O: How long have you been in US?
    Me: Explained
    O:Stamped and returned passport
    Me: Phew…!
    3. Got out and went to advanced auto-parts across the street. Took a taxi to the airport.
    Ernesto Experience: His honesty and humbleness will win your hearts for sure. He took me and the guys who stayed along with me to different restaurants, answered our questions about Visa, Do’s and Dont’s in Mexico. His accommodation is well maintained, in a good neighborhood, free wifi and Netflix. We had some great authentic mexican sea food, tacos, breakfast and the best is chicken with corn tortillas at Migo’s. Venkat has been a great help from the start to finish as well.

  21. Hi…
    I am here share my visa experience at Matamoros. I reached brownsville by evening and crossed the border into mexico through gateway international bridge; it was easy. No one asked any questions. Ernesto was waiting there to pick me.
    Next day ASC fingerprints met couple other ppl took about 10 min.
    Went to Nice restaurant for dinner and had early party with Ernesto.

    Next day Ernesto took me to visa interview and best thing is he was waiting for us until we finish interview,
    so if any extra docs or phone etc is there with him.
    Even though i was first in line at consulate they sent me to different window to verify my docs
    (may be becoz i didnt do PIMS). Verified in 10 mins and then sent to visa window.Now coming to point visa questions.
    Mine is EVVC

    VO: Good Morning
    ME: Good Morning Officer.
    VO: Give me ur w2.
    ME: provided my 2016 w2. He just kept it aside without even looking into it.
    VO: how much ur employer pay you
    ME: gave my w2 figure.
    VO: what do u do for ur employer
    ME: i provide services as an job title.
    VO: which client do u work for
    ME: I gave shortname for implementation(ex: CTS) company and in my case they are currently providing services for one of their client YYY. (no client letter)
    VO: full form and what they do
    ME: full form of implementation company and they provide IT staffing services like my employer.
    VO: Do you have masters degree
    ME: yes from univ name, state
    VO: Major
    ME: Computer Science
    VO: Where back home
    ME: no in US and CA.
    VO: Do you have bachelor’s degree
    ME: yes from back home.:)
    VO: Major
    ME: Computer Science.
    VO: your Visa is approved. Gave me a slip which can be used to pick up passport, Informed me to Collect passport at 3 Pm.
    ME: Thank you and is it today. ( I didn’t hear correctly so asked)
    VO: yes today at 3Pm.
    ME: Thanks Again.

    Interview is done below 10 min and whole process with verification took about 20 min.
    Exit and Ernesto was waiting there.
    On the way back home Ernesto took me to breakfast place it was nice.
    Then Ernesto took us places in the city and BIGOS Awesome Mexican food.
    Then pick up passport at 3PM.

    In my case I went late (6 pm) after picking passport waited little longer as at evening there are more ppl,
    I recommend after picking passport dont waste time so it will be less wait.
    I94 and back home.

    Thank You so much for Ernesto for everything there. Very Fast service with my visa fee.
    His accommodation has everything u need. And most important Ernesto is there whenever and whatever u need and he speaks English fluent.

    Ernesto is BEST of all the agents I met couple of ppl there,
    They all felt that they should have known about the website and Ernesto.
    Thanks again Ernesto and Venkat for all your help.

  22. I took the services from Ernesto about the VISA fee payment and I was amazed by the professionalism and swift turn around. Thereafter I also took his services for the accommodation and transportation and it was the most economical service he provides.
    The best part his friendly nature and eagerness to assist his guests to ensure we all are safe in Matamoros. He took us to the fine restaurant in the city and also for the local Bazar.
    He guided us through every step of the process.

    My suggestion, Don’t even think of trying another service as they will provide you with the non-English speaking drivers and with no assistance.

    Ernesto provides the services himself in a very clean and professional way.

    Thanks again Ernesto for making it so easy for me in Matamoros!

  23. We used services of Ernesto to pay visa fees with Mexican bank. He did the payment promptly and give the receipt of payment within few hours. Since my receipt date was expired Ernesto paid the balance without getting money from me (I gave the money once I arrived in Matamoras).
    Ernesto called a week before our arrival and gave important tips about Matamoros. He was waiting for us in the Mexican border and picked us up in his SUV. Took us to a great Mexican restaurant for Lunch and dinner on the day and arrived at his accommodation. It is in decent community, well maintained and safe. It’s also walkable to store and a mall.
    Next day he took us to ASC center about 15 mins drive and did not take more than 5 mins in the center if you have all documents in place. (DS160 & passport)
    He took us around Matamoras (lucky he was free on this day) and for dinner we invited his family. It was a great experience.
    The next day with US consulate, he was prompt to pick us and stayed with us until we completed our process. Ensure you have all copies of your documents (i797, employee letter, W2, pay slips, marriage certificate, birth certificate). Counselor asked us about (Employer, location, in US years) and this process took less than 15 mins. Our passport was ready at 1 PM
    Matamoras is a safe place to go around, I had my wife and 2 kids during our visit and we felt home as Ernesto was around us. Do ensure you take Ernesto’s suggestions as it is very very very useful !!!!
    Wishing Ernesto and Venkat a good luck !!!

  24. I took Ernesto’s service for the visa fee payment. He was prompt and very easy to communicate with. He deposited my payment in the Mexican bank exactly when he promised and kept me posted on everything. Great service !

  25. Ernesto provided 5 star services during our stay in Mexico. I would say Ernesto took care of us like a family member who is in vacation in Mexico.My passport got delayed due to printing issues. Ernesto was very helpful taking us to shopping places etc to pass our time till I got my visa back Ernesto wife took me to church too

  26. Ernesto helped me with the visa fee payment, accommodation and transport. He is very honest and very helpful. His services are top notch and his hospitality was amazing. During my stay in Matamoros, whenever I wanted to go to a store or restaurant or coffee shop, he himself drove me and made me comfortable. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who wants to go for visa stamping in Matamoros.

    Thanks you Ernesto for making my visa stamping experience a comfortable and memorable.
    Thank you Venkat for coordinating the whatsapp group.

  27. 5 star service provided by Ernesto for my visa stamping in Matamoros. From the day he picked us at the Mexican side of the bridge till we returned to Brownsville he helped us every step of the way making us feel very comfortable. Great service!!

  28. FYI.. This review is coming from the bottom of my heart.
    Ernesto and Venkat answered all my questions regarding the Visa payment and accommodation at Matamoros via What’s app and had to really appreciate their quick response.We (Me and my friend) reached the border at 8 pm on Sunday (11/05).Ernesto was already there at the border to pick us and then he guided us to take the Temporary permit.
    Ernesto helped us with what we require , and his place was full , so he kept us in a * hotel for two days and we felt like we are home.
    Ernesto was very helpful and his hospitality was amazing.He explained and showed matamoros city and its history . I felt overwhelmed to use his services.Ernesto was right on time to drop us at the consulate for bio- metrics and Visa appointment.We really had a good and quality time with Ernesto in Matamoros. I would highly recommend to use his services when you visit Matamoros.

  29. I’m in US right now and having my H1b visa expired planned a trip to Mexico to renew it. I booked everything way in advance except an interview in the US consulate. It turned out that they no longer accept online payments and I have to pay in cash in a Mexican bank. I was desperate about this issue but luckily I found Ernesto & Venkat who was able to help me. I emailed them on Friday night and had my payment processed on next business day before noon. Thanks!

  30. I have stamped my H1b visa at Tijuana consulate before and at that time visa fee could be paid with a credit card. I wasnt aware of the change to cash payment at a bank and i got a little worried on finding a way to make the payment. Then I found Venkat and Ernesto online. I contacted them and within 2 hrs the fee is paid at a bank and a little while after that i got confirmation from CSRA. Ernesto is super responsive, transparent and fast. Super easy and friendly to work with. I was amazed and very thankful.

  31. Venkat and Ernesto answered all my doubts via whattsapp before I went down to Matamoros. The end to end service provided was flawless. I actually crossed the wrong bridge from Brownsville but Ernesto was quick to guide me and meet me on the other side, and then took me to the visa post to get my 7 day Mexico permit, since my US Visa was expired. This was the first of many “going the extra mile” services Ernesto provided.
    After that we were taken to get some dinner and then off to the guest house we went. I had the lower portion of the guest house which included my own lavatory, shower, fridge, TV, high speed internet, AC and a comfy bed. Oh, and basic toiletries and water were provided too. I was very comfortable.
    The next morning I was taken all the way to the door of the ASC for finger printing, as Ernesto waited outside.
    A delicious breakfast was provided at his home (next to the guest house), and then we went out for lunch and dinner much later. In between, I was offered a ride to the grocery store to get snacks and gifts I needed.
    On day 2, was taken to the consulate. My interview questions:
    – copy of masters degree
    – employment letter
    – what do I do
    – have I been convicted of any crimes in any country
    Unfortunately I received a 221g due to a PIMS issue, i think (she couldn’t find my case on her system). First thing Ernesto said was to not worry and that I can stay at the guest house longer. This was comforting to know as my mind was in a million places. 3 hours later I got a miraculous call from the consulate at 11.25 asking to submit my passport at 12. Ernesto barely had a rest from picking/dropping others but made himself available immediately to help my cause. We went out for a much needed lunch and beer after that !
    My passport was only ready for pickup on day 3, so had to stay the extra night at Ernesto’s guest house. We went out for breakfast and then picked up my passport, had lunch and he walked me all the way to the gate at the border.
    I cannot speak highly enough of Ernesto and his wife. They were genuine people who were a pleasure to be around. Originally I was only going to use the visa payment services as I wanted to go to the Mexico City consulate, but after reading the reviews, talking to these guys, I was convinced that Matamaros was the better option. I am so happy that I found him, and am proud to call him a friend. There are other people offering similar services but only these guys actively ensured that you were well taken care of, every step of the way.
    The border crossing was straight forward, and i had to wait 75 minutes to complete my transaction.Agent asked me what my position is and what I do.

  32. Services. Provided by Ernesto are a top notch. Its not only the services are at low cost but He is very accessible and provides you the confortable room to stay. I would highly recommend using his services when you visit Matamoros .

  33. Thanks Ernesto and Venkat. I used thier services for paying visa fee for my appointment in Nogales, Mexico. The service was quick and the communication was awesome with very quick updates. I would recommend them

  34. Thanks Venkat for your detailed info in this blog.
    Thanks for introducing Ernesto from your blog.
    Ernesto helped me a lot, he picked me from Border.
    Ernesto helped me with accommodation and took me to different restaurants, shopping places other than ASC fingerprints & visa interview.
    Thanks Ernesto for proving amazing accommodation and your wonderful hospitality.
    I would recommend Ernesto 100%.

  35. Ernesto helped us with what we require , and his place was good , felt like we are in Hyderabad .

    Ernesto was very helpful and his hospitality was amazing. I would highly recommend using his services when you visit Matamoros.

    he explained and showed matamoros city and its history . its good to be with Ernesto .

  36. My Profile:
    Current Visa: H1-B renewal (completed first 6 years) and I140 approved
    Job: E-V-C Model
    Education: MS in US from a reputed university
    3rd stamping (H1B): Matamorous, Mexico

    I reached Brownsville, TX by flight on Sunday at 4 PM. I used Ernesto Services, He came to pick me up to the airport and was at the accommodation in 20mins. The accommodation was great and had a homely feeling. Ernesto showed me around the city and took me to the Mall nearby. I shopped a few basic stuff for breakfast and snacks and we returned to the room. At night me and Ernesto went to the Mexican border to pick up another guy who was coming for stamping. After picking him up we all went to Subway and had the dinner and returned to the room.

    Next day morning we had finger printing. Ernesto was on time to pick us at 8.20AM and we reached consulate by 8.45 AM. There were a few people like 5 of them and had our finger printing and photo done in like 20mins. Then, Ernesto took us to the authentic Mexican Breakfast place. We had a nice breakfast. Later in the day Ernesto took us around the city and we visited lot of places where we learnt the Matamorous culture and their living. No one in Matamorous speaks English. So, it is best to go with the person who knows spanish. We had Dinner at one of the famous Mexican restaurants and then Ernesto dropped us at our room.

     Next day Morning, I had my visa interview at 8 AM CST at Matamorous Consulate. Ernesto was on time at 7.15 AM and we were at the consulate by 7.40 AM (we took some time in roaming around the city to kill some time as we were ahead of schedule).

    I was let in at 8AM. The interview lasted for 5 mins and I was not asked to show any documents. I was out of the consulate by 8.16AM

     Here is my interview breakdown

    Me: Good Morning!!!
    Officer: Good Morning!
    Officer: What are you here for?
    Me: My H1B Visa stamping.
    Officer: How long are you with your Employer?
    Me: More than 5 years.
    Officer: Where are you based out of?
    Me: Answered my current location in USA.
    Officer: What is your Job Title?
    Me: Answered.
    Officer: Ok Sir. Your Visa is Approved and you can collect your Passport in the evening.
    Me: Thank you so much. Have a good day!!!

    Ernesto was waiting for me outside and after that we went to breakfast and went to room. In the after-noon we had an amazing lunch at one of the famous Matamorous Mexican style restaurants. Ernesto was so kind to take us to that place. We had lunch together and then he dropped us at the border for our I-94.

    Once you are on the bridge and moving towards USA, you will see people standing in line and there is a room towards Right with seats, you need to present the passport to the officer where people are standing and he or she will scan the passport and once done she will send you to the seating area. As soon as you enter the room you will see a glass door in front of you and you need to your passport to the officer with 6$ at and mention about I-94.

    Here you need to wait for up to 2 hours until your name is called, and the officer will ask the regular custom questions(I was asked for my Employer letter, Masters degree certificate. He was looking for the length of employment in the employer date. So, better ask your employers to mention the period of employment) and then he will give the passport back and you need to go back to the same line where your passport was scanned 1st and then show the 1-94 and move on to USA.

    At the end, I would like to Thank Ernesto a lot for his hospitality and accommodation. He was an awesome guy you will meet. He made sure that my stay was as comfortable as possible and he reached a far more than my expectations. He the ONE to go when you are going to Matamorous. I bet you will never regret your decision in choosing Ernesto Services. At the end I would also like to Thank Venkat who referred me to Ernesto and made my stay most comfortable and enjoyable!!! Good Luck to all Guys and do choose Ernesto for your H1B stamping services.

    Thank you all.

  37. I been to stamping in June 2017, Eduardo & Ernesto helped me with accommodation & taking me to ASC fingerprints, visa interview & dropping me back at the border. They offer excellent services. I works definitely recommend choosing his services.

  38. Ernesto delivered his services just as promised on the website. Its comparatively cheaper to others providing the same service in Matamoros. The accommodation place was very good, well maintained and had all the stuff you would find in a hotel room. Ernesto was very helpful and his hospitality was amazing. I would highly recommend using his services when you visit Matamoros. 10/10.

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