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US Visa Application Fee Payment Services in BanAmex and Scotia Banks for H1B, H4, E3, L1A, L1B, L2, J, K, O visa holders + US Visa Stamping in Nuevo Laredo  Mexico – Visa – Services – Agents Information

As per recent updates(Jun 3rd 2022)  : Passport pickup is at DHL, so expect passport to be ready after 2 or 5 days after visa interview. If you are lucky, you will get passport same day or next day at consulate itself.

As per recent updates(Jun 3rd 2022)  : Passport pickup is at DHL, so expect passport to be ready after 1 or 3 days after visa interview. If you are lucky, you will get passport, you will get passport same day or next day at consulate itself.

As per recent updates(Jun 3rd 2022)  : Passport pickup is at DHL, so expect passport to be ready after 1 or 3 days after visa interview. If you are lucky, you will get passport, you will get passport same day or next day at consulate itself.


Our Feedback from our clients who came for US visa stamping in Nuevo Laredo through our services, Number of batches that we supported & supporting recently.

Scroll down to bottom of this page to see latest visa stamping interview questions from clients who came for US visa stamping in Nuevo Laredo


Feedback from our guests

Feedback from our guests

Feedback from our guests

Feb 4th 2020 : Prashanth K & Family : ( EVC Model ) says :

Thank you Venkat and team for the process that you followed since we entered Mexico and it was all smooth especially with the kids

Jan 14th 2020 :
Santosh says “Thanks Venkat and team for all the support, fabulous service”

Jan 16th 2020 :
Sahi says “Thank you for the amazing arrangements and the in depth details regarding the whole process”

Jan 21st 2020 :
Sanjay & Family says “I would like to thanks Venkat and Team from Nuevo Laredo for all their support and help.
Food at the Hotel was very good and overall we got very prompt response from the team members. – From: Sanjay and Family”

Jan 23rd 2020 :
Shruthi says “Our stay in Mexico has been very easy and smooth. Thank you USVIM team for all your services.”

Jan 28th 2020 :
Madhu says “Thanks Venkat and team for the support.. will refer more friends, you are the best and safe channel to go for stamping”

Pradeep & Family says “Thank you to you guys!! It was awesome experience as service”


Oct 31st 2019 :(Neeraj & Family-EVC Model) We got the passport and crossed the border without any issues. Since it was Halloween rush so took 1 hour to cross the border.
Thanks for the USVIM team and hotel staff for the help and guidance.
Will definitely recommend the service to friends.


Oct 31st : (H1B- EVC Model : Got Approved) Feedback : Got the passport and will be crossing the border in some time. Thanks for the USVIM team and everyone here for the help and guidance.


Oct 28th 2019 : Feedback from our guests

Lavanya(H4 extension stamping, came alone) : Hey USVIM Team ! Thanks for all the help, right from the directions to cross the border, pick up, hotel stay(helpful staff, clean rooms),
drop offs were really well coordinated. Thanks again for making the process seem easy! Would’ve been tough if not for all the help

Pawan(H1B-FTE-H1B Extension stamping) : Thank you so much for all the support and help. You made the entire process so seamless, felt like I should have done this long time back. Hotel staff was also very helpful. Thanks again

Important Note for Contractors : (As of Feb 10th 2022)

So far Nuevo Laredo is one of the best locations for visa interview.

If you want to attend, Finish fee payment 1st & then keep checking for visa dates, For sure, you will find dates in Next 1 month or within 1 month too. Last 2 to 3 months, our clients have been booking the same way. Almost 80-100 members attended during last 2 months.

As per Feb 4th 2020 : Nuevo Laredo does random client verification, either on-the spot or takes few days. … During last 2 months, few contractors(1 out of 20 or 30 members) did not have any issue and got approved, few contractors – consulate wanted to verify that they are really working at client location.

Oct 25th 2019 : For 1 Family(EVC Model) – waited for 3 to 4 hours & client verification done on same day.

Oct 23rd 2019 : For 1 guy(EVC) – who is working as contractor to federal client, did not have client letter – was asked to show badge and approved.

Oct 28th 2019 & Also in Nov, Dec : 2 to 4 contracting folks(EVC, EVVC) got 221g due to client verification, they entered into USA & cleared in 2 weeks and went back to Mexico to get it stamped. (Same cases happened in Dec 2019 & Jan 2020 too – but very few cases) – But we have not seen any rejections till date in Nuevo Laredo.

Carry Client Badge along with you + Any appreciation emails + Client letter.(Make sure to list the client manager or client HR Email + phone number, so they can respond incase consulate calls)

Even if client does not provide client letter, you can take above listed things.(Incase consulate wants to do client check)

Full time folks – No issues reported so far.

Latest Updates from Nuevo Laredo : 

So far all got approved in Nuevo Laredo in 2020, no rejections till date in 2019 & 2020, very few cases got 221g …. sevis check or pims check (but usually cleared in 1-2 days), Client verification might be done by call or email,might clear same day if your client is available, also few cases clear in 2 or 3 days, that we have seen so far.

Incase of any 221g, what to do ? we will provide you detailed info incase if you land in that situation.

What does this page cover ?

  • Passport Return = 1-2 days after visa interview.
  • Recent (NOV 3rd 2019)US visa interview questions of  F1, H1B, H4, E3, L1A, L1B, L2 (Contracting / Full Time) at Nuevo Laredo ?  (Scroll to the bottom of this page)
  • About Nuevo Laredo location, Visa fee payment help & visa dates booking process.
  • Accommodation  – Hotel & Transportation services information in Nuevo  Laredo; How to plan your arrival; When to arrive & Leave Nuevo Laredo ? (Read this full page)
  • How to get reimbursed –  visa fee payment + accommodation & transportation charges – if you are full time employee ?
  • How to plan for your trip to Nuevo Laredo ?

What is the process to get US Visa Stamping completed in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico ?

Nuevo Laredo is a city located near to Texas Border city of Laredo, Texas

If you are Full Time Employee, we can provide you invoice for reimbursement purpose of the visa fee payment + our package charges for accommodation & transportation services in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

You might be H1B, H4, L1A, L1B, L2, E3, F1 or F2, J, K, O visa holders. This page helps you to understand how to get your visa stamping completed in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Our team in Nuevo Laredo speaks English, so you don’t have any issue with communication or any needs that you have.

we can help you with US visa fee payment for Nuevo Laredo, Mexico + all necessary guidance for filling DS160 form, visa dates booking process, dates scheduling & rescheduling incase of any visa dates changes needed.

You can choose our services for providing your accommodation & transportation services + guidance included for any information you need for Nuevo Laredo until you finish your stamping.

Visa fee payment charges will vary as per your US Visa Application fee payment Instructions form/ amount of pesos. Please refer this link about fee payment & charges for fee payment.

CLICK HERE for US Visa Application Fee Payment Process in Nuevo Laredo Mexico – BanAmex – Scotia Banks

Once you pre-pay the  package amount & dates are near by, we will create a group for folks coming on same dates & provide more information 

Where do i need to park my car if i am driving to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico ? (Our team will pick you from International Bridge 1 from Mexico side)

This is parking in near to Puente International Bridge 1 & it’s open 24 hours and around 10 mins by walk to bridge.

Address of parking lot : 

Greyhound:Bus Station (Safe & Covered parking Lot; Costs 16$ / day)

610 Salinas Ave, Laredo, TX 78040 ; (956) 723-4324

Where do i need to Fly to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico ?

(You can Fly to Laredo, Texas & Then catch Uber to International Bridge; In Uber App – Select 1st from dropdown when you search for international bridge 1.

+ Inform Uber driver that you need dropoff at International bridge 1. 

– you can either travel with valid Mexican (or) Any US Visa (or) Canadian (or) Japan (or) Schengen or European visa (OR)

As it’s a border city – You can take Border permit / FMM Card which is valid for 7 days. (but mexican immigration might not mandate you to take border permit at Nuevo Laredo location)

You can reach to International Bridge 1 at Laredo, Texas, where you can find a lot of folks walk towards to Mexico and from mexico to US crossing the international bridge 1 on daily basis. Our team will come to border to pickup & take care of your transportation in Nuevo Laredo for ASC & Visa appointments & drop you off at Border after you finish your passport pickup. we will send picture of the driver who will be coming for your pickup to border depending on the time of arrival.

Laredo International Airport(Airport Code: LRD) is an international airport located in Laredo, Texas.

Visa Fee Payment Charges are separate(as per below link)

CLICK HERE for US Visa Application Fee Payment Process in Nuevo Laredo Mexico – BanAmex – Scotia Banks

If you want to choose our package for Nuevo Laredo {For Accommodation & Transportation(Both) – Below are the charges

How / When can i pay to book your services ?

“You must pay package price upfront to book your Nuevo Laredo package with us – Sooner you pay, it gives us better chance to make arrangements for your arrival.

Once your visa dates & your flight tickets to NuevoLaredo, MX are  finalized;

Then you can pay us for below package for booking our services.(Atleast book your services 1 or 2 weeks ahead of your arrival time.

My Employer reimburses for the fee payment + Hotel & Transportation charges, can i get Invoice ?

If you are Full Time Employee & can get reimbursed from your employer for all below charges – Inform us – we can give you Invoice for fee payment + accommodation & transportation charges.

NOTE : Below package prices are applicable if you book the package atleast 2 weeks before your arrival date.

Once package amount is paid by you & we book hotel as part of our package – That plan is finalized & No Refunds.

What about Food (Breakfast / Lunch & Dinner ) ?

Breakfast is included in your current package. You can pay for Lunch & Dinner amounts you had used at the end of your service to the Hotel.

For Lunch & Dinner – If you want food to be delivered from outside restaurants to your hotel room – Pizza / mexican food etc., – we can arrange that. (without you going outside from hotel)

Also Hotel has a restaurant, they can deliver food during lunchtime to your room. At evening, you can stop by at restaurant to have dinner. we will share menu to you while doing prep-work by creating a group for folks coming on same visa dates. Incase if you want to go out for lunch / dinner, we can arrange transportation.

For Nuevo Laredo, Mexico location –  Pre-Paid Packages will be as follows.

Both pre-paid packages includes Free Breakfast + Wifi + 2 nights Hotel stay + 3 days transportation to ASC / Consular centers in Nuevo Laredo ; Pickup & Dropoff at Airport


We offer below packages for Nuevo Laredo Mexico location


1) “NVL-AT-1″- Package (Accommodation & Transportation for 1 person)

2) “NVL-AT-2″ Packag(Accommodation & Transportation for 2 persons)

Mention the “package name” to us that you want us to provide

NOTE : Once package amount is transferred to us (You accept that it’s non-refundable)


Important Timings & Information :

Our Preferred Hotel where we book is Hotel Real Inn Nuevo Laredo.

Hotel Check-in timings are 3 PM (CST);  (But as we have good contact with Hotel manager, we can allow you for early check-in depending on rooms availability)

Hotel Checkout Timings are 1 PM (CST)

Passport pickup timing is from DHL after 1-2 days after visa interview.

@ 3.15 PM (CST) from Monday – Thursday.

@ 2.15 PM (CST) on Friday..


Package 1) “NVL-AT-PRE-PAID PACKAGE” :  Package starting from pickup from Nuevo Laredo Border(MX) to Nuevo Laredo Hotel – Includes Hotel Stay for 3 nights + Transportation in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for your appointments & passport pickup; Pickup from Nuevo Laredo Border when you arrive & DropOff at Nuevo Laredo Border while you leave + Take you out for your lunch / dinner / arrange option for food delivery.

NOTE : Breakfast charges are not included in new hotel, you need to pay for breakfast at hotel/person as you need it, costs you around 9$ per person, Full Continental Breakfast), Adding breakfast charges for all clients complicates total charges, so we kept charges simple for stay & transportation help.

1 person (traveling alone)  = 449$

Family –  (husband & wife) = 499$

Family –  (husband & wife) + 1 Kid included = 529$

Family – (husband & wife) = + 2 Kids included = 549$

Any Extra nights after the package (3 nights) will cost you 69$ per night stay.

In such cases where you need to stay any extra nights, You can pay for the extra nights yourself at Hotel after completing your 2 nights stay pre-paid package. (so we don’t need to charge you anything extra amount)

Note: If you got gap between ASC & Consular dates – we can help to book those extra nights along with your 3 nights stay package + 69$ per extra night stay.

( Ex : You got ASC (Fingerprints) on Aug 22nd & Visa Interview on Aug 25th – That is 4 nights stay = 2 nights stay package + 2 nights @ 69$ per night)


This is how the process will looks like : 

Day 0 – You arrive to Nuevo Laredo Border before 6 PM CST. we will come and pickup from Border and take you to the hotel where we provide accommodation.

Day 1- Take your to ASC & Back to Hotel(Drop you at ASC & drive will come back after 30 mins for pickup), you can secure your phone / items in hotel room safe box / ask frontdesk to keep it with them while you go to ASC.

Day 2 – Take you to Visa Interview / Consulate & Back to Hotel (Driver will drop you at 7.15 AM & come back at 8.15 AM for pickup)

Day 3 or Day 4 : Passport pickup is at DHL, You will get email with DHL tracking number, depending on availability of passport at DHL, you can pickup 1 or 2 days after visa interview.


How can i pay for the package (For Accommodation & Transportation Only) ?

To Bank Transfer using Zelle (or) PayPal (Need to add 3% fee of the above package amount)

If you have BOFA or Chase or Wells Fargo or Citi Bank or any Banks that uses Zelle – You can simply transfer us above amounts using our Business Email ID : ;

While transferring the Amount

Enter a Note “NVL-AT- Your Visa Dates”

Business Name : H1B Stamping LLC 

If you want to use your Corporate Credit Card to Pay for our services ; we will accept that too ; Ask us about PayPal Option :  we can give you Paypal link to transfer the amount (But, Paypal charges 3% more fee, that needs to be added to above package prices)


What are my Next Steps ?

Where do i need to Fly to reach Nuevo Laredo, Mexico ? (Border city – you can travel using any valid visa mentioned above or Border permit)

You can fly to Laredo(Texas) – Airport code: LRD & then catch Uber to Puente International Bridge 1. Just inform your CAB driver to drop you at bridge 1

When to Fly / Book my Flight tickets ?

Explained a scenario below that gives you complete idea.

Example: If your ASC(Fingerprints/ Biometrics) is on June 24th

& Consular(visa interview) date is on June  25.

Plan to arrive on June 23rd (a Day before Fingerprints) before 6 PM CST to Laredo Texas Border.

Also while return : plan to book flight on June 25th after 6 PM.

When to book my Return Ticket : (Take / Check for Insurance while you book flights- so it might help for any changes)

You can book your return ticket from Laredo Texas on June 25th after 6 PM – (or) Just book 1 way & book return flight later

Visa Stamping in Nuevo Laredo – Mexico – Hotel Pictures

1) Hotel is near by to Border(10 mins by Car); Near by to US Consulate(10 mins) by Car, Near by to ASC (10 mins by Car) + has Wifi, Free Breakfast

2) Near by to  Oxxo – Gas station for any purchases you need.

3) Hotel itself has restaurant, you can order mexican food in it if you want, else our team can arrange your CAB for you or your family to go outside for lunch / dinner & CAB will come back for pickup after sometime you specify.

3) Our team speaks English and can understand your needs to help you.

Map around our Preferred Hotel at Nuevo Laredo + Locations near Hotel 

Please find below email ID to send email to US Consulate if you have any questions ?

The information printed on an issued U.S. visa should match the information in the applicant’s passport. If you discover an error (misspelling, error in the date of birth, error in the expiration date, etc.) on your U.S. visa, the applicant or a designated proxy can contact the Consular Section via:

Nuevo Laredo :

What you can carry & can’t carry to your ASC & Visa interview ? A) Do I need to carry passport or Visa size photos with me ?

Answer: Not needed, your digital photos will be taken at ASC – Fingerprints appointment.

B) What can I carry ? What can’t I carry ?

Answer : The mandatory documents that you should take to the ASC office are:

*Any Old passport (If Applicable)

* I-797 * Passport

* DS160 confirmation page But if you have all your documents in 1 file already organized , then take everything with you.

*VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE:* You are not allowed to take inside to the ASC or consulate offices the following items:

*Electronic devices such as cell phones ,laptops , headphones , USB flash drives, cell phone chargers, smart watches and any cable adapters.

* lip balms , plastic combs , nail clippers , scissors, cosmetics, medication, sunglasses, food, water , candies, chewing gums and toys.

* for women, you are not allowed to take your handbag


Visa Interview Guests
Interview Appointment Schedule

Feb 24th @ 7:45 AM
*Samiksha P (1) L1A-FTE


Feb 24th 2020: Samiksha

Visa approved

Visa interview questions ?

  1. Who is your employer (My visa – L1A)
  2. What is your role and responsibilities
  3. Who is your end client?
  4. Who do I report to?
  5. Any travel plans?
  6. What is your previous visa status?

Documents asked?
HR letter on the employment confirmation

I am a Full time employee. Went alone for the interview (L1A)

Visa Interview Guests
Interview Appointment Schedule

Feb 4th @ 7:45 AM
*Prashanth K & F (4) H1B-H4-EVC


Feb 4th 2020 : Prashanth K & Family –

Visa approved

Visa interview questions ?

Job duties and responsibilites
Any gaps in H1B?
Why Nuevo Laredo?
Then the officer called someone and they both are checking something on the scrren for 5 minutes and then he said your visa is Approved.
How long with the current employer?

documents asked?
No documents asked

I am on EVC model. We are 4 people went for the interview (H1B and H4 and kids)

Visa Interview Guests
Interview Appointment Schedule

Jan 27th @ 7:45 AM
*Madhusudhan M (1) H1B-EVC
*Anjali C & F (4) H1B-H4-FTE

Jan 29th @ 7:45 AM
*Waseem M (1) H1B-EVVC
*Shiva & Arun (2) H1B

Jan 30th @ 7:45 AM
*Wilson & F (2)
Madhu : Jan29th 2020 :

At window 1, they said, they are facing system issues and passport may or may not ready by 3.. will keep you posted once we go there at 3pm
But we got passport same day as visa interview.

Interview Questions.
1). Is it renewal of H1b
2). Is there any gaps
3). Are you in US with any visitor visa
4). Responsibilities
5). Why did you come here, why not to Canada (since I am having Canada vis also.)

That’s all.. They did not ask for single document.

As soon as I said that I am working for a government agency, he did not ask anymore questions..

Pradeep & Family : Jan 28th 2020 :
Visa got approved!! Thank you team for all the guidance

Our interview Question:-
1.What is your job responsibilities and what you do?
2. How long you are on H1b?
3. Do you have any gap between your H1b?
4. How many years you are with current client?
Visa Aproovd!
No documents asked.
One suggestion:-
Who is coming with kids, please bring kids birth certificate. They asked for it.

Can one person collect passport for family from consulate? If yes any documents he need to carry?
Answer is YES
Should I take passport copy of them ?
Visa Interview Guests
Interview Appointment Schedule

Jan 24th @ 7:45 AM
*Srikanth (4) FTE
*Shyam M (1) H1B-EVVC

Jan 24th 2020 :
Srikanth : FTE

Visa Approved
Visa interview questions ?
1. Company
2. How long with this employer
3. Any gaps in the petition?
4. How long on h1b?
5. Qualification
6. Degree specialization
7. Job duties
8. Travel plans
9. How long you guys been married?
10. Why Employer change?

documents asked? Company letter

Full time ? Yes

Contracting? (Model) ? FTE

Since it’s Friday passport maybe ready by 2:00 and pickup starts from 2:15 !!!

Thanks Venkat, Yussuany and team
Jan 24th 2020 :

Shyam : H1B EVVC
Visa got approved questions below

Me :Gm sir
VO: which visa are you applying for
Me : H1B
VO: are you applying for same visa that you applied before ?
Me :yes sir
VO: how long you been on this visa
Me :9 years
VO: do you have any breaks on your h1b?
Me : no sir
VO: Who is your employer
Me :employer name
VO:Where he is based on
Me : answered
VO:How long you been working for them
Me :answer
VO:Do you have employer letter
Me : given
VO: do you have any advanced degree
Me : yes blah blah
VO:Why you have picked this location?
Me: I work for so and so Client in Austin ,Texas so this location is close to me
VO:What’s your job responsibilities
Me : blah blah
VO:Any upcoming travel plans?
Me : still tentative sir need to plan fully based on my work schedule
VO: Are you married
Me : no sir

Your visa is approved please come and collect this after noon

Jan 24th : Akhila :

Thanks to the team for everything. The whole process was made smooth easy and simple because of them.
Briefly summing up my experience:
1. Got guidance for applying for Mexican visa and got it just to be safe in case of AVR.
2. I was travelling alone and Pickup/drop off from/to the border was very safe and convenient.
3. Stay including food and cab service was very comfortable and everyone was very helpful.
4. Asc Fingerprint was super quick and easy.
5. This Visa interview was one of my best experiences so far. As I did not have to be concerned about anything except the actual documentation and visa interview. Everything else was taken care of.
Visa Questions:
New or renewal?
Who do you work for?
What is your role and tell me what you do?
Are there any gaps in your h1b?
Where do you stay?
Checkout of hotel and Picked up passport same day at 3:30 pm before being dropped off at the border. Immigration etc was very easy too they asked me 2 qs:
1. Why r u coming in to the US?
2. Where do you work?
Thank you very much again and I have already recommended you to a few of my friends.
Visa Interview Guests
Interview Appointment Schedule

Jan 23rd @ 7:45 AM
*Sainath M (1) H1B-EVC
*Shashikanth J & F (4) H1B-Contracting

Jan 23rd 2020 :

Guys, Sai here : EVC Model
Visa Approved
How long in US
How long with current employer ?
What do you work ?
Education major ?


Shashi & Famnily :

Many Thanks Team,

Overall experiance has been really good from picking and leaving at border.

Alfredo cab driver is very good and was always on time so is the hotel and their staff.

Visa interview;
Mine was smooth with very few questions. despite verification:
1. New or Renewal
2. How long have u been in US
3. Where do u work.
4. Where do u stay.
5. What’s your role and Job Duties.

Last time I have visa stamped was 9 years ago, that might have led him to give me admin process, post that everything was easy and smooth after they got the email from Client.

All in all, Kudos to the team and thanks for making this easy and smooth.

Hello Team, We were given a 221g and they are verifying with client.
They asked Client letter and sent an email to client, also asked vendor letter and Employer letter..
When I spoke to them they said all that they want is response from the client. I am working with the client to provide that info, will update in progress.

But we got passport same day as visa interview as client verification is completed.
Visa Interview Guests
Interview Appointment Schedule

Jan 17th @ 7:45 AM
*Yogesh R (1) F1-FTE
*Nitin S & F (2) H1-H4-FTE

Jan 21st @ 7:45 AM
*Kiran G (1) H1B-EC
*Shruthi & Bharath (2) H1B-EVC
*Akhila M (1) H1-FTE

Jan 21st 2020 :

Akhila :FTE

Who is your employer?
What is your role and what do you do?
Is there any gap in your h1 till now?
Why Nuevo Laredo?

Kiran : EC Model

Employer? Job responsibilities? Client? Why NL?.. no documents asked
Jan 21st 2020 :

Binny : EVC

Hello!! I was in Nuevo Laredo last week for stamping and all went very well.
I want to thank venkat and his whole team Starting from fee submission to help in filling DS160 to help in finding slots and finalizing the location the teams response is amazing.

The hotel, staff and transportation is excellent too. The cab back and forth felt safe and quick.

The visa questions were few and straight.
EVC model.
Asked about Job Duties which they asked everyone?
Why came to NVL?
Current client and location

That’s all. No documents asked.

Few things :

I had filled the DS 160 for Matamoros so when I got to the counter he said your case is not showing please wait near the green chair and 20 minutes later he called me.

Secondly I didn’t get my passport same day could be I had not gone out of country in 9 years and some extra verification they did not sure
Visa Interview Guests
Interview Appointment Schedule

Jan 13th @ 7:30 AM
*Santhosh M (1) H1B-EC

Jan 13th 2020 :

Santosh : EC
It is for cases where PIMS is not done , based on my case .
My Questions on Jan 13th 1) what you do ?
2) where you work ? Client or employer place
3) why you came from California to Nuevo Laredo for visa stamping ? Why not Tijuana 4) do you have any travel
Plans soon ?
5) is your kids and wife – US cizitens ? I told only kids
6) he told I will have your passport and I-797 and give it to my colleague who will look into further because it needs further processing.

Called at Window 12, she told we need your Paystubs , employer letter and client letter or contract .
We will call the client to confirm your employememt , please wait in green area . Your client is in California , so it may take longer wait until we call.

Cleared same day & got passport same day after visa interview.

consulate told to pick up passport at 3 pm .
So I will leave to consulate at 3 pm , pick up passport and leave to border and USA
Thanks @Yussuany and Venkat for all the support , fabulous service .
Visa Interview Guests
Interview Appointment Schedule

Jan 15th @ 7:30 AM
*Bhagwan N (1) H1B-FTE
*Balbinder K (1) H1B-EVC

Jan 16th @ 7:45 AM
*Satya V (1) F1
*Mekhala S (1) FTE
*Sanjay D (1) H1B-EC
*Chandra Y (1) H1B

Jan 17th @ 7:45 AM
*Yogesh R (1) F1-FTE
*Nitin S & F (2) H1-H4-FTE

Jan 16th :
Sahi : FTE

interview process was very smooth and easy.. no documents were asked except 797 and ds confirmation page
Questions asked
Where do you work?
What is your role in the company?
Why did you come to Neuvo Laredo?

Sanjay & Family :

Questions :
1. Tell me more about your jon role.
2. Is this an extension
3. What is your qualification?
4. Why did you select Nuevo Laredo ?

Visa Interview Guests
Oct 28th @ 7.45AM
*Sai V &F (3)-H1B&H4-FTE
*Thani R &F (4)-H1B&H4-EC

Oct 29th @ 7.45AM
*Lavanya G (1)-H4
*Haneesh V (1)-H1B-FTE
*Teja N(1)-H1B-EVC
*Pawan C(1)-H1B-FTE

Oct 30th @ 7.45AM
*Neeraj T &F (4)-H1B&H4-EVC
*Manish A (1)-H1B-FTE
*Srikanth V (1)-H1B-FTE

Oct 31st @ 7.45AM
*Ajay &Shrikar (2)-H1B-EVC

Nov 4th @ 7.45AM
*Mirza A (1)-H1B-FTE


Oct 31st 2019 : EVC visa interview questions : H1B – Got 221g, entered back into USA, will return back once 221g gets cleared ; Cleared in a week, came back & got stamped


Oct 30th visa interview questions : H1B – EVC

She asked the below questions
1) where do you stay
2) who is your employer
3) how long have you been on H1
4) what is your position
5) why did wife not come along
6) where do you currently work and stay

Administrative processing box is checked
Entered back into USA, will be waiting in USA to go back to mexico to get it stamped once 221g clears.


Oct 31st 2019 : EVC visa interview questions : H1B


Oct 31st 2019 : EVC visa interview questions : H1B

Visa approved
Questions asked (EVC)
1. Who is your employer?
2. How long with employer ?
3. How long in US?
4. Going to work for same employer and same location?
5. Where do you live
6. Work location
5. What is your role ?
6. What are you daily job duties
7. Your wife name and what Visa she is on (i went alone for interview) and he took long time to verify something on screen
8. How long you been in USA?
9. What’s your education ?

No documents asked.

Oct 30th : Candidates Profiles :
One EVC Model Family, 1 full time: h4 to h1 ; one is H4 Extension – All got approved


Oct 30th 2019 : 1 Family : EVC Mode visa interview questions : H1B

Visa approved
Questions asked (EVC)
1. Who is your employer?
2. How long with employer ?
3. How long in US?
4. Is your other child US citizen and have US passport ?
5. What is your role ?
6. What are you daily job duties ?
7. Who uses your application ?(end user or clients )
8. Are your end clients financial
Companies ?
9. How long you been married ?
10. What’s your education ?

No documents asked.


Oct 30th visa interview questions & profile

My visa interview questions today. Visa approved. (h4 to h1 conversion in Nuevo Laredo)
FTE: H4 to H1b
1. Provide passport, ds160, I-797
2. Are you applying for H1b extension. – I said new employer
3. How long are you on H1b
4. Provide I-140 copy
5. Are you working for xyz company: I said will be joining next week
6. Provide offer letter
7. Are you married. Is your wife not applying for H4.: said she has her own H1b
8. Were you on L1 before: I was so said yes.
9. Were you on E2: said no since I wasn’t.
10. Also asked what is your educational qualification

She was checking something to make sure she was looking at the right file. I said I’m on an H4 now.
She said ok you are on wife’s dependent visa since you are changing jobs. I said yes.

Visa approved collect your passport later today.t

Oct 29th  2019 : Total of 1 EVC + 2 FTE folks + H4 extension(Spouse of H1B-EVC) got approved 

Note from our client : Even if you have client letter, In few cases, they want to do verification and a 221g to valid Client letter authenticity or not.


Oct 29th 2019 : FTE visa interview questions : H1B


Employment Type: FTE
Change of employer and extension
Location: Nuevo Laredo, MX

Complete Experience:
Follow step-by-step instructions provided by USVIM team to cross border, they are easy and straight forward.

We were 4 people having ASC and interview for same time slots, so it was good that we worked together for both.

ASC – Oct 28th, 1:00 pm: Quick and easy. Takes less than 15 min.

Consulate – Oct 29th, 7:45 am: At the consulate entrance documents are checked and we went through security to enter the consulate per our interview time. We waited outside the main consulate building for 5-10 min and were asked to enter the building. Documents were checked at the front desk and we were asked to sit in orange chairs for few minutes.
We were asked to go to counters 8 or 9 for documents verification and then again to counter 6 for second verification. After the verification at counter 6, we were asked to stand in line for the interview at counters 3 and 4.

Interview Questions:
1) Extension or new (this question will be asked at ASC and all previous document verification and counters)
2) How long have you been working with this employer?
3) What are your job duties?
4) So you work as xxxxx?? (based on the job duties I answered, he confirmed my job title)
5) What’s your degree in?
6) How long have you been in the US?
7) Are you aware of your labor rights as a H1B employee or do you want me to explain?
Congrats your visa has been approved, and he handed over instructions sheet on how to collect my passport.

Would like to thank and highly appreciate Venkat and whole USVIM team. It would have been really challenging without your services to get this done so smoothly. Thanks.
Hotel is clean and well maintained, breakfast is good. If you want to go out for food/shopping highly recommend having Spanish to English translator app.

Good luck everyone. Be confident.

Visa Interview Guests
Oct 23rd @ 7.45AM
*Atchuta K(1)-H11B-EVC

Oct 24th @ 7.45AM
*Pramod L(1)-H1B- EVC
*Satish K(1)-H1B-FTE
*Krutik A(1)-H1B-FTE
*Ranjit C(1)-H1B-EVVC
Oct 23rd :

Atchuta : Visa Approved. Have to collect today at 3:15

Contacting and EVC Model

1. Employer Name and how long working for employer
2. End Client Name and Letter
3. Client Badge ID( As Client didn’t provide client letter),
I work for Federal client.
4. Last 2 years W2 and Tax returns
5. Driving License
6. How long you have been in USA
Oct 24th : Totally 2 Full time attended and got approved + 2 EVC folks attended & got 221g for client verification
They were able to enter back into US , will wait until 221g clears and come back to get it stamped.

Employer details ,
work experience,
Educational qualifications,
Client details , W2’s , Verification letters from employer, client , vendor, How much do i make , How many years in USA.
Contracting : EC – H1B Extension visa interview (Got approved)

1) Extension or first time?
2) working for the same employer?
3) how long are u in H1B?
4) who is your end client?
5) do u have 140 applied? Answered yes, so they ask me to provide the doc and gave it
6) Marriage certificate
7) What visa kids have?
8) what is your Role?
9) Job duties

All the best for everyone
I like to appreciate all the support received for Transportation/Accomodation etc by USVIM Team.
We went to walmart on saturday and the cab driver escorted us and guided through the purchase which was awesome.

I like to thank the hotel for providing the breakfast and bottled water and the hotel is super clean and all the staalffs are really great

Room services were awesome as well.
Full time :
Visa Interview Summary
Q1. New Employer or Same ?
Q2. Extention or New ?
Q3. Work location ?
Q4. Designation & Duration ? offer letter ? Promotion letter ?
Q5. When was ur I140 Approved ?
Q6. Why havent you been to India in last 5yrs ?
Q7. Marriage Certificate ?

Please all copies of offer letters and Promotion details / updated offer letter etc it came handy.

I will be picking up the passport in Next hour
#Hotel is very clean and staff is very good and helpful. Appreciate all the support & Guidance through out..USVIM Team… Thank You
H4 extension – documentation: your passport(one with the visa and latest if applicable),
ds160 confirmation,
latest i797 of spouse,
copy of all their previous i797,
copy of their visa and passport,
copy of their i140 (if applicable),

ead card of self(if applicable),
marriage certificate.

Questions :
where do you stay?
Have you worked before on a different visa(provide old visa imfo),
do you work now(provide ead card and employment details),
spouse’s job details.
Oct 28th 2019 : EVC visa interview questions : H1B

Visa approved ????????
Questions asked (EVC)
1. What is your education
2. Why did you come now as your extension will start from Jan 2020?
3.i-140 ? And asked for copy of it
4. Previous h1b i797 as is it is still valid till 31st dec 2019

For Oct 24th & 25th folks :
Yes. Looks like they started verification for all the contractors this week.
Yesterday and today whoever attended, they are checking client verification

Oct 25th 2019 : EVC Model : Family : Client Verification Process at Consulate of Nuevo Laredo.
(consulate did client check this week for total of 3 candidates)
Hi Everyone…….Its longgggg struggle….But, with gods grace mine is cleared today itself

Interview Questions: Job Duties, Mine is Non Profit org client. They asked me bit details about client
And How long with your current employer and current client – Mine is 6 months. So, may be that is also one of the reason to verify. But, I am not sure
Employer Letter
Who is your previous employer and is that visa already expired or not? (He didnt asked me to show previous i797. Even when I was showing, he said that its not required)
who is using ur application. Client or end users ?

After asking all the questions, they asked me to wait for verification. And waited almost 2hrs. And then they called me and asked me to sign in a form. (That form is to submit to my client to release my details. As my client is non profit org, they may asked me to sign. )

again 1hr waited. And they called me told that, we are still waiting for verification response. U can stay here or u can come back by 2PM. I said that will come back by 2PM.

I believe that helped me.
I came outside, I talked to my client manager, director, hr department and employer….they responded very quickly….and I went back to consulate at 1.45PM.
Again waited 1 and half hour
Finally, VO said that your visa is approved. And as passport pickup time is over, you can call us on monday 10am to know what time to pickup my passport.
My case, I had waited till 12.15PM and they called me and said that, we have not heard back anything from Client. So, we will wait till 2PM. If you want to go outside and come by 2PM thats fine. Or if you want to wait here, you can sit in the same place till 2PM

If they want to do some verification, they used to ask us to sit in the Green color chair.

last week me and my family waited till 12.15PM and we opted to come back by 2PM.
If it went to client verification, we need to wait min 3 to 4 hrs.

My case, I came out and I asked security guy outside for one urgent call….And then called to hotel and they sent the cab with in 10mins

I came back to hotel and called to my employer and client manager and client director and client hr department

Once I called the client side, they saw email and they responded back. Then i went back to consulate at 2PM.

Oct 11th 2019 : H1B visa renewal (Contracting to DC Govt) stamping interview questions


Visa approved for me. Questions asked:
1) Visa renewal for same employer?
2) will you be working for same employer
3) how long have you been in US
4) How long been on h1
5) how did you 1st came to us
6) your degree?
7) job duties
8) wife and children

No Documents asked.
H1B & H4 (Family of 4 members attended visa interview in Nuevo Laredo Mexico)

Visa approved for us. The questions they asked us were:
1) who do you work for?
2) how long have you worked for them?
3) are you applying for renewal with same employer?
4) can you share employer letter?
5) do you have I 140 approval notice?
6) what’s your degree in? Where did you get it from?
7) marriage certificate for my wife
8) do you work for my wife (she’s a homemaker)
Visa approved.

For reference. I work full time and have been with the same employer in same location for 13+ years.
Documents asked were I-797A, I-140 approval, employer letter and marriage certificate.


Oct 7th 2019 : H1B & H4 visa renewal stamping interview questions
Here are the questions we were asked:

Window 1
Checked documents. Our DS160 was for Matamoros, so they had to import data to this consulate – needed to wait 15 mins for that.

Window 2
Checked docs again

Window 3 – Visa Interviewer

Q: Visa renewal for same type of Visa?
A: No. Visa transfer to new company

Q: When did you first come to US

Q: Where did you do Master’s and Bachelors. What specialization

Q: What is job title. FT/Contract. Job description. Salary

Q: How long have you been married. Asked for Marriage certificate (this was the only doc asked)

Also, we did not have the original I-797. They didn’t really care that we provided a copy of it.


Visa approved h1 and h4
1) how long have you been working in the US
2) wats ur job role
3) how long have u been married for

No documents asked.
Pick up at 3:15 today.

Oct 4th 2019 : H1B & H4 visa renewal stamping interview questions
Questions asked:(H1B, Full time)
1. Are you here for H1B renewal?
2. Are you with same employer?
3. Are you directly working for your employer or client location?
4. Do you have employment letter?
5. Does your employer provide medical insurance for you?
These are the questions they asked me. (H1B)
1. How are you?
2. What Visa Type?
3. Are you here for renewal?
4. Who is your Employer?
5. Where do you reside?
6. How long have you been with your Employer?
7. Is this your 1st time to Mexico?
8. What’s your salary?

9. Your visa is approved, pick up at 3:15

They did not ask me any documentation except I797
L1B Visa Renewal Stamping Interview questions

Visa Approved. Asked to pick passport on 2.15 pm today(Friday).

How long have you been working in the company?
What location do you work?
Share some details about your work?
What is your annual pay?
Visa Approved – Family of H1B & H4

R u on H1?
How long r u on H1?
Who is your employer?
Did you change your employer?
Is ur 140 approved?
Do u have a copy?
Do u have employment letter?
What’s ur salary? What’s ur role?
Make sure u have document that specifies all these details(from ur employer)
R u married? Where is ur wife and kids?
Who is ur client?
What do they do?

Oct 3rd 2019 : H1B & H4 visa renewal stamping interview questions
Questions asked:(H1B, Full time)
1. Are you here for H1B renewal?
2. Are you with same employer?
3. Are you directly working for your employer or client location?
4. Do you have employment letter?
5. Does your employer provide medical insurance for you?
These are the questions they asked me. (H1B)
1. How are you?
2. What Visa Type?
3. Are you here for renewal?
4. Who is your Employer?
5. Where do you reside?
6. How long have you been with your Employer?
7. Is this your 1st time to Mexico?
8. What’s your salary?

9. Your visa is approved, pick up at 3:15

They did not ask me any documentation except I797

Oct 2nd 2019 : H1B & H4 visa renewal stamping interview questions
VO: Which Degree do you hold, is it same employer?, job duties, when did your last visa expired, how long you are working in US
My visa is approved.

L1-A Blanket – Paid fee before interview.

VO: Are you here for renewal?
VO: When did you get your visa?
VO: How long have you been in the U.S?
VO: Did you have L1-B earlier?
VO: Are you in managerial position?
VO: what is your actual designation?
VO: how many ppl report to you?
VO: Whom do you report to?
VO: your visa is approved!
H1B : Visa got approved
Are you here for renewal?
Whats your role?
Did you do study in US?
How long you been in US?
Is your spouse with you for renewal?
Employment letter?
To which client I am working?
She said visa approved, asked me to pickup in afternoon

Sep 30th 2019 : H4 visa renewal (Contracting) stamping interview questions
Visa got approved
Are you here for renewal?
Whats your role?
What’s the difficult part of your job?
Did you do study in US?
How long you been in US?
Sep 30th 2019 : H4 visa renewal stamping interview questions
(Family came to Nuevo Laredo, Only H4 stamping needed)
My visa got approved
Questions :
Asked my I-797
My husband’s I -797
How long have you been in US
Where do you live

Visa Renewal stamping in Nuevo Laredo mexico on Sep 20th 2019

Sep 20th visa interview questions from our clients
For me no questions… just employer information and letter.
asked my wife how long you been married.
My US Citizen kid was accompanied along with us.(2 years old)

Are you working at client site ?
how long in US & so you have your I-140 documents?
Sep 19th visa interview questions from our clients
Model : EVVC
1. Who do you work for?
2. How long on h1b?
3. U have i140 approved?
4. Letter from employer?
5. Did you go to school in US?
6. What did you graduate in( Degree & specialization)
Visa approved
Whom do you work
Where did you study
Letter from employer
Letter from vendor
Spouse status
Work location
Distance between home and work location
Total Salary
What do you do as part of daily job
Sep 17th visa interview questions from our clients
Contracting EVVC model and I don’t have client letter as I work for Federal govt client
I took all supporting documents to prove as client letters like mail from manager,
ID Badge, other emails,outlook screenshot and client timesheet portal with domain name on it.

What is your wife visa?
What is your company?
Who do you work?
Do you have I140?
Where did you complete bachelors?
Are you working for same employer
where do you live
how far is your office from home.
is there any letter from your employer that tells their expectation of arrival(Employment verification letter)
do you know your labor rights ?
Sep 1st to 10th visa interview questions
I came for my L1 renewal and it got approved.
How long you been to company?
How long in US?
How much your annual salary??
Your job description?
I didn’t carry my credit card with me as I am supposed to pay my
fraud prevention fee but they allowed me to come out to hotel, get
credit card and then I paid and he told its approved

Thank you all in venkat’s team for making this successful
Category – F1

Questions (they were pretty random and few)
1. Do you have proof of SÉVIS payment ?
2. You are renewing, correct?
3. What program are you working on?
4. It looks like you have full funding from the school, do you have other sources you’d like to declare ?

Sep 11th update : 2 guys attended on Sep 9th 2019, 1 guy got approved & another guy got 221g due to sevis check, usually cleared on next day.

H1B Visa Renewal stamping in Nuevo Laredo mexico on Sep 9th 2019

My interview questions are
1. Are you working in same company or any change ?
2. Explain job duties and share your employment verification letter.
3. Did you had any degree from USA ?
Your visa is approved please collect at 3 PM

While coming back at border by walk,
It’s pretty quick no lines
Took 10 min for I-94, It’s counter number 13 that will issue I-94’s

F2 to F1 Visa stamping in Nuevo Laredo mexico on Sep 6th 2019

Category – F1

Questions (they were pretty random and few)
1. Do you have proof of SÉVIS payment?
2. You are renewing, correct?
3. What program are you working on?
4. It looks like you have full funding from the school, do you have other sources you’d like to declare?

You can pick it up at 2 (Note: On Friday, Passport pickup is at 2 PM, Remaining weekdays it’s at 3 PM in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico)

Aug 14th visa interview questions :

Contracting : Model : EVC
Interview questions
All w2
Vendor letter
Client letter
Roles and responsibilities
Is your company Merger company
Contracting : Model : EVC
Visa approved. Interview qns
1 where do you work client location or employer location
2 who filed your petition
3 show your W-2
4 show your pay stubs
5 show your I -140
6 show client letter
4 show your W-2
Contracting : Model : EC
Visa Approved
H1B extension
Visa approved. Interview qns
1 what is your role
2 whose is your employer
3 what is your responsibilities
4 show your W-2

How long you been working for your employer?
Did you do masters in USA?
Are you working for end client?
Who is your client?
What are your responsibilities in your current position?

Aug 9th 2019 :  Latest Visa interview questions


Aug 9th 2019 : H1b Visa Renewal Stamping in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

H1B Visa is approved today and passport picked up. (EVC Model)


1. Offer letter from employer
2.How long you have been here in H1b Visa
3. It is the same employer you are renewing or change of employer
4. As my work location is different from my home asked whether i work remotely or travel for work?
5. What is your educational qualifications ?
6. Is your I140 approved?


F2 to F1 Visa Stamping(1st time) in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico : Aug 9th 2019

VO : For what you came here ?
Vo: can I have passport and I 20 ?
Vo: under grad major from where ?
Vo: asked the information from I-20 about which course am I taking
Vo: who is supporting you?
Vo: proof of supporting documents ( pay stubs or tax returns)
Vo: everything verified said congratulations ua visa is approved.

Documents mainly asked passport , i-20 , sevis fee reciept, proof of financial documents

More Info : My spouse is on F1 Visa from : Rivier university nashua NH ;

Aug 4th 2019 : Our guests Visa interview questions


Client details; EVC

1. How long you have been working in this industry?

2. Tell me about job duties

3. Client / Employment Letter  (Better to mention compensation details)

4. Where is your family? Is she in h4?

5. What is your highest education and university?


Jul 26th 2019 : Our guests Visa interview questions

Full Time,

Asked how long you been working with this employer

Is this visa renewal ?

What do you do ?

What is your Education ?

Collect passport at 2.15 pm. (Friday passport collection is little early)

Shared Employment verification letter &

No other documents asked.