This page is for F1 or F2 Visa Renewal / F1 to F2 / F2 to F1 Change of Status Visa Stamping in Mexico

NOTE : F1 & F2 comes under same F Visa Category

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE : You can go to Mexico for Straight F1 Visa Renewal or F2 to F1.

You should not go from H1B Denial to F1 Visa category stamping in Mexico


F2 to F1 Visa stamping in Nuevo Laredo mexico on Sep 6th 2019

Category – F1

Questions (they were pretty random and few)
1. Do you have proof of SÉVIS payment?
2. You are renewing, correct?
3. What program are you working on?
4. It looks like you have full funding from the school, do you have other sources you’d like to declare?

You can pick it up at 2 (Note: On Friday, Passport pickup is at 2 PM, Remaining weekdays it’s at 3 PM in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico)

F2 to F1 Visa Stamping(1st time) in Nogales, Mexico : Aug 14th 2019

Aug 14th visa interview questions at Nogales, Mexico
Visa Approved
Current F2
Applied for F1
What are you studying?
Which University?
Sevis receipt
Proof of funds

Told me to come next day as she wants to check my F2 status details with DHS. Gave my passport to me.

Today I went to consulate, asked my passport and returned with visa.

Thanks all

I suggest everyone plan to stay one or two more days if required.

F2 to F1 Visa Stamping(1st time) in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico : Aug 9th 2019

VO : For what you came here ?
Vo: can I have passport and I 20 ?
Vo: under grad major from where ?
Vo: asked the information from I-20 about which course am I taking 
Vo: who is supporting you?
Vo: proof of supporting documents ( pay stubs or tax returns)
Vo: everything verified said congratulations ua visa is approved.

Documents mainly asked passport , i-20 , sevis fee reciept, proof of financial documents

More Info : My spouse is on F1 Visa from : Rivier university nashua NH ; 

F2 to F1 Visa stamping in Matamoros mexico on January 3rd 2019


1) Which visa category did you attend Visa interview today ?
Asked for i20 and Sevis fee receipt
Took scan copies of passport, i20 and Sevis fee receipt

2) Visa interview questions
Which course are you going to study?

Which visa are you with currently?
Ans: F2

Who sponsored your current visa
Ans: Spouse

Have you already started your studies or yet to start?

3) Any documents asked ?
Sevis fee receipt

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