Travel to USA from India via Dubai

You might already have valid US Visa & got stuck in India due to this travel ban.

Your parents have valid B1/B2 visa are unable to travel to USA directly due to this travel ban & willing to travel to USA through third country like Mexico/ Dubai etc.,

Currently we helped almost close to 300+ parents in Mexico City, Mexico.

We recently started providing services in Dubai as well & it being one of major transit location before entering into USA, we are starting package from Sep 7th 2021 onwards to provide accommodation & transportation services in Dubai too.

Travel Path = INDIA > DUBAI > USA



Checklist for Travel to USA via Dubai(Stay for 14 days) from India

  • Passport with 6 months validity.
  • Valid US visa with 6 months validity.
  • Dubai E-visa with 30 days validity.(we will apply for you – takes 3 business days)
  • Onward ticket to USA.
  • Mandatory confirmed Return ticket for B1/B2 – before entering to USA(to show to US immigration if asked)
  • 2 COVID Tests in India before travel ; 1 more test upon arrival to Dubai.
  • 1st test – Valid Negative printed RT PCR with QR code (within 48 hours of departure from India.
  • 2nd test – Rapid Antigen/Rapid PCR test report with QR code within 6 hours before departure from India.(can be done in Indian airport; Better to arrive at least 6 hours before to airport)
  • On Arrival “Rapid PCR test” at Dubai international airport; It’s Free of cost ; Provide any Dubai local number (or) Indian phone number which has international roaming plan activated to receive messages (or) They will attach QR code back of your passport, scan it to get results.
  • Download “BOTIM” App for Audio / Video calls over Wifi(Before your travel to Dubai)
  • Travel / medical insurance
  • Airtel SIM card with international plan valid for 30 days(Costs 3997 Indian Rupees) – Incase if your parents are traveling alone. You can be in contact with them until they reach USA.
  • Universal Travel adapters for charging phones/ electricity.
  • Carry basic medicines for fever, cold, cough / syrups & antibiotics
  • You can carry medicines for parents along with prescription.
  • Carry a pen to fill any forms needed


In case … if you are carrying any Indian spices for any cooking purpose etc.,

  • Don’t carry “POPPY SEEDS” if you are coming through Dubai / any UAE countries, you will end up in Jail if you carry
  • FAQS :

    1. Vaccination required to enter into Dubai (U.A.E) ? NO
    2. Do i need any COVID test to catch flight to Dubai ? YES
    3. How many COVID Tests do i need to fly to Dubai ? 2 Tests required ; RT-PCR Test with QR Code(within 48 hours of departure from India & One more Antigen Test within 6 hours before departure (At Indian Airport)
    4. Do we need to Quarantine in Hotel for 14 days? NO, you can go outside, site seeing etc.,
    5. Do i need COVID-19 PCR Test upon arrival at Dubai ? YES – You may need to take another COVID‑19 PCR test on arrival at the airport arranged by Dubai Govt(No need to pay), you must remain in your hotel or residence until you receive the test result(within 24 hours usually). If the test result is positive, you will be required to undergo isolation and follow the Dubai Health Authority guidelines. They will stamp one QR code at back of your passport. You just scan and download one app – PH screening.enter your last name and passport you will get your result. you can get results in 4 hours.

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    What are the Airlines that fly from India to Dubai & also to USA ?

    • Emirates

    We are offering 2 Packages

    A) Flights + Accommodation & Transportation Package

    B) Accommodation & Transportation Package – You can book your flights(Below is included in package)

    1. Flight tickets from India > Dubai > USA | Return ticket to India based on your choice (If you choose choice A from above)
    2. Dubai E-Visa is included
    3. Accommodation for 15 nights in good hotel (4 Star)
    4. Breakfast (Continental) & Lunch & Dinner Included (Indian food) will be delivered to your hotel (Veg / Non-Veg) / hotels we currently booked for September guests has buffet option
    5. Airport To & Fro Transportation
    6. RT PCR Test at Hotel in Dubai
    7. If any Medical Emergency – someone will be available to help.

    What is the total cost of package ?


    • Flight tickets price is between 900$ to 1100$ for 1 way (From India>Dubai>USA)
    • Flight tickets price is between 1100$ to 1500$ for 2 way (From India>Dubai>USA>India

    For Accommodation & Transportation Package (Including RT PCR & Meals for 14 DAYS)

    • 1 Adult = 1799$ / person
    • 2 Adults Sharing(Room) = 1449$ / person

    What are your out of pocket Expenses while in Dubai (U.A.E) Apart from Package price ?

    • Only Dubai Tourism fee is your expense & anything you buy from outside.
    • There is no online option to pay Dubai Tourism fee , so from your end – you need to pay one time payment in-person in Dubai, Dubai Tourism Fee = 15 AED / night ; Total of 225 AED for 15 nights = (Approximately 65$ USD ) / Room (even if single /double sharing)
    • E-visa covers medical insurance if person is < 40 years old.
    • If your are > 40 years old & need medical insurance, it can be buy that for you (costs 20$ USD per person additionally)


    Need any visa to enter into Dubai ? YES (we will help you to get Dubai e-visa which takes minimum of 3 working days(Thu/Fri are not working days), e-visa be valid for 30 days) ; On-Arrival Dubai visa is just valid for 14 days(Does not work for your 15 nights stay)

    NOTES :

    • Currency in Dubai is Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)
    • You can exchange in Indian airport from Rupees to Dirhams.
    • You can exchange in Dubai to Dirhams if you have US Dollars.
    • Regarding carrying gold & cash : Check below link for more info

    How can we pay for this package ?

    If you have Zelle / Cashapp / Venmo – you can pay us using those.

    IMPORTANT NOTE : Below are hotels where we are hosting our guestswill be booked based on availability (or) Similar 4 star hotels will be provided (Whatever is available, Not just limited to below properties)

    Golden Tulip Deira Hotel (7 mins away from airport) ; near to restaurants

    Golden Tulip Al Barsha Hotel (20 mins away from airport) ; near to restaurants

    Orchid Vue Hotel (15 mins away from airport ; near to supermarkets & shopping areas)


    My experience travelling from hyd to Dubai: we need RT PCR taken within 48 hrs prior to departure in India. Reached hyd airport 6 hrs prior to departure time(10 am flight) to take another test. However test center at hyd airport was not open until 5 am. We waited in line for 1.5 hrs to get the test done..paid 4500/- rs. After the test, they will allow you to enter the departure gate. Inside, you need to wait for your results (takes approx 45 min) to check-in and get boarding pass. Once you land in Dubai, there will be another test(free) conducted and results will be sent to you emailID..they will also Attach QR code to your passport so u can check results later by scanning it. After that, customs and immigration. All the above is for Dubai stay and not for Dubai transit. You do NOT need to download Covid DXB app. However download BOTIM so u can make free audio video calls over wifi.

    This is the latest Information I got from Talking to Mumbai Airport . The testing center is available both inside and outside . Outside the center is at Departure Level Gate 5 and 6. Inside its at Counter P . Its recommended to be there at least 5 hours before departure. Test results is given generally in 30 mins and cost is 4500 Rs for the test

    Shared in another group

    My Experience with Fly Dubai flight from Hyderabad to Dubai.
    My flight was at 10:35AM on Monday September 13th. As some suggested in other groups/posts i went to airport 6 hours before the flight time as there will be huge lines for Raid-PCR(Rs 4500 cost) test and as expected there is a huge line. There is Emirates flight and Fly Dubai flight with in 30 minutes so there are/will be around 500 people for the test causing the huge lines. In the line they give a form to fill with your basic information to provide the result. Make sure they type your name correctly in system. My Name was typed wrong initially and later they corrected. The result took about 2.5 hours (Some of the delay is due to my my name spelt incorrectly) to come they dont issue boarding pass until the test result is provided. You can drop the bags and collect the bag tags but only once you get the test result you go back to the last counter of fly dubai to get the Boarding pass. Immigration and Security were smooth. After landing in Dubai also everything is straight forward, you land go through Immigration they verify your Dubai Visa( I got 30 day visa approved earlier) and let you go.
    Next step is to get the Covid Testing done(Free of cost). Here they asked me if i have a Dubai number i said no they asked if i have a friend in Dubai whose number i can share and lastly asked do i have roaming on my India number and i said yes they updated my record with India phone number took the Swab and let me go. From there you go collect your Bags and one last time show your RT-PCR test report and Rapid-PCR test reports from India and let you go. Here it is recommended to go to hotel or where ever you are staying and wait for the result. I got the result of Dubai Covid test to me as SMS after 3 hours on my Indian Mobile number. Now i am free to go around as the Dubai covid test is also -ve.

    Once again Document Checklist:
    1) RT-PCR test result took with in 48 hours of Dubai flight departure
    2) Pre-Approved Dubai visa recommended for smooth process(There are visa on arrival success stories also who travelled on Emirates and Fly Dubai. Not on AI or Indigo)
    3) Passport with 6months Validity

    Note: Always carry a Pen to fill any forms they give.

    Terms & Conditions (for cancellations etc.,)

    • Travelers are advised to be cautious and follow the guidelines to avoid contact with Covid-19 infected personnel. In case a passenger is found positive once tested in Dubai, they will need to change the travel plan and that on their own cost.
    • The modified travel plan will be scheduled based on the regulations laid down by all concerned authorities applicable.
    • Our company will not be responsible for change in travel regulation which may interrupt or cause change in the travel plan at anypoint post confirmation of services/ amount is paid.
    • Package once confirmed & paid can’t be cancelled or modified & non-refundable.
    • The package cost is non-refundable in case of no show or cancellation(
    • Only Exception – we only accept RT PCR test positive report within 48 hours of flight departure timing to push flight travel dates to further without any penalty with updated pricing.
    • If any cancellation – full credit voucher by airlines for future travel until 1 year.
    • Airlines gives credit for you to use, but no refund mostly, you can deal with airlines directly.
    • Rates are valid only for Indian Nationals, for any other nationality, please speak to our tour experts
    • All personal extras such as laundry, room service, alcohol, minibar, telephone bills, prepaid or postpaid SIM cards etc. will be on direct payment basis by the traveller to the service provider and Our company will not be liable for the same at any point of time. Cost arising from a passenger’s illness and injury, the return of lost baggage, articles/valuables left behind owing to personal negligence as well as changes incurred by independent activity will be borne by the passenger.
    • Passengers will be charged extra for any upgrade in accommodation or flight services.
    • Additional cost may need to be incurred by the passenger, if he/she wishes to change a meal plan voluntarily from the plan mentioned in the package.
    • Passengers will be charged extra for extended hotel stay(s).