I-94 Renewal – Sevis Activation

I-94 Renewal after new passport  – Sevis Activation / Reinstatement at Mexico Border by Border Crossing (or) I-94 Extension / Extend  Update Renewal / Renewing at US – Mexico / US – Canada Border after getting New / Renewing passport / passport renewal – Port of Entry Locations – Brownsville Texas – Laredo Texas – Rainbow Bridge Canada

How do I renew / extend my i 94 / i-94 after renewing my passport  / I-94 Renewal after new passport ? 

How do i re-active my sevis by crossing US Mexico border ?

  • You might be visiting this page for I-94 Renewal / I-94 extension / Regaining F1 status /Update your i-94 with new date / extend i-94 due to new passport – Sevis Activation / Reinstatement / Reactivation / Reactivate for F1 students (or) 
  • You are on multiple visa’s (B1 /H1B/H4/L1/L2 etc., due to approvals from USCIS) at same time & you want to make sure / confirm that you want to be on only on one of those visa category.  Ex: You have H4 extension approved through USCIS & got H1B picked up at Lottery, Want to continue only on H4 visa, you just cross border and come back and ask CBP officer to activate I-94 based on H4 visa.(or) vice versa, this same applies for any other visa categories.
  • You have valid US Visa stamped in passport, you might have got I-797B which does not have I-94 attached – where you need to get new I-94 at Mexico Canada Border after – Port of Entry Locations – Brownsville Texas – Laredo Texas – Rainbow Bridge Canada

I-94 Renewal at Mexico Border after getting new passport at Matamoros, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo or Canada Canadian Borders / Sevis Re-activation at Border by crossing


I want to do this process through guidance of your services, how much is charge ?

we charge 79$ for this service & guidance; Contact us in whatsapp for this help ; we will answer all questions you have until you finish process, phone call support, provides step by step process, including pictures about how to cross border etc.,

We guided a lot of clients for this I-94 renewal due to new passport/ I-94 extension/change to enter based on new visa category / sevis activation / reinstatement  at Laredo Texas / Nuevo Laredo Mexico border location from last 4 years.

I-94 Renewal – Sevis Activation / Reinstatement / Re-Activate : Updated on Apr 22nd 2022 : 

NOTE : Current COVID situations are not impacting folks who want to this I-94 or sevis renewal) ; No need of any COVID tests during crossing borders,  but in some locations mexican immigration might do temperature checks, always wear a mask.

I-94 Renewal – Sevis Activation / Reinstatement / getting new I-94 is same process to cross borders and come back to USA.


I am a student, How do i re-activate my Sevis ?

There are two options to regain active status.

  1. Travel Out of the country Option. Depart the U.S.(Fly by Air or Cross by Land) and re-enter with a new initial I-20 from the school where you lost status or from a new school authorized to issue I-20’s. (You can do this at Mexico or Canada Borders, To do it at canada borders, you might need canadian visa / To do it at mexico borders, you don’t need any mexican visa). You can do this whether you have your current F1 visa expired or valid.
  2. Reinstatement Option. Please contact your ISSS advisor to discuss eligibility for reinstatement.

I am on H1B, H4, E3, E3D, L1A, L1B, L2, J1, J2, B1, B2, K, O1, O3 visa. How do i get new i-94 / renewal after getting my passport renewal done ?

There are two options to get i-94 extended / renewed / renewal done.

  1. Travel Option. Depart the U.S at Mexico Border(cross border at most cases, very few cases – officers might not ask you to cross border) and re-enter to USA incase asked to cross border, pay 6$ at CBP / POE office while coming back & get new I-94 (or) I-94 extended until your visa validity.(Fastest option – 1 day process, Many of our clients did even during this COVID times)
  2. Apply for I-94 extension through USCIS, which is slow process & you don’t know how long it will take.

This can be useful for F1 students about sevis activation at border (or) any visa holders for getting new I-94 / renewal of I-94 after getting new passport (or) you need to get I-94 only as you got I-797B through consular processing(but have valid US Visa).

How to activate Sevis by Crossing Border at  Matamoros / Laredo Texas Mexico or any border locations.(It’s same process to get I-94 after getting new passport too – Border crossing and coming back)

Depending on your location, you can go to any any US-Border POE(Port of Entry) locations of Mexico (or) Canada POE Locations.

We guided many clients with this process and he took sometime to write down the process.

Also If you need our guidance including all details & phone call supporting during this process, you can take our paid services.

Do i need to take any appointments to go to border CBP office to do this i-94 Renewal ?
NO, Not needed

  • Do i need COVID test to enter into mexico & come back to USA by land ?
    • NO, Not needed. ( Covid tests are only needed if you fly from mexico to USA.)
  • Can i do this anytime during weekday or weekend ?
    • Yes, Borders are open 24 hours & 365 days.
  • Do i need any Mexican visa to cross land border to mexico ?
    • NO, If you have valid US visa, you don’t need mexican visa. Also to cross by land and to come back to USA(to get this i-94 renewed), you really don’t need mexican visa.
  • How to reach Laredo Texas ?
    • You can fly to Laredo Texas Airport, take Uber to international bridge 1. Cross it and come back to CBP office and ask for i-94 renewal.
    • You can drive to Laredo Texas, park car at location informed by us near to border, cross international bridge & come back to CBP office to get i-94 extended.
    • You can fly to Laredo Texas, take Uber to international bridge, cross it & come back to CBP office to get i-94 extended.
  • How much time it takes for this entire process ?
    • From the moment you reach laredo texas airport until you finish process & go back to laredo texas airport – keep a gap of 5 hours for this entire process for your return flight.
    • Once you reach laredo texas border – it takes 30 mins to 1 hour to finish this entire process – depending on the line/ wait time of the queue of people coming to USA by land.
  • Is it safe process to do this ? Is there any change for CBP officers not to allow me into USA ?
    • Yes, it’s totally safe process, we guided many clients for this i-94 renewal. you don’t completely enter into mexico, we will let you know where you can cross border & where you can come back without entering completely into mexico. You don’t come across mexican immigration officers too while you do this process.
  • What are the documents needed for this I-94 extension/ renewal at US Mexico Border ? 
    • 6$ Cash for I-94
    • 2$ worth of Quarters to insert into TurnStile to enter into Mexico
    • 1$ Bills for Two Dollars to take to exchange at vending machine to take pesos to enter into USA (to insert into TurnStile to enter into Mexico )
    • Passport
    • Address proof
    • For F1 students for sevis re-activation : I-20 from new university  / Financial documents/ address proof / sevis fee receipt / Passport.