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H4 L2 EAD Extension by I-94 Extension or Visa Stamping

This page is dedicated for H4 & L2 visa holders – info gathered by www.usvisastampinginmexico.com

H4 L2 EAD Extension by I-94 Extension or Visa Stamping

H4 L2 EAD Extension by I-94 Extension / US Visa Stamping in Mexico

You might fall under 2 scenarios.

  • Scenario A) You already have valid H4 visa stamped in your passport (which is about to expire sooner or later)
    1. Your spouse related i-797A extension approved through premium processing with USCIS & Your H4 extension through USCIS is taking time.
    2. You can come to US Mexico border locations, cross border & come back to CBP office & renew your I-94 & use that for H4 EAD extension through USCIS.
    3. You can do this at Laredo Texas border, We can provide service to guide you step by step about where to fly, how to cross border including step by step process, photos about how to cross border, (if coming by flight/car, where to park car near border etc./ phone call support to answer any questions you have until you finish this process for renewing I-94.

I want to do this process through guidance of your services, how much is charge ?

we charge 79$ for this service & guidance; Contact us in whatsapp for this help.

More FAQ Questions from H4 candidate about above process ?

  • My spouse on H1B need to accompany me (H4) for this I-94 extension ?
    • Usually NO, but at Laredo Location – officers seems to be asking for primary applicant to be required as well for H4 related i-94 renewal, so ask your spouse to accompany you as well
  • My spouse(H1B) visa stamping in passport needs to be valid for this ?
    • NO
  • What if my spouse wants to accompany me for this process ?
    • Yes, your spouse can accompany you, even with expired US visa or valid US visa, H1B can come along with H4 to accompany during this process.
    • If spouse(H1B) had valid US visa stamped in his passport, then he simply use that to come along with you to accompany you & come back to USA.
    • If your spouse(H1B) had expired US visa in his passport, but with valid I-797A with I-94 attached to bottom of I-797A, he can use automatic revalidation rule to come back to USA with expired US visa & valid I-797A.
  • Do i need COVID test to enter into mexico & come back to USA by land ?
    • NO, Not needed. ( Covid tests are only needed if you fly from mexico to USA.)
  • Can i do this anytime during weekday or weekend ?
    • Yes, Borders are open 24 hours & 365 days.
  • Do i need any Mexican visa to cross land border to mexico ?
    • NO, If you have valid US visa, you don’t need mexican visa. Also to cross by land and to come back to USA(to get this i-94 renewed), you really don’t need mexican visa.
  • How to reach Laredo Texas ?
    • You can drive to Laredo Texas, park car at location informed by us near to border, cross international bridge & come back to CBP office to get i-94 extended.
    • You can fly to Laredo Texas, take Uber to international bridge, cross it & come back to CBP office to get i-94 extended.
  • How much time it takes for this entire process ?
    • From the moment you reach laredo texas airport until you finish process & go back to laredo texas airport – keep a gap of 5 hours for this entire process for your return flight.
    • Once you reach laredo texas border – it takes 30 mins to 1 hour to finish this entire process – depending on the line/ wait time of the queue of people coming to USA by land.
  • Is it safe process to do this ? Is there any change for CBP officers not to allow me into USA ?
    • Yes, it’s totally safe process, you don’t completely enter into mexico, we will let you know where you can cross border & where you can come back without entering completely into mexico. You don’t come across mexican immigration officers too while you do this process.
    • As you already have valid H4 visa, there is no way to deny your entry into USA after renewing your H4 related I-94 based on your spouse I-797A extension document.
  • What are the documents needed for this I-94 extension/ renewal at US Mexico Border ?
    • 6$ Cash for I-94
    • 2$ worth of Quarters to insert into TurnStile to enter into Mexico
    • 1$ Bills for Two Dollars to take to exchange at vending machine to take pesos to enter into USA (to insert into TurnStile to enter into Mexico )
    • I-797A of spouse, Expired US visa or valid US visa copy of spouse.
    • Marriage certificate.
    • Passport
    • Address proof
    • Any supporting documents related to spouse

Recent feedback from our group members/our clients from Laredo Texas Border

“We went to Laredo TX today(Jan 14th 2022) morning and got i-94 extension/renewal for my wife for 1 year. My h4 and H4 EAD expiring in Feb 2022. My husband’s I797a approved via premium processing for 3 years.

We still have valid valid H4 visa / i-94 for another month so the officers weren’t sure why we wanted it. We had to explain the current situation on delay in h4 approval and how getting new i-94 helps extend job. and gave 1 yr extension for my wife”
We went to Laredo TX on Jan14th and got i-94 extension for 1 year. I still have valid i-94 for another month so the officers weren’t sure why we wanted it. I had to explain the current situation on delay in h4 approval and how getting new i-94 helps extend job.He also asked why we traveled all the way to Laredo from NJ instead of going to Canada. The officers were very courteous. They took good 20 to 30 mins to discuss among themselves about our cases.The officers finally gave 1 yr extension on i-94.

More information about this H4 EAD extension by one of the attorney

H4 EAD & L2 EAD Regulations Information

Scenario B) You have expired H4 visa stamped in your passport / I-94 expired, Your spouse related I-79A aprovej applied for H4 extension through USCIS. It’s taking more time than expected. You need new visa stamping in your passport & send that visa copy to USCIS to extend your H4 EAD.

Few clients tried with scenario B option at Laredo Texas border & Brownsville Texas border & CBP officers did not accept to do i-94 renewal as their H4 visa was expired.

Only solution for scenario B) will be to apply for Emergency appointment in Mexico locations like Nuevo laredo or Tijuana, get your H4 visa stamped based on your spouse related I-797A extension which is already approved through USCIS & send that visa copy to renew your H4 or L2 EAD very soon.

Either you can attend alone for H4 visa stamping (or) your spouse/ family can also join visa interview along with you. If your spouse works for any covid/Healthcare/IT in Healthcare etc., that adds more value too along with your reason for emergency appointment together as family

(No need of any mexican visa to attend for visa interview at these US Mexico border consulate locations.) Ask us for this process.

  • Process includes Filling DS160 (choose one of above locations, Nuevo Laredo or Tijuana)
  • Register your profile to book dates in Mexico.
  • Book non-emergency appointments at any location in mexico (whatever available)
  • Request Emergency / Expedited appointment (EA) (You need to write EA content in convincing manner for visa officers to accept your EA.
  • You can list down EA reasons such as USCIS is slow in processing your visa extension & you can’t stay in USA / lose job / Financial loss due to job loss if H4 EAD is not extended / working for healthcare etc., share what’s your work / line of business details, so we can review if you can try for emergency appointment or not
  • Select EA dates that you want & submit request (No option to attach any documentation)
  • Once you get EA request approved, you can let us know your EA dates & location.
  • we will offer hotel accommodation & safe transportation package at any location in mexico.

How soon can i get Emergency appointment dates in Mexico for H4 visa & traveling to Mexico alone is safe for H4 or L2 visa holders(women) ?

  • You can start process today & can choose dates you want & submit request for Emergency appointment.
  • You can finish stamping within next 7 to 10 days too if you want(if you are able to get EA request approved)
  • You can request for EA 1 or 2 months later also now.
  • Yes, it’s totally safe if you travel with help of our transportation team help, safety is the least concern if you are taking our services.
  • Check our reviews from our clients who came to Mexico at www.usvisastampinginmexico.com/reviews
  • Total how many days process is H4 Stamping in Mexico ?
    • Day 1 : Arrival into Mexico
    • Day 2 : Fingerprints / some cases, they give same day visa interview too & same day passport pickup too at 3 PM at Nuevo Laredo location.
    • Day 3 : Visa interview / some cases, they give same day passport pikcup to at 3 Pm at Nuevo laredo location.
    • Day 4 : Passport pickup at 3 PM at locations like Monterrey, Tijuan & can fly same day evening if you find flights later than 5 PM.
    • Friday visa interview folks get same day passport mostly (unless there is some other delay)
    • Day 5 : If you can’t find flights on day 4, then you fly on Day 5 morning.

For Travel is 2 days, stay in mexico is 1 or 2 or 3 nights based on location.

How much does this entire visa stamping in mexico for H4 costs ?

  • US Visa Fee Payment + our charge = 290$
  • Accommodation & transportation varies by location & number of nights stay starts from 299$ to 450$
  • We had many clients(ladies) who came alone for H4 stamping during non-emergency appointments & recently few H4 candidates too.
  • Check our reviews from our clients who came to Mexico at www.usvisastampinginmexico.com/reviews

List of our clients who got emergency appointments recently in monterrey and Nuevo Laredo

Sharing timeline of getting emergency appointment (EA) at Nuevo Laredo Mexico & EA reason template of a client(H4)  & Family (H1B & H4 dependent) who is applying for H4 visa renewal & H1B/H4 visa renewals for spouse and kid.

Client is working for health insurance company + added job loss as reason (due to lack of H4 EAD extension delay etc from uscis) 

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Timeline of below H4 client & family 

H4 & H1B Family, EA location : Nuevo Laredo

Jan 7th : Client contacted www.usvisastampinginmexico.com via whatsapp, Client started process, ds160, register profile, paid visa fees through our services.

Jan 10th : Drafted emergency appointment reason (sharing below)

Jan 11th : Client drafted Emergency reason & shared with us for review, As part of our services, we reviewed & helped to update some content for EA, client submitted for Nuevo Laredo, Got Emergency appointments for Jan 18 & 19th for H4 & entire family.

Jan 17th : Client will arrive along with Nuevo Laredo / Laredo Texas border, our team is looking forward to provide accommodation & transportation services for entire family. (So less worry about where to go / how to go / when to go / safety aspects etc.,)

Jan 18th : Attend Biometrics appointment

Jan 19th : Attend visa interview, mostly same day passport pickup. (In very rare cases, there will be some printing delay, you will get passport next day after visa interview.


Hello Consulate officer 

Subject : Requesting Emergency appointment based on working for Healthcare /supporting frontline workers & also possibility of my job loss & Financial loss for my family due to lack of my H4 visa beyond Feb 8th 2022 (due to uscis delay in extending H4 )  

My name is xxxxxx. I am on H4 visa in USA and I hold a valid H4-EAD expiring Feb.07.2022

I am requesting an emergency visa appointment because,

1. I work in Healthcare IT insurance applications at xxxxx. I write automation scripts which is fundamental for web applications deployed in customer facing live environment.

2. Since my H4-EAD is expiring by Feb.07, 2022 – I will have to quit the job if my H4 stamping is not done. If I could get an appointment before Feb.04, 2022 – I could submit my H4 visa stamping  & i-94 to autoextend my H4-EAD. This will help me to keep my job and support xxxx applications. If my H4 expires and if I face job loss, this will cause severe financial loss to our family affecting financial commitments like mortgage and loans.

Requesting you kindly to provide me with emergency appointment for my visa stamping that will really help me & my family