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US Visa - Emergency - Expedited - Appointment -Services for H1 - H4 - E3 - F1 - F2 - F2 to F1 - L1A - L1B - L2 J1- J2 - O1 - O3 -C - D -K Renewal Stamping Interview in Mexico - US Visa Application Fee - MRV - Cash Payment in Mexico - Matamoros - Nogales - Nuevo Laredo - Ciudad Juarez - Tijuana - Monterrey - Hermosillo - Guadalajara - - Services for US Visa Renewal Stamping in Mexico- step by step process for us visa h1b stamping in mexico

Contact us for below help / Join our groups for any guidance  ?


  1. Do you need help with US Visa Application Fee Payment Service in Mexico ?-
  2. Need guidance for your US visa stamping / US Visa Appointments Booking  in Mexico ?
  3. If you need service /guidance for your I-94 renewal /Extension after getting new passport / renewal (By crossing border) ?
  4. If you are a student & need to re-activate your SEVIS by crossing US & Mexico border & you need service & guidance for that ? (Paid Services)
  5. got I-797B through consular processing ? (Visa Services to get stamping)
  6. RFE Support (Course Mapping / Analysis) for H1B, H4, L1A, L1B etc., 
  7. Expert Opinion Letters by Professors / Educational Evaluation by Professors.


  1. Groups for Indian passport renewal in USA ? (Join to get guidance)
  2. Groups for OCI Card Applying for US Citizen Kids ? 

US Visa Renewal Services for Stamping in US Consulates in Mexico - US Visa Appointments - Visa Dates Booking Process in Mexico - Matamoros - Nogales - Nuevo Laredo - Tijuana - Mexico City - Monterrey - Hermosillo - Guadalajara - Cuidad Juarez - - US Visa MRV Application Fee Payment in Mexico for any locations

Emergency/ Expedited US Visa Appointments/ Visa Interview dates booking in Mexico

Emergency/ Expedited US Visa Appointments/ Visa Interview dates booking in Mexico

  • Update : Oct 25th 2020 : 

  • If you are a Doctor/ Physician/ Medical research scholar on any US Visa(J1, H1B, O1, J1 to H1B, H1B to O1, J1 to O1 etc.,) If you are in a profession that contributes to COVID, you are eligible for Emergency US Visa appointments/ visa interview dates booking in Mexico,

  • You can come for any visa stamping in mexico, we saw many doctors who did their change of visa category stamping in mexico during this COVID(CHANGE OF VISA CATEGORY STAMPING ALLOWED FOR DOCTORS/ EMERGENCY WORKERS DURING COVID BASED ON WHAT WE OBSERVED/ Also if someone planning to get their F1 visa stamping from any other visa category, they can get it done in Monterrey, few of our clients got their L1 to F1, L2 to F1 stamping in Mexico in October 2020

  • If you are a F1 student or F2 to F1 visa – with classes starting within next 10 days or classes already started, then you are eligible for Emergency US Visa appointments/ visa interview dates booking in Mexico, Many of our clients who are from India, Bangladesh, China, Nigeria & Uganda & many other countries attended for Emergency / Expedited visa appointment in Mexico.

  • If you have any medical emergency (or) immediate family member(spouse, child, father, mother, sister, brother) deceased – you are eligible for emergency US visa appointment in Mexico

✅✅  Update : Oct 25th 2020 : Right now – Emergency / Expedited visa interviews are allowed to be booked to attend visa interview within next few days – (Usually J1 research scholars, Doctor on J1, O1, (H1B, H4 doctors) to work in frontline during covid, Students with classes starting within 10 days  (or) If your classes already started – were able to book these emergency appointments in Sep, Oct 2020 in different locations in Mexico.

+ certain criteria that fits for all Visa categories like medical emergency, family immediate member deceased etc.,) can be eligible for emergency appointments

✅✅All non-emergency appointments for Visa interviews in all consulates in Mexico are available to book after Oct 25th 2020 as of now

You can start process now, finish Visa fee payment, book non-emergency dates for November, December 2020 etc.,, for all Visa category renewals

you can attend for regular visa interviews in Nov, Dec…. After US visa MRV application fee payment – you can attend for visa renewal stamping in mexico until 1 year for from date of your US Visa Fee Payment in Mexican Banks – Scotia  / BanAmex.

This is how it works if you looking for specific date / sooner date

(For few locations in Mexico – you can find dates within 1-3 weeks, For Few locations you can find dates within 1-2 months from now)
✅FYI, you can start ds160 for 1 location & using same, you can attend visa interview anywhere in mexico; visa fee payment is valid for 1 year & it’s tied to your profile, not specific location.
✅Once you find out you are eligible to attend Visa interview in Mexico & you decide to get stamping done in Mexico.
✅1st thing to do is Visa fee payment, so you have option to choose best available dates as of now/and also reschedule to better dates any number of times as soon as they are available.
✅Right now, for few locations, it might show as dates not available, but dates keep opening randomly, to book dates as soon as they open, you must finish visa fee payment by then & be ready to book.
✅You can start the process and create ds160(no need to fill completely right now) for any specific location & make Visa fee payment. so you have more control over Visa dates And book the dates as soon as they open
✅Once you finalize location and dates, then you can submit ds160 to that specific location rather than the one you started (new update in ds160 to submit to any location that you want to go) ; make sure to submit ds160 within 30 days after creating it

Check the US Consulates of Mexico – Upcoming Holidays & make your trip plan accordingly

  • 2020 Holiday Calendar
  • New Year’s Day. Wednesday, January 01
  • Anniversary of the Mexican Constitution. Monday, February 03
  • Benito Juarez’s Birthday. Monday, March 16
  • Holy Thursday. Thursday, April 09
  • Mexican Labor Day. Friday, May 01
  • Independence Day. Friday, July 03
  • Labor Day. Monday, September 07
  • Columbus Day. Monday, October 12

You might belong to 2 scenarios :



ASAP Dates: you are under time constraint to finish your visa stamping, Based on our experience, 1st thing to do : “we suggest you to finish US Visa Application fee payment in Mexico process

If you have don’t have any valid visa(US/Canadian/Japan/Schengen/European/Australian) – you can attend at any border locations in mexico(Check our website Menu for border locations list) with same ds160 & same visa fee payment.( At Border locations by just using taking Border permit at border (or) Apply for FMM Card online at; No need of any visa to come to border locations)

If you have any valid visa(US/Canadian/Japan/Schengen/European/Australian), you can attend in interior locations of mexico too.(Check our website Menu for Interior locations in Mexico)

LATER Dates: you can go to visa interview anytime, Once you are eligible to come to mexico for stamping & you decide to get it done in mexico. 1st thing to do : we suggest you to finish fee payment process, so you have chance to better best available dates for US visa interview in US Consulates / Embassies in Mexico. 

NOTE : Visa fee is valid for 1 year & you can reschedule visa dates any number of times & to any location in Mexico

I don’t see the visa dates available right now ? what to do ?


Dates keep opening randomly (In few locations, even though it shows dates are not available until 1 or 2 months from now)

NOTE : To book dates as soon as they open, 1st thing to do : Get your “US Visa MRV Application fee payment form ready” & finish fee payment & keep checking for dates, so you will be able to get dates in the location you looking for or any other location.

Who runs this website & who provides services & all information ?

We are Venkat & Ernesto, we provide all services & information below

we provide Visa Services – end to end process for your “US Visa Renewal Stamping in Mexico

+ US Visa Application fee payment for any location in BanAmex / Scotia – Mexican Banks in Mexico. (Tijuana, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, Matamoros, Guadalajara etc.,)

+ we provide Accommodation + Transportation Services in below locations

(Border locations – Where Border permit is enough to attend visa interview ; You can fly to US – Mexico Border cities, Catch Uber to Border & Enter to Mexico by walk through international bridge etc., which connects US & Mexico)



Nuevo Laredo


Ciudad Juarez

(Interior locations – Where some sort of valid visa is must to fly into mexico to attend visa interview)


Monterrey(We can provide pickup from Laredo Texas Border & drive you 3 hours to Monterrey too incase if you can’t get mexican visa & need to go to Monterrey)

Mexico City 


-US H1B H4 L1A L1B E3 F1 Visa Renewal Stamping in Matamoros Tijuana Nogales Nuevo Laredo , Hermosillo, Monterrey, Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara Mexico

……Continue reading below page ….. included more useful information

I came through this website, How do i know that i am eligible to come to Mexico for stamping ? Whom do i need to talk to ?

You might have same questions everyone has … to make it easy, we added info in : Please check our Eligibility page & FAQS page – That will answer most of your questions.

Regarding phone calls.

NO CALLS PLEASE !!! Due to the number of clients we help,
NOTE : “we will respond ASAP to your Whatsapp messages / Text”
Contact us via Whatsapp message or Text Message with below info
1st & Last Name ?
Location planning for visa interview ?
Current location(USA)?

Helping you is our top priority, To Help you better – Please Help us by avoiding phone calls…unless it’s Urgent
Incase of any urgent calls, (maximum of 3 mins only)
We have answers for almost all your questions in FAQS page in our website
Visit :

Thank you -USVIM Team – Venkat & Ernesto

Step by Step process of your Visa Renewal Stamping in Mexico

Step 1) Check your eligibility in Below Blue Link

FAQ 1) My visa stamp in passport is Expired & have valid I-797A or I-797B ? Do i need Mexican visa to come to Mexico ?

If you have any valid US Visa (or) Canadian (or) Japan (or) Schengen (or) European visa (or) Australian passport holder. You don’t need Mexican visa.

Else better to get Mexican visa by visiting mexican embassy near by to you – before your arrival.

FAQ 2) Which locations in Mexico does not need any visa ?

Border locations like Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Nogales, Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez does not need Mexican visa (or any above mentioned visa’s). You can simply take border permit(FMM Card) at border (or) apply online at for free.

FAQ 3) Which locations in Mexico mandatory need some sort of visa to fly into Mexico ?

Hermosillo, Monterrey & Mexico City are located interior to Mexico. so you must need some sort of above mentioned visa to fly into Mexico. Else immigration might not allow you to board the flight to Mexico.

Step 2) Once you are eligible for visa renewal(same visa category) stamping in Mexico, Next step is DS160 & Registration in visa dates booking website (where you get visa fee payment form to pay visa fee in mexico banks)

Next step is to start with DS160 – fill 1st page & Register in visa dates booking website & make us visa fee payment in mexico, so you will get chance to book  1st & best available visa dates in Mexico. 

Even though in few cases, you might not see the dates available now. After fee payment – If you keep on checking, you can get the dates you looking for in that location (or) any other location in mexico.

You can use same ds160 & same visa fee payment(valid for 1 year) that you paid for 1 location to attend visa interview in any location in mexico.

NOTE : If you are full time employee & you can get reimbursement of visa fee payment charges + accommodation & transportation charges for any location where we provide services – After visa fee payment or after your stamping is finished – please ask us about invoice.

What help do we provide through our Visa Services ? Information about passport return timelines & 221g’s in locations in mexico as per latest updates shared by candidates who been to different locations ?

1) We help with US visa application (MRV) fee payment in Cash in Mexican Banks for any location in Mexico (BanAmex or Scotia Banks) for locations such as Matamoros, Tijuana, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Hermosillo, Monterrey, Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara etc.,)

We provide our packages for accommodation & transportation in Matamoros, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo ,Hermosillo, Tijuana, Monterrey, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico City so far …

We are planning to expand our services soon to other locations too.

Based on our Observations / feedback from our clients : Passport pickup Timelines (after visa interview)
– Same day of visa interview : Nogales & Nuevo Laredo
– Next day after visa interview : Hermosillo, Tijuana, Mexico City.
– 2nd day after visa interview : Matamoros

– 2 to 3 days after visa interview : Monterrey & Ciudad Juarez (Based on latest update – Check Monterrey & Ciudad Juarez pages in our website for reasons)

As of Feb 6th 2020 : (Updates)


Nogales: so far Nogales has positive updates from our guests, check Nogales page for more updates(If you get 221g, as it being border locations, you can enter into USA until 221g clears & then go back to Mexico.(Based on what few folks did)

Nuevo Laredo: so far Nuevo Laredo has positive updates from all our guests, check Nuevo Laredo page for more updates, (If you get 221g, as it being border locations, you can enter into USA until 221g clears & then go back to Mexico.(Based on what few folks did)

Matamoros : Getting visa dates at Matamoros has become little tough due to less available dates, so far matamoros has positive updates.(Make sure to get client letter), From past few months, approval rate has been good.

Tijuana: so far Tijuana has positive updates from our guests, check Tijuana page for more updates, For Contractors – Tijuana consulate does mandatory client check by phone or email to client.

Ciudad Juarez: so far from last 4 months, heard positive updates from Ciudad Juarez location, 95% it’s straight forward approval or depending on your profile, you might get 221g too, which resolves soon, but if you get 221g, as it being border locations, you can enter into USA until 221g clears & then go back to Mexico.(Based on what few folks did)


Monterrey: so far heard from folks who attended at Monterrey that they had positive feedback, many of our guests attended from last 4 to 5 months through our services; check Monterrey page for more updates(passport return timeline is 2 to 3 days after visa interview)

Hermosillo: so far Hermosillo has positive updates from our guests, check Hermosillo page for more updates, have not heard any 221g’s from Aug 2020. (H1B to H4 or H4 to H1B is not allowed in this consulate only), As per recent update : (Better for F1 visa renewal folks to avoid Hermosillo.)

Mexico City: so far Mexico City has positive updates from our clients who been to mexico city by themselves, Have not heard any 221g’s from Aug 2019. For any members who have DUI this is best consulate as medical lab is just infront of consulate, you can complete medical tests and visa interview cleared in 7-10 days mostly.(where as in India – it might take sometime)

Avoid below locations if possible (Due to recent feedback about 221g’s & timeline it takes to clear 221g ranges from 10 days to 40 days at both Guadalajara)

Guadalajara gives 221g for almost every one (DS-5335 – which took average of 7 days to 40 days to clear)

*You can travel using border permit to below locations(but having any sort of valid Mexican or Canadian or Japan or Schengen or European visa is better for worst case scenarios)*  = Matamoros / Nogales / Nuevo Laredo, Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez(Border locations)
*You need one of above mentioned Visa to fly to below locations* = Hermosillo, Mexico City, Monterrey.

You can use DS160 filled for one location to any other location in Mexico and same Visa fee payment(valid for 1 year) to go to any location in Mexico
For Matamoros, Mexico location – Package will be as follows
Please check our “MATAMOROS” page for more details about package and costs of the services
For Nogales, Mexico location – Package will be as follows
Please check our “NOGALES” page for more details about package and costs of the services
For Nuevo Laredo, Mexico location – Package will be as follows
Please check our “NUEVO LAREDO” page for more details about package and costs of the services
For Hermosillo, Mexico location – Package will be as follows
Please check our “HERMOSILLO” page for more details about package and costs of the services


For Tijuana, Mexico location – Package will be as follows
Please check our “TIJUANA” page for more details about package and costs of the services


For Ciudad Juarez, Mexico location – Package will be as follows
Please check our “CIUDAD JUAREZ” page for more details about package and costs of the services


For Monterrey, Mexico location – Package will be as follows
Please check our “MONTERREY” page for more details about package and costs of the services

Welcome !!! Want to know about us ? Please Check below reviews from our clients 

Sri on Reviews
Sri on Reviews
Sudhir on Reviews
aaa on Reviews
Sanjay on Reviews

Providing as much as better information is part of our help.

But understanding the eligibility for stamping in Mexico.
Checking with your company’s Immigration Attorneys & taking decision to attend visa interview completely falls under your responsibility.  
Please do not put us on the spot if you plan to come for stamping without checking your eligibility / without checking with your immigration attorney.

If you meet the below pre-requisite eligibility criteria, you should be good to go to Mexico
Pre-requisite Eligibility Criteria : If you had at least(Latest) one H1B, H4, L1A, L1B, L2, E3, F1, F2 J1, J2, K, O1, O3 visa renewal stamping in your passport & if it’s expired(& Now staying in US based on I-797) or US Visa about to Expire in next few months.
Note : H1B to H4, H4 to H1B etc., (considered as same Visa class H), same case with L1B & L1A(Same L Visa Category),  F1 and F2 (F Visa Category)

And you need to go to visa renewal  in same Visa Category,
Then you should be good to go to Mexico.
Check third country nationals tab from below link
F1 to H1B, L1 to H1B etc.,(Vice Versa)
If you are not Eligible, don’t worry,  you can come for your Visa Renewal stamping after you got your 1st stamping in home country or any other locations.

If you are eligible, please continue to read below for more information.
Also please read below Mandatory Checklist carefully to make sure you don’t fall into any of the below scenarios for your stamping process to be hassle free.

What help / services do we provide ? Which locations ?

1) We help with US visa application (MRV) fee payment in Cash in Mexican Banks for any location in Mexico (BanAmex or Scotia Banks) for locations such as Matamoros, Tijuana, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara etc.,)

We provide accommodation and transportation services in Matamoros, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Hermosillo, Tijuana Mexico as we & our other team are located there + Complete guidance until you finish your US Visa Stamping in Matamoros / Nogales / Nuevo Laredo / Hermosillo, Tijuana Mexico. (So you don’t need to worry about anything except attending Visa interview); Contact us for US visa Application fee payment help in Mexico + If planning to come to Matamoros – Just book your Visa dates, book your flight tickets and Inform us about your travel dates.

Rest of the things, leave for us, we will take care of your trip in Matamoros, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo & Hermosillo, Tijuana Mexico.

For Matamoros, Mexico location Package Information – Please Check “Charges Page” for more Information.

For Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Hermosillo Mexico, Tijuana location Package Information – Please Check the location specific Pages for more Information.

If you want to attend other locations in Mexico, we can provide necessary info for you to handle it on your own.


1) we provide special & individual care for every client.

we will create individual whatsapp group for you & provide complete guidance (step by step process for your US Visa stamping in Matamoros / Nogales / Nuevo Laredo, Tijuana,  Hermosillo Mexico) starting from filling DS160, answer all questions you have & help you until your Visa stamping is finished and we drop you back at i-94 office at Matamoros, Mexico. Complete guidance is included in the default package.

we help to answer all your possible questions including any 221g & average time it takes to clear 221g. (Which no other agents provide you)

with other agents – you are on your own with all info for you to figure out (or) you can hear “Please ask in the whatsapp group” – But we will answer your questions as we know the answers for most FAQS & better suggestions.

Few of you might be have taken help of other agents during your previous stamping,

Do choose us this time and see the difference between your previous and upcoming stamping.

3) we provide required guidance to make your trip as smooth as possible; We offer visa services + a lot of valuable information; we give you a checklist (based on previous guests experiences) to make sure you don’t end up more days in Mexico.

4) please check our pages Recent – Latest US Visa interview questions / Experiences /  Updates / Faqs pages from our Menu – Venkat & Ernesto

Check “Menu” of this site for more info, also clicking below links will take you there

Who got successful stamping in Matamoros, Mexico ?
  • Our guests till now including
  • FTE (Full time employees), 
  • Consulting( EC, EVC, EVVC), through Implementation partners ( CTS, TCS, Wipro etc.,
  • Visa Renewal of F1, H1B, H4, E3, L1A, L2, L1B, J, O, C/D, H1B to H4, H4 to H1B etc
  • Who had their first H4 stamping in India & moved to H1B while in US, need to get their 1st time H1B stamping n their passport. (but not from F1 to H1B)
  • who got i-797B through consular processing, (requires to go to stamping immediately, i-797B document specifies you need to visit Consulate in India Ex: Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai etc.,)
  • Who got H1B extension denied through USCIS, moved to H4 within 7 to 10 days by attending visa interview at US consulate at Matamoros based on spouse H1B (I-797A)
  • who has not been to stamping in 6-14 years to home country after their last stamping in India, Canada, Jamaica or anywhere.
  • Who completed Bachelors or Masters only in India and in US Now.
  • Who had Masters degree from USA.
  • Who just needs i-94 renewal at Matamoros POE.
  • All above categories got successful stamping in Matamoros, Mexico.
Can i go to Mexico for stamping, is it safe ? 
Check whether you can answer below questions ?
  1. In USA now ?
  2. Had atleast one time H1B or H4 or L1A or L1B or E3 etc., stamping in your passport ?
  3. Have doubts whether to go to stamping or not(Due to possibility of 221G (or) Have not been to stamping since long time due to fear of visa stamping etc.,) ?
  4. Do you hold valid I-797 through your Extension or Amendment ?
  5. Have all valid documents except expired visa or about to expire ?
  6. Have not been to stamping in a while (2/ 3 /5 / 7 /12 years) ?  

If you answer “yes” to above questions, Read below for solution…
Yes, It’s safe to go to Mexico, Check our reviews, you can find the genuine reviews from our guests.

Based on our knowledge & folks whom we helped, 
Who can come to Mexico for Visa Stamping ?
  • For H1B, H4 , L1, L2, E3, J, K, O Visa’s for (Extension/Transfer) Stamping – it means going to US visa stamping in same visa category. (H1 to H1, H1 to H4, H4 to H1, F1 to F1, F1 to F2, F2 to F1, L1 to L1, J1 to J1 etc.,)
  • Note:
  • H1B to H4 (or ) H4 to H1B (considered as same Visa (H) category.
  • Already had H4 stamping, now needed to go for H1B(1st time in passport) stamping
  • F1 to F2 or F2 to F1 are considered as same visa (F)category.
  • Planning to move from H1B to H4 after H1B visa denial.
  • If you have extensions already in same visa category & need to go for visa renewal stamping in same visa category – you can go to Mexico.
  • Ex : You came to US on F1 Visa (Ex: 2011 )& moved to H1B(2013) -> Then H1B Extension or Transfer approved (2015) – Then YES to Mexico
  • We suggest you to take attorney advise for your eligibility too.
  • We already helped, guided many people for filling DS160, Registering account for visa slots booking, by providing accommodation & transportation for who came to Matamoros for stamping.
I recently changed status (From one Visa Category to another), 
Am i Eligible to go to Mexico ?
  • NOTE : If you recently moved from one visa category to another visa category – F1 to H1B; L1 to H1B – Mexico is NOT an option; either Canada or your Home country are the best options for you to go for stamping.

Below Visa Categories Renewal stamping is possible in Mexico.

H1B to H4 or H4 to H1B comes under same H visa category.

F1 to F2 or F2 to F1 are considered as same visa F visa category.

F1 or F2 Renewal

H1B or H4 or H1B1 visa Renewal.

E3 or E3D visa renewal.

L1A or L1B or L2 visa renewal

J Visa Renewal

O-1 Visa Renewal or any other same visa category Renewal.


  • Note : If you are on F1 visa, your F1 visa expired, but you need to go for your F1 extension stamping or F1 to F2 or F2 to F1, then you can go to mexico (as its under same F Visa category).
  • If you changed status or need to change from H1 to H4 or H4 to H1B, you can go for stamping in Mexico. It’s considered as same H visa category.

Check 3rd point from below website :

US Embassy locations in Mexico

How to connect with us & others who went to Mexico in different locations ?

How many days process is the Visa Stamping in Matamoros, Mexico ?

  • 98 % who came to Matamoros finished H1B Visa Stamping in 2 days, you arrive a day before fingerprints appointment.
  • 1st day for ASC Interview, also called as Fingerprints appointment.
  • 2nd day for Visa interview, also called as Consular interview.
  • Same day in-person pick up of stamped passport at US consulate.
  • Matamoros & Brownsville, Texas are border cities, next to each other. US consulate in less than 5 miles from border. Drivable distance from Houston(5 hours), Dallas (8 hours by car, 1 Hour by flight)

I have more questions, where can I find answers ???
Click “MENU” & check “FAQs” section on top of this screen; 90% you will get your answers in this page & in FAQS page.
Remaining 10 % or so, we can answer as best as we can in our whatsapp group & also by remaining members.
Also check “RECENT UPDATES at Matamoros location” & REVIEWS” from below links,

click here for Recent Updates & latest Visa interview questions

Click here for our Reviews
What are the experiences of the candidates who been to Matamoros, Mexico ?
One of our candidate : H1B Visa Stamping Experience

    • I got 1st H1B stamping in Canada(F1 to H1B) in 2014,
    • In 2017, I got my H1B extended, I was looking for my next stamping – 


      US H1B Visa Stamping


    • Just like anyone else,
  • I was in dilemma whether to go to stamping in India or any other location, found out going to Matamoros Mexico is near by, just 2 days process. I got successful stamping in June 2017, been to India trip in July 2017(saved 3 days out of short india trip 21 days), Venkat & Ernesto helped me for my accommodation and transportation in Matamoros, Mexico.

Remaining Candidates Latest – Recent Experiences & Reviews can be found by clicking this 

We offer services for the Visa Fee Payment services … Accommodation, Round trip transportation to Border, ASC Fingerprints, Visa interview, Passport Pick up, Food.
What’s the purpose of this website & What’s the rate of approvals in Matamoros, Mexico ?
This website was created to make aware of the stamping process to H1B/H4/ L1/L2, F1, E3, J1 community. We have helped many clients by providing complete guidance, providing accommodation and transportation services in matamoros Mexico location.
Incase if you are planning, Check “contact us” from top MENU.

US H1B Visa Stamping in Matamoros Mexico – H1-H4-L1-L1A-L1B-E3-F1-F2-C-J-O-US-Visa-Stamping-in-Tijuana-Nogales-Matamoros-Nuevo-Laredo-Monterrey-Mexico-US-Visa-Application-Fee-Payment-in-Mexico-MRV-CSRA-NIV-Visa-Fee-Application-Payment-in-Mexico-Consular-Processing-I-797B-I-94-Renewal

Note : Better to take Mexican Visa before your travel in near by Mexican Consulate before your travel.
On your arrival day, stop at the Mexico Immigration Office at the International bridge, the officer will check your passport and stamp your date of arrival, you will pay $30.00, and fill out a form with your basic information. At the end of your trip before crossing into the U.S, you need to stop at this Immigration office, and return this form. The officer will stamp your passport to indicate that you have left Mexico.

What are the other pages, Information we provide ?
Follow the instructions to book US Visa interview:

I am ready to go to Mexico for stamping, what are the steps ?

About Our Accommodation place:

  • Near by Mexican mall for shopping.
  • Near Cinnepolis Movie theater,
  • Near peter Piper Pizza and Papa John’s Pizza.
  • 15 mins from Border.
  • 15 mins drive from ASC Fingerprints Office & Visa Consulate,
  • Individual house/ Preferred Hotel, Safe location.

Note: Matamoros to Brownsville has 4 bridges -> International Bridge, B&M Bridge etc.,
Things to do Before your Travel:
Note: (You can enable International day pass from phone service provider(AT&T/Verizon etc.,) for 2 days, For ATT, it costs you 10$/day), Just call your service provider over phone while in US itself before your travel. AT&T Mexico, Verizon and other carriers are available in Mexico. so you can have uninterrupted service.
Arrival Day :

  • We will come and pick up you from the International Bridge.
  • Drives to the individual guest house or Our preferred hotel where we host the guests, guest house & hotel has Wi-Fi access.
  • We live in another individual house adjacent to the accommodation place.(next to guest house)

Day 1 :

  • At morning, we will drive you to the ASC office for Fingerprints + Photo.
  • Take your passport + DS 160 while going. (Do not take Phone with you to ASC appointment)
  • We will wait for you outside of the ASC office, Takes 10-15 mins to complete this process.
  • We will take you outside for lunch and dinner.

Day 2: (At Matamoros)

  • At morning, Drives you for the visa interview to US Consulate.
  • We will wait outside the US Consulate.
  • Once your visa interview is completed, will drive you back to the accommodation place.
Day 4: (At Matamoros)
  • At 2.30 PM, Drives you to the US Embassy, take your luggage along with you if you want to leave same day.
  • Take your Drivers license or some ID card for picking up the passport.
  • You need to pick up the passport before 3.30 PM at US consulate itself where you been for Visa interview.
  • We will leave you at the I-94 office.

At I-94 Office: (Customs Border Protection)

  • Once you come to the US side, there comes the US CBP (Customs and Border protection), Show the officer your stamped visa + H1-B approval form.
  • CBP officer directs you to an office to get your I-94 stamped. Same officer will give you a yellow slip with I-94 written on it by hand.
  • On the right hand side – there is a building with clear glass, where you can see alot of people waiting in line.(These people are regular mexican folks who cross border)But that’s not where you need to go and stand.
  • Same building, inside, you can see people sitting in chairs. You see a lot of people sitting there. Take that yellow slip + passport and go to 1st window.
  • They(CBP officer) will take both that yellow slip & passport, Please wait patiently for almost 3-4 hours to be called, Once your name is called at the window by an officer, Officer might ask you to put my right 4 fingers and right thumb on the fingerprints scanner and he will take a photo.
  • CBP officer Staples I-94 to page next to the H1-B, H4, E3, L1 visa page in your passport.
  • Please make sure that the I-94 date will be until the Expiry date of your H1-B, H4, E3, L1, F1 visa, If your passport validity is before that H1-B visa validity, they might give you I-94 until that passport validity.

Be ready with 6$ in cash to pay for I-94.
Please be patient inside this office – It might take from 1 to 4 hours.
Good luck with stamping.

US H1B Visa Stamping in Matamoros Mexico – H1-H4-L1-L1A-L1B-E3-F1-F2-C-J-O-US-Visa-Stamping-in-Tijuana-Nogales-Matamoros-Nuevo-Laredo-Monterrey-Mexico-US-Visa-Application-Fee-Payment-in-Mexico-MRV-CSRA-NIV-Visa-Fee-Application-Payment-in-Mexico-Consular-Processing-I-797B-I-94-Renewal

Check for our contact info in contacts tab.
Disclaimer : 
* Mostly this process will complete in 2 days for Best scenario without any issues as per your case.
NOTE : From the time when we started helping since June 2017, all guests who came to matamoros got successfully approved for US H1B Visa Stamping in Matamoros Mexico

Please have all the documents ready. your accommodation, local transportation etc., will be taken care
Ernesto & Venkat
H1B Stamping LLC

Dear Visa Stamping Aspirants,
We are not a legal advisers or Immigration Lawyers. At this point, If you are planning to come down to Matamoros or to any location from Mexico , you may know that, if you hold a valid visa from Canada, USA or Mexico , you can go to any port of entry to Mexico without any problems, if you don’t hold any,
Then check with your closest Mexican embassy and ask for the 6 months Visa, it will cost you about $36 USD , sometimes you don’t even need appointment and you can get it in less than 2 hours if you go in-person if you walk-in,
If you get this Mexican VISA, then you will be fine if for some reason your stay at Mexico needs to be extended.
Check this website
We are working for a good cause and we will try to help you as much as possible; so far all our guests got successful stamping without any issues within 2 days, make sure you carry all documents. we will not be responsible for any unpleasant happenings or circumstances in regards of immigration to Mexico if any of this recommendations are not followed.
Be Happy Stay Happy. Be informed.

Venkat & Ernesto


I am struck with US Visa Application fee payment, can you help ?
  • Even if you are going to any location in Mexico (Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juarez , Guadalajara and Matamoros, Mexico city, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey etc.,)
  • We can help with US Visa fee payment at Mexico banks in-person same day mostly if you can send your MRV fee payment form to our email :  & transfer us the visa fee amount before 12 PM CST, we can help with your US Visa Application fee payments in Mexico everyday (Mon-Fri) except Mexican Holidays….even if you are planning to go to any location in Mexico.   
  • Note : Bank timings – Mon-Fri (10AM to 4 PM CST); Banks are closed on weekends.
  • Click below link to contact us or join our whatsapp group for visa fee payment help or to Ask us about Visa dates availability or any questions you have about