Travel to Mexico from Home Country

Currently we are providing support for Quarantine stay in Mexico city

Explanation of our services / Q & A session by Venkat & Shilpa

Please scroll down to bottom of this page to see terms & conditions & Refunds Policy.

  • Our primary guests these days are a lot of Parents on B1/B2 & later H1B & H4 holders / F1, L1 etc.,
  • So far around 200+ families on B1/B2 made it successful to enter into USA by staying in Mexico for 15 nights, covers 14 days
  • We are providing comfortable stay options for you / your family / your parents in Mexico city.

Primary Checklist while you travel to Mexico

Currently we are providing 2 packages.

  1. Complete package without flight tickets(you can book your flight tickets)
  2. Complete package with flight tickets (Our travel agent can help with booking your flight tickets : Flight tickets prices vary based on your destination & how soon you want to go – There is no specific cost for this, cost will be based on what you need )

Complete package without flight tickets cost is



HOTEL DAWAT BOTIQUE SUITES AT MEXICO CITY(WITH FRIDGE/MICROWAVE & KITCHEN IN ROOM ) – Need 3 weeks upfront confirmation of our services & subjected to availability ; Due to high demand

PCK01 : Package amount is below

  • your flight tickets cost (variable part based on your travel dates and availability and destination in USA)
    ✅If you want, you can book your flights/ our travel agent can help you with flight tickets too

✅1899$ for 1 person
✅2999$ for 2 persons sharing room
✅3899$ for 3 persons sharing room

Our Package covers
✅Accommodation for 15 nights
✅Transportation to and from airports & Grocery /Fruits delivery & Any emergency Transportation Services, Food delivery to hotels where we provide Accommodation
✅ Any emergency support
✅ Travel and medical insurance for those 15 days
✅ India airport assistance at Transit locations like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi etc., security check, baggage checkin
✅ 3 Indian food groups access, you pay for your food, we deliver
✅ RT PCR test at Hotel itself

✅Hotel Tryp by Wyndham with Fridge (No extra charge)
✅Hotel holiday inn Express family Suite with mini-fridge and microwave (extra 120$)
✅Dawat with kitchen (costs extra 200$) – Need 2 to 3 weeks upfront confirmation of our services – depends on availability (If not available, will refund 200$)

  • 2 adults + kids < 12 years old = Package + Extra 99$/kid for 15 nights & 149$ for PCR test per kid(as needed) at Hotel itself
  • 2 Adults + kid > 12 years old = Package + Extra 399 per kid+ 149$ per kid(as needed) for PCR Test at Hotel

1) MXCQSTAY-1-COMPLETE-PACKAGEExcluding Flight tickets ; If members wants any help to book flight tickets, our agent can help you as extra help.(NO MODIFICATIONS ALLOWED TO BELOW PACKAGE) ;

This Complete package includes (Only at Mexico City)

  • 15 nights(covers 14 days) stay in good hotel room in Mexico city, where all our guests are staying
  • Transportation in Mexico City includes Grocery delivery to hotel/ Food delivery to hotel from home made indian food service/ Any emergency support
  • Three Indian food groups(South/North Indian) access & delivery of food to your hotel is included, you need to pay for your food.
  • PCR test at Hotel itself included +
  • Travel & Medical Insurance(Combined) for mexico :
  • Travel part of Insurance covers trip interruptions upto 50K / lost baggage.
  • Medical part of Insurance in Mexico(Does not cover pre-existing conditions, but covers everything else + covid + any hospitalization is covered until 50K)
  • Airport assistance in connection/transit locations in India ; Currently we have at Chennai/ Delhi / Bangalore & Mumbai will be added soon to this list – 1 person will assist your family members from airport entrance, luggage check-in, security check-in, Take them to the gate; Help in India locations – Where luggage transfer is needed etc.,)

For members, who got their 1st time visa stamping recently, never travelled to USA – 1st time travellers.

If anyone interested to taking our services – Please go through this page 1st & then  please fill below google form, so our team can contact you


We will add you to 3 home made food groups where you can order home made food to hotel (1 South Indian lady / North Indian lady helping our clients, you need to pay for food using your credit card & online payment link, we will take care of food delivery with help of our drivers.

Our Drivers & their vehicles who are going to help you in Mexico City

V19:MQS:07312021 : These are simple steps for your stay in Mexico for 14 days -> Fly from India, Stay in Mexico (Mexico city & Fly to USA
✅In Mexico city – Currently helping alot of parents on B1/B2 & providing hotel accommodation & Indian food delivery to hotel, access to 2 Indian food groups, help with grocery delivery to hotel
& transportation to & fro airport transfers, PCR tests at Hotel itself & any emergency support for your parents

✅2 packages :
1) complete package without flights (you can book flights)
2) complete package with flights (our travel agent Shilpa can help with flights booking)

Let us know what option you looking for

Info by Venkat & Team from

Check this video about our services + Q & A session from Jul 17th 2021

Check this link to join US destination based groups from India to find travel companions

Regarding hotels we book, 1st come 1st serve
✅ Holiday Inn Express family Suite / Studio (Studio don’t have microwave and Minibar & Suite has those options)
✅Hotel by Wyndham with Fridge
✅ For Hotel with kitchen/Microwave & Fridge – Need 3 weeks upfront confirmation of our services before your travel, costs 200$ extra than package price due to too much demand & hotel price increased by manager )

✅ if you have valid any US visa stamped in your passport & you don’t need Mexican visa to enter into Mexico and also to USA from Mexico.
✅Valid paths to travel to Mexico without any transit visa if you have valid US visa : Through Paris/ Germany/Amsterdam as of Jul 17th 2021,
✅ Many of our clients on F1, H1B, H4,L1 etc., their parents on B1/B2 flew to Mexico and stayed for 15 nights and flew to USA already
✅ B1/B2 or any valid US visa stamped in passport – 1st time Travellers can use this path too
✅Note: Difference between our services vs any other travel agents services is we have transportation team who lives in Mexico and helps you from the moment you enter into Mexico until you leave to USA for anything you need/any emergency needs
✅Other agents just provide airport pickup and dropoff – no local support mostly

Reference link for total pacakge & prices & latest info

Checklist :
✅Book Flight tickets from India to Mexico & printout
✅Hotel Reservation for 15 nights, covers 14 days(we will help with that) & printout
✅Book tickets from Mexico to USA on 16th day morning anytime & printout
✅FMM card apply online at & printout
(Details : Your arrival date and flight details/ Departure Date/ Your USA contact info)
✅Printout that Mexican visa is not needed if you have valid US visa (we will share)
✅PCR test within 72 hours to fly through Paris/ 48 hours to fly through Germany of your flight departure from India
✅ Online Healthcare form : (you can fill this 12 hours before landing in Mexico and carry QR code/Send screenshot to your parents if they are flying )

Note : If you need help for flights booking, Contact us,
Our Travel agent Shilpa can help with flights booking

Total package consists of
This Complete package includes
✅15 nights(covers 14 days) stay in good hotel room in Mexico city, where all our guests are staying
✅Transportation in Mexico City includes Grocery delivery to hotel/ Food delivery to hotel from home made indian food service/ Any emergency support
✅Indian food groups access & delivery to your hotel is included, you need to pay for your food.
✅PCR test at Hotel itself included +
✅Travel & Medical Insurance(Combined) for mexico :
✅Travel part of Insurance covers trip interruptions upto 50K / lost baggage.
✅Medical part of Insurance in Mexico(Does not cover pre-existing conditions, but covers everything else + covid + any hospitalization is covered until 50K)
✅Airport assistance in connection/transit locations in India ; Currently we have at Chennai/ Delhi / Bombay & Bangalore – 1 person will assist your family members from airport entrance, security check-in, luggage check-in ; Help in India locations – Where luggage transfer is needed etc.,)

Once flights booking is completed, let us know

Detailed steps
1) please share your itinerary & number of members coming to Mexico city; Date of arrival
2) we will inform package & amount
3) Once package amount is paid (we book hotel + engage transportation team)
Note : Hotel stay + breakfast included + transportation included )
3) we will add transportation team by creating a group with them and collect info of pictures who is coming / transportation team pictures etc.,/Add you to indian food groups
4) pickup you/ your family from Mexico City upon arrival
5) Drop them at Hotel
6) Help with food pickup and dropoff help to you from Nearby restaurants.(Daily going out to restaurants is not recommended given current covid situations in Mexico)
✅In Mexico city,
We worked with Indian lady who makes home made food

  • Deal from Indian restaurants/Home made Indian foods near by to deliver food to hotel lobby for free(you need to pay for food cost)
    7) We will share all food resources information that you can order from outside to your hotel
    8) Help with PCR test at Hotel itself
    9) Help with dropoff at airport fly to USA
  1. Our transportation team will there for any medical emergency help
  2. For parents coming from India, better to take travel and medical insurance (its included in our complete package now)
  3. NOTE: This transportation help does not cover site seeing/ drivers keeps helping other parents too/ can’t stay with you all the time / but they can dropoff and pickup again when you want to go to near by locations within 3 kms in Mexico city,
  4. Site seeing is not included, If you need site seeing help where driver needs to accompany you, it might be separate charges, you can work with transportation team for that, they can arrange transportation help

Note :
1) Install Google translate App (helps for communication for English to Spanish & vice versa)

  1. Don’t lose FMM card.
  2. All travelers arriving in Mexico at an airport can fill out the online health form, fill 12 hours before landing in Mexico & carry QR code ( before travel. Individuals departing from Mexico are also required to fill out the form

Things you can carry to Mexico
*Universal power adapter for electronics
*Jacket as weather is kind of cold in Mexico city sometimes / Toothpaste & Brush/Soap


Our 1st clients (B1/B2) – 2 ladies – parents who entered into USA (Houston POE) on May 26th 2021 / Their son’s co-ordinated their food orders / their needs with help of our team

Here is the whole travel plans of our parents:
Initial travel – May 4 from Hyd-Houston via Qatar airlines.
The airlines did not issue boarding pass citing US travel ban even though Houston immigration officials said they would admit until 11:59PM on May 4
We checked various options – Sri Lanka, Maldives etc which did not work out
We immediately contacted Venkat to explore Mexico option
He worked with his team and provided the help he could.
Booked domestic flight from Hyd-Bangalore on May 10
Bangalore-Mexico City on May 11 via Frankfurt Lufthansa airlines
No questions asked in Mexico City.
Venkat and Ivan’s team picked our parents and dropped at the hotel, also delivered food during their stay for 15 nights.

We managed to find good food in Mexico City and ordered from USA, Venkat’s team delivered it to our room. For any payments & expenses, transferred amount in $ to their team

While boarding today(May 26th 2021) in Mexico, United Airlines had a lot of questions for our parents since Indian.
-Why are you traveling
-Where will you stay
-verified -ve covid test / asked about stay in Mexico (14days)

In Houston, POE was so fast, it felt like domestic arrival. Just asked where you’re going and checked all carry-on luggage at customs, but nothing much after that.

Want to make a special mention to Venkat for coordinating this effort, Ivan for coordinating everything within Mexico and Jorge for being such a nice and prompt driver


Please check below link about our reviews as well before you proceed(we provided visa services in all locations in mexico so far, currently helping clients for quarantine stay in mexico & transportation services as we got many requests to help)

Info purpose : No matter which country you are from, you can come to Mexico for your next visa stamping in mexico (as long as you have any previous US visa stamped in passport which is still valid or expired)

NOTE : If you have any Questions – please send that info to email “” along with your whatsapp contact info, so our team can contact you.

Important Info : Incase anyone don’t know this info, If you have US citizen kid, you can directly fly to USA from India through Air India / United Airlines. (You don’t know to go through below quarantine process in mexico etc.,)

At this point of time, this page will concentrate on providing information to Indian nationals stuck in home country.

  • You might have travelled to India to support your family for their medical emergency & got stuck in India due to travel ban from India to USA(due to new strain of coronavirus)

Kindly please go through this page, explained everything that you want to know. Once you are ready to proceed. Contact us via whatsapp or Email, we will create a whatsapp group for you/your family if you still have any questions you have about this process.

FAQS : About Travel from India to Mexico

  • 1) Does Mexico has any quarantine by default ? Mexico don’t have any quarantine rules by default, To enter into USA from Mexico (After flying from India) – you need to do quarantine for 14 days(as per US requirement) & then fly to USA.
  • 2) Do i need to carry PCR covid -ve report while boarding flight to Germany (or) France  & fly to Mexico from there ? Yes, it in mandatory, PCR test should be less. If possible, please take less than 48 hours of departure.
  • 3) Can we connect to Airport Wi-fi ? Yes : Please refer this link :

  • Before you Travel :  Documents to prepare / carry ?
  • Valid passport
  • Valid US Visa.
  • Book flight tickets from India to Mexico – Take printout & carry with you.
  • Book flight tickets to USA from mexico too for on 16th day & carry that print out, so you can show that to Indian / Any other immigration officers whom you come across during your trip.

Mandatory Documents to Carry:

  • Carry printout that US visa alone is good enough for travel to Mexico & there is no need of mexican visa (As some Indian immigration officers might not know that you can travel to mexico using valid US visa) – we can share you that printout once package is booked with us.
  • Fill FMM card before you travel itself : we can guide you with this process; you need contacts in mexico, we can provide our teams contact info etc.,
  • Hotel Reservation printout: we can provide you that.

Optional :

  • Health declaration form for Mexico : (this should be done 12 hours before departure to mexico. The website will show a popup saying that this needs to filled only 12 hours before departure, so take a screenshot and show it to airline folks at check-in counter in any location where you board flight in India)
  • Better to carry proof of salary/ bank balance statement that you can afford this trip
  • Take Airtel International plan – costs around 3700 rupees, you can be in constant contact until they finish their start from India and arrive to USA.

Travelling with valid US visa from India to Mexico


Holders of any valid U.S.A., Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Schengen visas (any nationality) or permanent residence of U.S.A., Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Schengen, Pacific Alliance (Colombia, Peru, Chile) DO NOT require a Mexican visa to travel on business, tourism, or transit purpose for or less than 180 days as long as they present any of the mentioned documents at the point of entry.

Carry the means / bank statements showing some balance to cover your expenses while you stay in the country.

If you are a citizen in the Schengen Area, UK, USA, Canada or Japan or if you have a permanent residence permit or a valid visitors visa for any of those countries, you DO NOT REQUIRE A MEXICO VISA to visit Mexico under the following conditions:

  • The purpose of your visit is tourism, studies or business.
  • The duration of your stay does not exceed 180 days.
  • You will not receive any remuneration at all from Mexico.

However, it is necessary to have:

1. A valid passport with more than 6 months of validity (Mexican authorities require a passport to be valid for the duration of the stay in Mexico, but the transit countries and airline companies may have other requirements).

2. A properly completed Multiple Migratory Form (FMM). The FMM can be obtained from the airline or at the port of entry, but to expedite your registration at the border, you can now fill out and print it in advance in this link.

Remember to keep the FMM in a safe place during your trip! You will be asked for it at your departure from Mexico.

3. The Immigration Authorities at the port of entry may request certain documents to prove the purpose of your visit depending on the activity you will undertake in Mexico:

  • Tourism: Hotel reservation, itinerary and the return tickets (back to Finland or to another country)

Official Link :

Explaining Scenario 2) Travelling with Expired US visa from India to Mexico

  • You will have 2 dependencies
  • 1) To get some sort of above listed visitors visa to fly to mexico(If you are a citizen in the Schengen Area, UK, USA, Canada or Japan or if you have a permanent residence permit or a valid visitors visa for any of above countries)
  • 2) You need to apply for Emergency visa appointment in mexico (Contact us – we can guide you with entire proces) – now-a-days – Doctors / Researchers/ Scientists / Any Frontline working staff / Funerals / Immediate family member deceased in USA / Have medical emergency for your family member in USA can request for Emergency appointments (Check below post for more info – who can get Emergency appointments)
  • Please scroll down to bottom (if you need detailed information about Emergency visa appointments information in Mexico)/ Also contact us in whatsapp

What is the best path to take flight from India to Mexico ?

  • Mexcio city Airport code (MEX) has international connections available to this location, you can fly from mexico city to your location in USA easily.
  • Sharing few itineraries that our clients has used previously to fly from India to mexico.
  • Better to choose locations like mexico city which has more international connectivity from your home country.

Itinerary 1: Air France Airlines – Shared in above page – sample itinerary for reference (flies from Delhi/Mumbai/Bengaluru -> CDG(France) -> Mexico city(Mexico)

Itinerary 2: Lufthansa Airlines (Through Germany)

Itinerary 3 : KLM Airlines (Through Amsterdam)

Regarding flights, we found one reliable agent from USA itself that’s helping our clients already for flights booking from India to Mexico.

  • You just need to show your valid US visa / any above listed visas to fly / enter into mexico.
  • You don’t need transit visa if you are just transiting through airport at France/Germany/Amsterdam with valid US Visa.(As per official website
  • You can fill FMM card online at, you can carry this to stamp at mexican immigration once you land in mexico;
  • Don’t lose your FMM card, If you lose it while you are in Mexico(You need to pay 25$ using credit card to Mexican Immigration)

Information that you can fly through Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport(CDG) airport , France

Where can i stay in Mexico / Mexico City ?

  • As per info we know -> Currently in Mexico, still vaccine distribution rate is very slow compared to USA, mostly senior citizens might have got vaccinated by this time.
  • we added hotel accommodation & transportation details below.

What Services do we provide during your stay in Mexico City etc., ?

  • We provide good hotel accommodation near to Indian restaurant.
  • We provide transportation services in Mexico in any locations starting from Airport pickup when you arrive to mexico until Airport drop off until you catch flight to USA/ lunch & dinner transportation.
  • Transportation to Covid PCR / Rapid Tests – medical lab locations / Anything important that you need. (Any of below charges does not include site seeing / site visits in mexico city)
  • Any Urgent / medical help you need.
  • Discount in Indian restaurant if you take our services.

Is Mexico City safe ? Want to know feedback from our previous clients ?

  • Mexico city is safe as long as you don’t venture out to unknown areas.
  • Mexico city is a very busy location, takes a lot of time and traffic to go from point A to B, so while leaving to USA, make sure to plan to arrive to airport ahead of time.
  • Thefts might be high in few areas, so always be cautious with your surroundings / places you go with your belongings, Don’t place your bags/ handbags/ valuables visible in cars.
  • Our transportation team takes you to locations only that are safe for anything you need / They will use Mask & sanitizer
  • Below is feedback from our clients who came to mexico city to attend visa interviews & took our accommodation / transportation services.
  • Our transportation team in mexico city & feedback about them from our clients including guys and ladies who came alone for visa stamping in mexico. (Recent feedback from Jan 2021, when our clients got Emergency visa appointments & attended for visa interview)

ADVISORY: TRAVEL AND VISA RESTRICTIONS RELATED TO COVID-19 – INDIA WEBSITE ( Below link shows any updated Restrictions on International Flights from India)

Air France Reference Links :

Currently we are providing accommodation in 2 hotels in mexico city:

HOTEL 1 : Fridge
HOTEL 2 : With Kitchen & Fridge – Additional 200$ than package (Subjected to availability – Need at least 20 days before your travel)

2) MXCQSTAY-STAY-1-PREMIUM : If you are not much concerned about little bit more cost / want stay in premium hotels such as City Express, Holiday Inn, Courtyard by Marriott at recommended locations, Contact us – as these hotel costs are little pricy & prices change based on dates, we need to calculate based on that day rate.

NOTE : Incase if you want to use our transportation services alone, Please inform us hotel you are planning to book, so we can check for distances for our transportation team to help you. Mexico city is a very busy location, takes a lot of time and traffic to go from point A to B.

Terms & Conditions (for cancellations etc.,)

  • Travelers are advised to be cautious and follow the guidelines to avoid contact with Covid-19 infected personnel. In case a passenger is found positive once tested in Mexico, they will need to change the travel plan and that on their own cost.
  • The modified travel plan will be scheduled based on the regulations laid down by all concerned authorities applicable.
  • Our company will not be responsible for change in travel regulation which may interrupt or cause change in the travel plan at anypoint post confirmation of services/ amount is paid.
  • Package once confirmed can’t be cancelled or modified within 2 days of departure date from india.
  • The package cost is non-refundable in case of no show or cancellation(Only Exception – we only accept RT PCR test positive report which is more than 24 hours of flight departure timing, within 24 hours of departure timing – total complete package is non-refundable due to hotel policies etc.,)
  • If cancellation before 48 hours of departure, any health reason proven – 50% of package amount will be refunded & full credit voucher by airlines for future travel.
  • Airlines gives credit for you to use, but no refund mostly, you can deal with airlines directly.
  • Rates are valid only for Indian Nationals, for any other nationality, please speak to our tour experts
  • All personal extras such as laundry, room service, alcohol, minibar, telephone bills, prepaid or postpaid SIM cards etc. will be on direct payment basis by the traveller to the service provider and Our company will not be liable for the same at any point of time. Cost arising from a passenger’s illness and injury, the return of lost baggage, articles/valuables left behind owing to personal negligence as well as changes incurred by independent activity will be borne by the passenger.
  • Passengers will be charged extra for any upgrade in accommodation or flight services.
  • Additional cost may need to be incurred by the passenger, if he/she wishes to change a meal plan voluntarily from the plan mentioned in the package.
  • Passengers will be charged extra for extended hotel stay(s).