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You might fall under below 2 scenarios

Scenario 1) Already have US Visa Application(MRV) fee payment instructions form Ready – Then you can STOP HERE

Send your US Visa fee payment(MRV) payment Instructions form attachment to our email : matamoros.guest@gmail.com  along with below mandatory details : 

  • Your First & Last Name;
  • Whatsapp contact Number (If you don’t use whatsapp – please add a note for us about the same & let us know your cell phone number for us to Text you )
  • Your current location in USA (so we can recommend near by location if you are planning far one)
  • Which location are you planning to attend visa interview ?

How much do i need to Transfer for US Visa Application Fee payment (including our service charges) + our possible guidance for all locations in Mexico ?

Please refer to below link for the amounts to transfer for your Visa Fee Payments in Mexican Banks



Scenario 2) You don’t have Visa Fee payment instructions form ready yet.       You just started the process, you need guidance & information                           Still Follow this page, we have listed clear cut details below of every step that you need to go through

This is how it works with ds160

1) DS160 once created is valid for 30 days

2) DS160 – Once submitted is valid until whenever you attend visa interview (as long as no info changes until you attend Visa interview)

3) Let’s say, you already paid Visa fee and booked Visa dates.

Something got changed / entered by mistake & you need to enter new details. Simply create new ds160 and carry with you to fingerprints, 

Once they scan your new ds160 at ASC, old details gets replaced with your new ds160 details in their system

4) If you filled DS160 for 1 location & if you don’t get Visa dates for that location. With same ds160 you can go and attend at any other location in Mexico for Visa interview by just changing Visa interview dates to that location by using reschedule option and changing passport delivery location (Nothing else to do)

5). If you already booked dates, You can click “HOME” and click reschedule option any number of times and can keep checking for better visa dates until you find better  ASC / Visa dates that you are looking for.

If you already booked some dates – those dates won’t get affected until you finalize something after you click reschedule option.

  • NOTE : you can use same ds160 filled for 1 location & same visa fee payment paid for one location in mexico to any attend visa interview in another location in mexico.
  • You can reschedule your visa dates any number of times without any issues(No Limit)
  • Visa fee you paid is valid until 1 year from the date it was paid in Bank.


  • CLICK ON “HOME” & you can see all options from below screenshot.

We chat ID : usvisastampinginmx

We provide Visa fee payment help for any location in Mexico, Accommodation & transportation in Matamoros, Mexico.
We offer services + alot of valuable information which you might not get from other agents...

please check our recent updates, faqs pages from our Menu – Venkat & Ernesto.

US Embassy locations in Mexico : https://mx.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/find-your-consular-location/


What topics are covered in this page ? (We made everything easy for you)

  • Step 1) How to fill DS160, FAQS ?
  • Step 2) Create Account(Register) to Check Visa Dates Availability, Book fingerprints & Book Visa interview dates ? FAQS during Registering account, links & filling details ?
  • Step 3) How to Transfer money to us – so we can pay your visa fee payment in Mexican Bank (Send us your MRV fee payment pdf form + Transfer money using Zelle ?
  • Step 4) After visa fee payment, we will send a photo receipt of Bank payment, you will get email from CSRA in 3-6 hours & you are good to book visa dates.
  • Step 5) How to “Retrieve your fee payment receipt” for reimbursement purpose from your Employer (or) Receipt to take to Visa Interview (Not required though)
  • Step 6) How to check passport whether ready for pickup after visa interview



Our guests till now including

  • FTE (Full time employees),
  • Consulting( EC, EVC, EVVC), through Implementation partners ( CTS, TCS, Wipro etc.,
  • Visa Renewal of F1, H1B, H4, E3, L1A, L2, L1B, J, O, C/D, H1B to H4, H4 to H1B etc
  • Who had their first H4 stamping in India & moved to H1B while in US, need to get their 1st time H1B stamping n their passport. (but not from F1 to H1B)
  • who got i-797B through consular processing, (requires to go to stamping immediately, i-797B document specifies you need to visit Consulate in India Ex: Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai etc.,)
  • Who got H1B extension denied through USCIS, moved to H4 within 7 to 10 days by attending visa interview at US consulate at Matamoros based on spouse H1B (I-797A)
  • who has not been to stamping in 6-14 years to home country after their last stamping in India, Canada, Jamaica or anywhere.
  • Who completed Bachelors or Masters only in India and in US Now.
  • Who had Masters degree from USA.
  • Who just needs i-94 renewal at Matamoros POE.
  • All above categories got successful stamping in Matamoros, Mexico.
  • So far we helped & guided many people for successful stamping since June 2017, looking forward to help many more.
  • so you can visit your home country with peace of mind.

During your entire US Visa dates booking process in Mexico, this page can be useful to clear most of your doubts, use this page as reference during your whole process.
This page has DS160 link,
US Visa dates appointment – Booking Registration link etc.,


Listed 2 ways below :

A) Simple way (If you know everything)

B) Detailed way (we added detailed info that provides complete guidance, step by step process for booking US visa appointment dates in mexico all Consualates in Mexico)


A) Simple way :

1. Fill DS160 1st page; Save that number; Fill again later and submit (submit before 30 days after you create it); Select Matamoros, Mexico (or) location that you want to go.


2. Register account to see 1st available Visa dates in all location in Mexico & Book Visa dates


3. Select pay by cash in 2nd step last stage & click Continue – you will get MRV – US Visa Fee Payment Instructions pdf form(10 Digits Unique number tied to your account) automatically to your email  (or) Click Download Instructions 

Send your US Visa fee payment(MRV) form attachment to our email : matamoros.guest@gmail.com  along with below mandatory details : 

  • Your First & Last Name;
  • Whatsapp contact Number (If you don’t use whatsapp – please add a note for us about the same & let us know your cell phone number for us to Text you )
  • Your current location in USA (so we can recommend near by location if you are planning far one)
  • Which location are you planning to attend visa interview ?
  • so our team will reach out to you ASAP.

We need to take a printout of that fee payment document to pay your visa fee in the Mexican Banks (Banamex / Scotia)

Banks works only from Mondays to Fridays (Except Bank official holidays)


NOTE : If you can transfer us your fee amount before 12 PM CST during weekdays, we can try to make your visa fee payment same day, else will be paid on next day morning


B) Detailed way (Below)
All necessary links for your DS160, Visa dates booking are included in below page, please scroll down.
Step 1) FILL DS 160 @ below URL, Select Matamoros, Mexico location or location you planning to go in Mexico.

  • For other locations such as Tijuana, Nogales, Mexico City, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, Cuidad Juarez, Select appropriate pick up locations.
  • You pick up passport in-person directly at US consulate wherever you attend the visa Interview.



  • If your spouse & family (Dependents) – H4 – Son/Daughter) need to attend visa interviews
  • You need to create separate DS 160’s for each person;
  • FYI : Dependents only need DS160 (they don’t need separate accounts to be created)  If they are attending along with Primary Visa Holder.
  • Create an Account for yourself & Then there is an option to add  family Members to your account in the Registration link in Step 2) below & add all those DS160 details in that family/Group application.
  • H1B holder is the primary candidate, so all details(Petition etc,) will be yours, your dependents will just have DS160 and you add them into your family application.

Note :

  • You can create DS160, Fill it completely (or) Fill 1st page, Save it.
  • Save that number somewhere to retrieve it again and submit it later as per your convenience, you don’t need to submit DS160 right now (or) before visa dates booking.
  • Once DS160 is created, its valid for 1 month for submission from the date of creation, submit before that.
  • Once DS160 is submitted, it’s valid forever until you attend visa interview.
  • Submit DS160 atleast a week or 2 days before your visa interview to avoid technical issues, delays.
  • Use that DS160 number/ numbers below
  • After booking visa dates, If you are unable to retrieve your previous DS160, Don’t worry much, just create new one and submit and take it along with you to ASC -fingerprints, Once they Scan your DS160 – Your Info will be. updated in their system.
  • DS-160 FAQS Link for reference
  • https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/forms/ds-160-online-nonimmigrant-visa-application/ds-160-faqs.html

Step 2)REGISTER” -> SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE REGISTER LINK in BLUE Color( we have included all detailed info in this page)
Register in US Visa appointment website for Non-Immigrant visa to attend visa interview in any US Embassy / Consulate locations in Mexico(Visa fee payment MRV pin will be generated /sent as email at the end of this step after you – Select by cash option.
Please scroll down below for the Registering link and also follow instructions in blue color.

you will get get email with subject ” MRV – US Visa Fee Payment pdf form automatically to your email – Forward to to matamoros.guest@gmail.com along with your First & Last Name; WhatsApp Contact number or Mobile Number, so we can contact you using whatsapp or by Email.

  • While registering, You (H1B Holder with valid I-797)is the primary account creator; you don’t need each account for your family members(dependents).
  • After registering – you can create add members(Dependents) / create family application; so you all can attend together.
  • you add the spouse or family DS160 details into it
  • At the end, it gives you fee payment for all members in one pdf document.
  • If you and your spouse are on separate H1B’s, Better to create separate accounts, Book separately and try to book at same date and same time visa slot and can go together, you will get separate fee payment forms for each person if you and your spouse are on separate H1B’s, Forward them to us.

Note : Below is the sequence of events while you visit for visa interview.
Note : 2 Separate days process for Fingerprints (ASC) & Visa interview (Consular)

You enter into Matamoros, Mexico usually a day before.

(We will pick you up from International bridge anytime before 9 PM CST; Must arrive before 9 PM CST for us to provide services else you stay in any Brownsville Hotel at  your own Expense, but we still need to charge you full package price(No Exceptions please), so better to arrive a day before Fingerprints)

Day 1 : ASC (Fingerprints interview)
ASC (fingerprints & Digital Photo) – You don’t need to take any photos with you. 

NOTE : Only dependent (H4 or L2, E3D) kids below Age 6 who needs attend
visa interview needs to carry photos before going to Mexico (Before Attending visa interview) 

For Age > 6 They will take your digital picture during your ASC appointment in any consulate in Mexico. Usually ASC Fingerprints appointments will be at 9 AM CST.(Monday to Saturday) in Matamoros Mexico.
Day 2 – Consular Interview (Visa Interview)
The Consular Interview (Visa) appointments will be from 8 AM to 10 AM (CST) (Monday to Friday) in Matamoros Mexico.
Day 2 – Afternoon 3 PM – Passport Pickup at US Consulate at Matamoros in-person, 98% got passports same day as visa interview & left to US until now.
For the remaining few others, they got next day after visa interview.
After clicking the below website, follow steps in blue color shown below.

To Register Account for Fingerprints(ASC) & Consular(Visa) interview

(How to Get – US Visa Fee payment – MRV PDF Form – To Pay Visa fee payment in Mexico) – Use Below Link

Registration Website Link : https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-mx/niv

  • Click on Continue
  • Create an account
  • Select : I am a Non-Mexican National who wants to apply for a visa.
  • Select : I completed the DS-160 and ready to schedule as Non-Mexican applicant
  • Continue
  • Provide all the Details of you for Sign Up.
  • Select : I completed the DS-160 and ready to schedule as Non-Mexican applicant
  • Continue
  • Provide all the Details of you for Sign Up.

Frequently Asked Questions During this Process :
Are you traveling from outside country to Mexico ?

  • Mostly everyone attending Visa Interview at Mexico travels to Mexico from USA; so answer “YES

Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?

  • Fyi : Above question means has anyone(your previous or current employer) filed green card on behalf of you ? (PERM Approved or I-140 Approved means Immigrant petition was filed)
  • If Yes, Answer “YES” & provide that number & details, Try to carry original or Copy of your I-140.
  • If you are on H1B, less then 6 years term (I-140 copy might not be mandatory)
  • If you are on H1B more than 6 years term (I-140 copy might be mandatory)

There will be a question : Ask about your previous visa information :

  • That information will be based on your previous visa stamping on your passport ( Start date, End date, Visa number (in Red Color on your US Visa Stamp in your passport);
  • Please don’t get confused that info with your current I-797A information.

If you had last stamping in India, Canada, Jamaica any other country etc.,

  • Last issued location : Select “NOT LISTED & fill details of your visa stamping from your passport which has Latest Expired or About to Expire visa stamping.
  • Traveling from other country : “YES‘- if you are traveling from U.S. to Mexico.
  • Refer below screenshot.




  • you need to select below if you are going to US Consulate, Matamoros, Mexico.
  • DHL Location – Matamoros, Tamaulipas:
  • Matamoros, Bustamante 2-B Col. Centro, Matamoros, Tamaulipas
    87300; Timings : 9:00 am to 6:00 pm 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • For other locations such as Tijuana, Nogales, Mexico City, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, Cuidad Juarez, select appropriate DHL locations just as a formality(which won’t be used to deliver your passport)

Even though you select DHL location to attend visa interview for any location in Mexico, we will take you directly to pick up the passport at the US Consulate in-person in Matamoros at 3:00 P.M on 2nd day after Visa Interview; Pick up the passport & We will leave you at I-94 office; Once you get I-94 ; You will enter into USA.

Matamoros Consular (Visa Interview)Address :

Consular Address, Calle primera # 2002, Colonia Jardín, Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Matamoros ASC(Fingerprints) address: 

Avenida Las Rosas #70 , Plaza Jardin Colonia Jardin, Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico


Select Cash & Click “Continue”

You will get a US Visa Application Fee Payment instructions (MRV form)  with email Subject to your email : 

“U.S. Visa Application Fee (MRV) Payment Instructions” to Pay by Cash in Mexican banks in pesos in Mexico…. 

which looks this below pdf form (or) Click on Download instructions and forward that pdf to our email matamoros.guest@gmail.com along with your First & Last Name, your Whatsapp Contact number, so we can recognize you & contact you by using whatsapp.

we need that form  as as we need to take printout and take it to bank. This MRV pdf form consists of 10 unique digits that is only tied to your profile & account.

US Visa Application Fee Payment instructions (MRV form) to Pay by Cash in Mexican banks in pesos in Mexico - Visa Services Matamoros- Nogales - Mexico city - Tijuana - nuevo Laredo
US Visa Application Fee Payment instructions (MRV form) to Pay by Cash in Mexican banks in pesos in Mexico – Visa Services Matamoros- Nogales – Mexico city – Tijuana – Nuevo Laredo – Monterrey – Cuidad Juarez – Guadalajara –

Step 3) How to Transfer money to us – so we can pay your visa fee payment in Mexican Bank (Send us your MRV pdf form + Transfer money using Zelle ) ?
Recent Update : To Book Visa Interview Slots, Right now the only option is to pay in Mexican pesos In-Person by Cash at SCOTIA / BANAMEX Bank in Mexico. 

Visa Fee Payment Service Charges as below (Includes our complete guidance + Information you need )

For 1 person – 50$

For 2 persons – 90$

For 3 or more – 120$.

Please refer this link for more information about how much amount to transfer



If you have BOFA or Chase (Quick Pay) or wells Fargo or Citibank or any Bank account that uses Zelle. 
Use our email “matamoros.guest@gmail.com” & our Business name as “H1B Stamping LLC” while you add us in Zelle / to send the money.
or Simply Install “Zelle” app in your phone or use this link in your web browser & tie your bank debit card to it.


You can simply transfer money using our email within minutes without any hassle.

If you still have issues using Zelle or your Bank / You must use your Corporate Credit Card, then paypal would be last option where you can use your paypal account or you can create paypal account (But we need to add 3% more for your total amount (as paypal charges that extra transfer fee)

  • We need to take print out of your MRV : US Visa Application pdf form & take it to the Bank & pay your visa fee, so send us that form to matamoros.guest@gmail.com
  • Once the Fee is Paid, We provide you the Photos of the bank payment receipt.
  • Once fee payment is made, you will get an email from CSRA in 3-6 hours & you are good to book the ASC & Visa dates.

NOTE About Cancellations & Refunds :

  1. Once you transfer the fee payment amount to us, if we have paid the fee already in mexican banks – it’s non refundable from US Consulate & our charges are non-refundable as well.
  2. After you sent us the money & we have not paid the fee, you want to cancel the fee payment in mexican banks, we must charge you 25$ cancellation fee as per our cancellation policy.

DO NOT WORRY about authenticity, we helped many people. Also look at our reviews. Please review “Visa Fee Payment Process” page of this website for more details.
(Previously you can pay the visa Fee by using Credit Card/ Debit card, but that option is no more available)

Step 4)Book US Visa interview slot, also called as (Consular Interview)
Step 5) Book ASC appointment for Fingerprints & Photo. (You don’t need to bring any visa size photos along with you)
Step 6) Plan your travel to attend visa interview.
Check our travel page which explains clearly how you can travel to Matamoros ?

Click here for Travel Tips to Matamoros from USA
NOTE : Better to select adjacent days for ASC & Consular appointment, so you can complete whole visa stamping process in just 2 days. Also you can get your passport stamped on the same day as the visa interview.
Do i need to take visa fee payment receipt to visa interview ?
You don’t need to take visa fee payment receipt to visa interview, Incase if you want, you can click on View Payment Receipt & print it and take along with you.
Check below screenshot option : Login to the site where you booked visa interview dates
Select Actions -> View Payment Receipt

US Visa dates booking | MRV fee payment | US Visa fee payment in Mexico
Step 6) How to check passport whether ready for pickup after visa interview ?


Select Visa Application type = Non Immigration Visa (NIV)

Select location where you attended visa interview.

Application ID or Case Number (Your DS-160 number); Example = AA0020AKAX

Enter code & Submit.

All visa applicants, including children, are required to pay a non-refundable and non-transferable nonimmigrant visa (MRV) application fee. (Please view the options and instructions below.) Payment of the visa application fee is required whether or not an application results in the issuance of a U.S. visa.

Venkat & Ernesto

Visa Application Fee Payment Methods : Pay by Cash

Create a user account on the US Consulate in Mexico website.

Add applicant information to complete the registration.

Continue with the flow of the website until you arrive at the Payment page.

Select Pay by Cash & Click Continue.

You will get email with the Subject “US Visa Application Fee MRV instructions form”, either forward that email or 

Click Download from the same page & forward that pdf form to our email : matamoros.guest@gmail.com.

Cash Payment Notes:

Please allow 4-6 hours most of the times (or) sometimes 1-2 business days for the cash payment to be active in your system.

Do not use this payment slip to pay the amount indicated more than once.

Visa Application Fee Terms and Conditions

U.S visa application (MRV) fees are:

Non-refundable—The U.S Department of State does not issue visa application fee refunds.

Non-transferrable—The visa application fees cannot be resold or transferred to another applicant.

Good for only one application—The visa application fee may be used to complete only one application. If the visa application is denied, a new visa application and fee will need to be completed to apply again.

Expires after 1 year—Visa application fees are valid for use for 365 days from date of purchase. The fee will expire and you will forfeit your right to use the fee for a visa application.

U.S. visa fees paid to apply in a specific country cannot be transferred to another country. Once the payment is completed in one country, you cannot use that payment to schedule an appointment in a different country. If you wish to reschedule a new appointment in the same country, please cancel or reschedule by signing into this website. You may do so without paying an additional fee

Different Types of US Visa’s 

(B) Visitor: Business, Tourism, Medical Treatment

(C) Transiting in the U.S.

(D) Crew Member

(F) Academic Student

(M) Vocational/Nonacademic Student

(I) Media or Journalists

(J) Exchange Visitor

(TD/TN) NAFTA Professional

(T) Victim of Trafficking

(U) Victim of Criminal Activity

(H) Temporary Worker/Employment or Trainees

(O) Persons with Extraordinary Ability

(P) Athletes, Artists, and Entertainers

(Q) International Cultural Exchange Visitor

(R) Religious Worker

(L) Intracompany Transferee

(E1) Treaty Trader

(E2) Treaty Investor

(E3) Australian Professional Specialty

(K) Fiancé or Spouse of a U.S Citizen

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