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We provide Visa fee payment help for any location in Mexico, Accommodation & transportation in Matamoros, Mexico.
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US Embassy locations in Mexico :


What topics are covered in this page ?

  • Step 1) How to fill DS160, FAQS ?
  • Step 2) Create Account(Register) to Book fingerprints & Visa interview dates ? FAQS during Registering account, links & filling details ?
  • Step 3) How to Transfer money to us – so we can pay your visa fee payment in Mexican Bank (Send us your MRV pdf form + Transfer money using Zelle ?
  • Step 4) After visa fee payment, we will send a photo receipt of Bank payment, you will get email from CSRA in 3-6 hours & you are good to book visa dates.
  • Step 5) How to “Retrieve your fee payment receipt” for reimbursement purpose from your Employer (or) Receipt to take to Visa Interview (Not required though)
  • Step 6) How to check passport whether ready for pickup after visa interview ?




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Our guests till now including

  • FTE (Full time employees)
  • Consulting( EC, EVC, EVVC), through Implementation partners etc.,
  • Visa Renewal of F1, H1B, H4, E3, L1A, L2, L1B, J, O, C/D, H1B to H4, H4 to H1B etc
  • who got i-797B through consular processing, (requires to go to stamping immediately)
  • who has not been to stamping in 6-12 years to home country after their last stamping in India, Canada, Jamaica or anywhere.
  • Who had only Bachelor’s degree from India.
  • Who had Masters degree from USA.
  • All above categories got successful stamping in Matamoros, Mexico.

So far we helped & guided many people for successful stamping since June 2017, looking forward to help many more in 2018,

  • so you can visit your home country with peace of mind.



During your entire visa booking process, this page can be useful to clear most of your doubts, use this page as reference.
This page has DS160 link,
Visa dates registration link etc.,


Listed 2 ways below :

A) Simple way (If you know everything)

B) Detailed way (we added detailed info that provides complete guidance)


A) Simple way :

1. Fill DS160 1st page; Save that number; Fill again later and submit (submit before 30 days after you create it); Select matamoros, mexico

2. Register account to see Visa dates availability & book Visa dates

3. Select pay by cash in 2nd step last stage – you will get MRV pdf form automatically to your email – Forward to to


B) Detailed way (Below)
All necessary links for your DS160, Visa dates booking are included in below page, please scroll down.
Step 1) FILL DS 160 @ below URL, Select Matamoros, Mexico location or location you planning to go in Mexico.



  • If your spouse & family(H4 – Son/Daughter) need to attend visa interviews
  • You need to create separate DS 160’s for each person.
  • Create a family application while you register account in Step 2) below & add all those DS160 details in that family application.
  • H1B holder is the primary candidate, so all details will be yours, your dependents will just have ds160 and you add them into your family application.

Note :

  • You can create DS160, Fill it completely (or) Fill 1st page, Save it.
  • Save that number somewhere to retrieve it again and submit it later as per your convenience, you don’t need to submit it right now.
  • Once DS160 is created, its valid for 1 month for submission, submit before that.
  • Once DS160 is submitted, it’s valid until you attend visa interview whenever.
  • Submit DS160 atleast a week or 2 days before your visa interview to avoid technical issues, delays.
  • Use that DS160 number/ numbers belo
  • After booking visa dates, If you are unable to retrieve your previous DS160, just create new one and submit and take it along with you to ASC -fingerprints.

Step 2)REGISTER” -> SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE REGISTER LINK in BLUE Color( we have included all detailed info in this page)
Register in US Visa appointment website for Non-Immigrant visa.(Visa fee payment MRV pin will be generated at the end of this step – Select by cash option.
Please scroll down below for the Registering link and also follow instructions in blue color.
you will get email with PDF – MRV Form) – Forward that to “” with your first and last name, whatsapp/ contact phone number

  • While registering, You (H1B Holder with valid I-797)is the primary account creator; you don’t need each account for your family members(dependents).
  • After registering – you can create a family application; so you all can attend together.
  • you add the spouse or family DS160 details into it
  • At the end, it gives you fee payment for all members in one pdf document.
  • If you and your spouse are on seperate H1B’s, Better to create seperate accounts, Book seperately and try to book at same date and same time visa slot and can go together

Note : Below is the sequence of events while you visit for visa interview.
Note : 2 Seperate days process for Fingerprints (ASC) & Visa interview (Consular)

You enter in matamoros, mexico a day before ASC (Fingerprints interview (We will pick you up from International bridge anytime before 9 PM CST)
1st – ASC (fingerprints & photo) – You don’t need to take any photos with you. They will take your digital picture during your ASC appointment in any consulate in Mexico.
2nd – Consular Interview (Visa Interview)
The ASC Fingerprints appointments will be at 9 AM CST.(Monday to Saturday)
The Consular Interview (Visa) appointments start at 8 AM (CST) (Monday to Friday)
3rd – Passport Pickup at US Consulate at Matamoros in-person, 98% got passports same day as visa interview & left to US;
For the remaining few others, they got next day after visa interview.
After clicking the below website, follow steps in blue color shown below.

To Register Account for Fingerprints(ASC) & Consular(Visa) interview

(How to Get MRV PDF Form – To Pay Visa fee payment in Mexico) – Use Below Link

Registration Website Link :

  • Click on Continue
  • Create an account
  • Select : I am a Non-Mexican National who wants to apply for a visa.
  • Select : I completed the DS-160 and ready to schedule as Non-Mexican applicant
  • Continue
  • Provide all the Details of you for Sign Up.
  • Select : I completed the DS-160 and ready to schedule as Non-Mexican applicant
  • Continue
  • Provide all the Details of you for Sign Up.

Frequently Asked Questions During this Process :
Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?

  • Fyi : Above question means has anyone(your previous or current employer) filed green card on behalf of you ? (PERM Approved or I-140 Approved means Immigrant petition was filed)
  • If Yes, Answer “YES” & provide that number & details, Try to carry original or Copy of your I-140.
  • If you are on H1B, less then 6 years term (I-140 copy might not be mandatory)
  • If you are on H1B more than 6 years term (I-140 copy might be mandatory)

There will be a question : Ask about your previous visa information :

  • That information will be based on your previous visa stamping on your passport ( Start date, End date, Visa number (in Red Color on your US Visa Stamp in your passport);
  • Please don’t get confused that info with your current I-797A information.

If you had last stamping in India, Canada, Jamaica any other country etc.,

  • Last issued location : Select “NOT LISTED & fill details of your visa stamping from your passport which has Latest Expired or About to Expire visa stamping.
  • Traveling from other country : “YES‘- if you are traveling from U.S. to Mexico.
  • Refer below screenshot.

While Selecting Passport Pickup, Location to Select ?

  • you need to select below if you are going to US Consulate, Matamoros, Mexico.
  • DHL Location – Matamoros, Tamaulipas:
  • Matamoros, Bustamante 2-B Col. Centro, Matamoros, Tamaulipas
    87300; Timings : 9:00 am to 6:00 pm 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • For other locations such as Tijuana, Nogales, Cuidad Juarez, select appropriate pick up locations.
  • Though you select any pick up locations, you pick up passport in-person directly at US consulate where you been for the visa Interview.

Even though you select DHL location, Everyone will go directly to pick up the passport at the US Consulate in-person in Matamoros at 3:00 P.M same day as Visa Interview.
Step 3) How to Transfer money to us – so we can pay your visa fee payment in Mexican Bank (Send us your MRV pdf form + Transfer money using Zelle ) ?
Recent Update : To Book Visa Interview Slots, Right now the only option is to pay in Mexican pesos In-Person by Cash at SCOTIA / BANAMEX Bank in Mexico. We can help you with that for just some extra charge = 50$ + Visa Fee 200$(as per exchange rate in Oct 2nd 2018) = Total = 255$.
If you have BOFA or Chase (Quick Pay) or wells Fargo or Citibank or any Bank account that uses Zelle.
Use our email “” to send the money.
or Simply Install “Zelle” app in your phone & tie your bank debit card to it.
You can simply transfer money using our email within minutes without any hassle.


  • We need to take print out of your MRV pdf form & take it to the Bank & pay your visa fee, so send us that form to
  • Once the Fee is Paid, We provide you the Photos of the bank payment receipt.
  • Once fee payment is made, you will get an email from CSRA in 3-6 hours & you are good to book the ASC & Visa dates.

DO NOT WORRY about authenticity, we helped many people. Also look at the reviews. Please review “Visa Fee Payment Process” page of this website for more details.
(Previously you can pay the visa Fee by using Credit Card/ Debit card, but that option is no more available)
Step 4)Book US Visa interview slot, also called as (Consular Interview)
Step 5) Book ASC appointment for Fingerprints & Photo. (You don’t need to bring any visa size photos along with you)
Step 6) Plan your travel to attend visa interview.
Check our travel page which explains clearly how you can travel to Matamoros ?

Click here for Travel Tips to Matamoros from USA
NOTE : Better to select adjacent days for ASC & Consular appointment, so you can complete whole visa stamping process in just 2 days. Also you can get your passport stamped on the same day as the visa interview.
Do i need to take visa fee payment receipt to visa interview ?
You dont need to take visa fee payment receipt to visa interview, Incase if you want, you can click on View Payment Receipt & print it and take along with you.
Check below screenshot option : Login to the site where you booked visa interview dates
& Select Actions -> View Payment Receipt

US Visa dates booking | MRV fee payment | US Visa fee payment in Mexico

Step 6) How to check passport whether ready for pickup after visa interview ?

Select Visa Application type = Non Immigration Visa (NIV)

Select location where you attended visa interview.

Application ID or Case Number (Your DS-160 number); Example = AA0020AKAX

Enter code & Submit.
Venkat & Ernesto

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