Travel to Canada from India via Mexico

You might be a student going for Canada for studies / Canadian PR holder / Work visa etc.,

NOTE : If you have Canadian visa – you don’t need mexican visa to enter into mexico.

We are offering 2 Packages

  1. With flight tickets from India > Mexico City/ Cancun > Canada + (Accommodation + Transportation + RT PCR Test at Hotel in Mexico City/ Cancun downtown )
  2. Without flight tickets/ you can book your own flights – (We help you with Accommodation + Transportation + RT PCR Test at Hotel in Mexico City)
  • Flight tickets costs are variable as per date of travel. Our travel agent can help you with exact numbers.
  • You can’t transit via USA from Mexico while going to Canada, you need to book direct flight to canada from mexico.

This Option 2 package includes (Only at Mexico City & Cancun)

  • This package includes 2-3 nights stay(based on your flight to canada) in safe & good hotel room(Tryp by Wyndham / Holiday Inn Studio Room in Mexico city / Hotels in Downtown Cancun, where all our guests are staying)
  • Hotel stay includes free breakfast
  • Transportation in Mexico City includes Pickup from Airport, Dropoff to Airport.
  • In Mexico City – you will get access to Three Indian food groups(South/North Indian) access, we will add you & delivery of food to your hotel is included(you need to pay for your food)
  • For Cancun – we will share Indian food resources for you to order food to your hotel.(
  • you need to pay for your food)
  • RT PCR test at Hotel(Results in 24 Hours) itself included.

This is how the process will look like,

Day 1 : Arrival to Mexico City/Cancun Airport (mostly flights land at evening 5 PM or later. Our transportation team comes and pickup & take you to hotel where we provide accommodation.

Day 2 : Morning PCR Test at Hotel itself – we will arrange Lab technician to come to hotel, Breakfast at Hotel(included in package) + You can order Indian food for Lunch & Dinner (You need to pay) ; we will share covid PCR negative report by that night in whatsapp from the Lab

Day 3 : Breakfast at Hotel(included) ; Checkout hotel at 12 PM. Catch flight to canada on day 3 morning or afternoon or. evening If staying ; You can order Indian food for Lunch & Dinner (You need to pay).

If you can’t find flight on Day 3 to Canada, then this night stay is included.

Day 4 : Breakfast at Hotel(included) ; Catch flight anytime on Day 4 based on your flight to canada. (hotel checkout is at 12 PM)

NOTE : If you have any Questions – please contact us by Whatsapp (or) email “” along with your whatsapp contact info, so our team can contact you.


For Hotel Stay for 3 nights + PCR at Hotel + Airport Transfers at Cancun / Mexico City

1 Person = 599$

2 persons Sharing room = 899$ (Sharing room)

For any Extra nights stay after 3 nights, you need to pay 80$ for accommodation & transportation services.


Day 1: Arrived on Aug 19th : Evening to cancun airport, our transportation team picked up client, drove to hotel ; we provided indian food resources info to order any food for next 2 days.

Day 2 : Morning 7.30 AM : Lab technician arrived & took swab test for PCR test ; Results sent by whatsapp to client at night 9 PM.

Day 3 : Morning 7.30 AM flight to Canada, Our transportation team dropped off at 5 AM to airport.


In India, They checked RT PCR, Canada PR, onward tickets to Canada

Immigration in India was smooth

Landed at paris 20 mins before time.

Same terminal, no issues, at the boarding gate in 20 minutes

Before boarding at Paris, they checked the documents again only for Indian passport holders. They checked the onward tickets to Canada and hotel stay in Mexico.

In flight to Mexico, FMM form and another health declaration form was given to fill.

Landed at mexico, no issues at the immigration, onward tickets are checked again.

Took a RT PCR test at hotel (arranged by Venkat Team); Results next day morning

As I have another flight for Canada

Aeromexico checked the RT PCR test, Arrivecan receipt, 3 day hotel stay and valid document – I had Canada PR.

Landing at vancouver – they checked the RT PCR, Arrivecan receipt, hotel reservations, PR card.

The test was conducted again at the airport and a home test kit was given for 8th day test.
Hotel shuttle service took me to the hotel.

Result came next day morning, left the hotel for home after showing the negative result.

Can’t use public transport, shuttle service could be used for the airport transportation, my flight was from a different airport, so took Uber.
Got a call from quarantine officer, asking about my protocol on home stay quarantine..

Told them about having a separate room, bathroom, mask all the time, wife leaves food by the door.

Asked about groceries, told them we are ordering online delivery

Arrivecan check in has to be done daily

And that’s it so far👍🏻