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Latest US Visa Interview questions and Experiences for F1, H1B, H4, E3, L1A, L1B, L2, J1, O1, O3,  candidates, recent us visa interview questions.

This page provides Recent & Mostly asked US visa interview questions.


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We did a lot of research and added the most common visa interview questions asked in Mexico locations are listed below:

Greet the Visa Officer
You : Good Morning, Officer.(greet with a smile)
VO: Visa officer might greet you too, Incase he/she might be busy too (then will be unable to greet you)
1. VO: Do you still work for ABCD Company

  • Yes, I still work with xxxx employer.

2. VO: How long you have been in US and Status ?

  • In US from past X years, I came on XX Visa.

3. VO: what is your role ?

  • You: I am working as Java developer etc., explain about your role and responsibilities in short.

4. What does your company do ?

  • My company helps the customers, clients etc., explain based on what your company is doing.

5. where is the company based ?

  • My company is based in xxx state, location.

6. What is annual Salary ?

  • Specific number.

7. What is your educational qualification ?

  • MS in Computers science etc., Other than Computers science also do not worry, Visa officer might asks you for the Educational documents.

8. Give me your employer letter and all I-797’s ?

  • Provide those docs.

9. How long are you with the current company ?

  • Since xxx months / years etc.,

10. Is this your first H1B visa stamp ?

  • No officer, This is my 2nd / 3rd extension.
  • NOTE : Mexico only allows for Renewals, Not the COS (Change of Status from F1 to H1B etc.,)
  • NOTE: Better to provide new and old passports along with documents.

11. Is your first employer A and how long did you work for that company ?

  • Yes, A is my 1st employer while on H1-B/L1 visa etc, I worked with them from mm/yyyy until mm/yyyy.

12. What is your roles and responsibilities ?

  • I am working as part of Development team etc.,& explain about responsibilities.

13. VO: For the title that you mentioned, I’m not able to find suitable description (I guess in his system) -> For Non Development background.

  • you can tell VO that title can be Software Developers, Systems software or Software Analyst etc., depending upon your LCA. but job is part of that title.

14. Can i have your 1040 documents(Tax Filing documents) ?

  • Provide last 2-3 years.

15. Can i have your I-140 Approval copy ? Or Did your employer filed for green card ? Do you have the proof ? if you have it? can I see it?

  • Provide the I-140 copy(If you have one)

16. Did your employer applied for any immigrant visa ?(Green Card)

  • Yes, My previous employer applied for my immigrant visa, provide him I-140 document.(If you have one, else tell No my employer did not file for any immigrant visa yet)
  • Or
  • Yes, my current employer applied/ started process etc., answer questions according to your case.

17. Highest qualification ? University and Specialization?

  • Masters in Engineering or Bachelor’s in Computers science etc., from xxxxx University.

18. Where are you travelling to ?

  • I will be travelling to xxxxx city, xxxx state in USA.

19. what is your title and describe your role and responsibilities, what is your major in masters and how is it related to your work.
Also VO might ask about what language do you use for your programming code and if your major is not computer science be prepared to show some subject in your transcript showing you have some computers related course to convince that you have some programming background in masters or some certifications.
Show me your masters degree and transcript ?

  • show the degree and transcripts.

Be prepared for questions on masters degree and your role and how is it related to your job.
Read the Transcript & Note down the courses and be ready to explain.
20) Give me your U.S. address proof ?

  • (Make sure to take one address proof like utility bill or phone bill, if your license has your current address your port of entry will be much easier)

21) Give me your employer letter ?

  • You can take Employer letter with your job title and job description, work location etc., details.

Especially for contractors,
Some says “Make sure to have an end date as your h1b expiration date on employer letter this is MUST. If it does not have an End Date, Show them the LCA document & the H1-B validity”
22) Give me your LCA?

  • Provide LCA documents.

23) Did you do masters in USA?

  • If Yes, provide the documents, If Not & have masters from India, let the VO know that.

24) Do your company support benching ?

  • NO.

24) Give me company tax documents ?

  • If your employer has provided those documents, provide. Else you can say i don’t have those documents.

25) How many employees does your company has ?

  • Let them know the numbers based on your company.

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