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This website was created to make your entire stamping process in mexico as smooth as possible – Venkat & Ernesto
***** Information Courtesy by Venkat & Ernesto *****
What Information does this page cover ?

  1. Most FAQS (which everyone has was answered below) ?
  2. Am i Eligible for going for stamping in Mexico ? 
  3. What are the chances of getting 221g , Average time taken to clear 221g in Matamoros ?  who got denied / visa rejected in Mexico ? Can i come back to USA after visa denial ?
  4. What you can carry & can’t carry to your ASC & Visa interview ?
  5. Traveling with family (along with US Citizen Kids or Dependent Kids (H4, L2 etc) ? Is it safe at Matamoros, Mexico along with kids ? (Please Scroll to tbe bottom )
  6. I am Full Time employee, Need Invoice for reimbursement of Expenses from Employer ? (of Visa fee payment + accommodation & transportation charges) (We can help with that, Please scroll down to the bottom to find sample invoice that we provide )
  7. List of US Consulates in Mexico ?
  8. Email ID to contact different US Consulates at Mexico ?

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***** Information Courtesy by Venkat & Ernesto *****
After reading FAQS below :
Please scroll down to the bottom for “Special Notes from the Guests.”

  1. Most FAQS (which everyone has was answered below) ?

A) Do I need Mexican visa before I travel or can I get it at Mexico Border ?
Check below link – this will answer your questions about Mexican visa.
Click here to know whether you need Mexican Visa ? How to get Mexican Visa & It’s Requirements ???

B) Am i Eligible for going for stamping in Mexico ? Can I go to Mexico for stamping ?

Above is Pre-Requisite Criteria to go for H1B,H4, L1A, L1B ,L2 F1, F2 H4, E3, J, K, O…any US visa stamping

Reference website : https://mx.usembassy.gov/visas/third-country-nationals/

Based on our knowledge & folks whom we helped, Who can come to Mexico for Visa Stamping ?

  • For H1B, H4 , L1, L2, E3, J, K, O Visa’s for (Extension/Transfer) Stamping – it means going to US visa stamping in same visa category. (H1 to H1, H1 to H4, H4 to H1, F1 to F1, F1 to F2, F2 to F1, L1 to L1, J1 to J1 etc.,)
  • H1B to H4 (or ) H4 to H1B (considered as same Visa (H) category.
  • Already had H4 stamping, now needed to go for H1B(1st time in passport) stamping
  • F1 to F2 or F2 to F1 are considered as same visa (F)category.
  • Planning to move from H1B to H4 after H1B Extension or Transfer denial by USCIS.
  • If you have had any stamping in same Visa categories already in same & need to go for visa renewal stamping in same visa category – you can go to Mexico.
  • We suggest you to take attorney advise for your eligibility too.
  • We already helped, guided many people for filling DS160, Registering account for visa slots booking, by providing accommodation & transportation for who came to Matamoros for stamping.
  • Note : If you are on F1 visa, your F1 visa expired, but you need to go for your F1 extension or F2 Change to status from F1, you can go to mexico. (as it’s in same visa F category stamping.
  • If you changed status from H1 to H4 or H4 to H1B, you can go for stamping in Mexico. It’s considered as same H visa category.
  • Let’s say your H1B got denied & you want to go for change of status H4 based on your spouse H1B, you can go for stamping in mexico.
  • You moved from H4 to H1B; You can go for stamping in mexico.
  • As long as you had atleast 1 time H1B or H4 stamping in passport
    and you been on H1B or H4 all the timeThen eligible to go for H1B or H4 stamping in Mexico as both comes under same H Visa category
  • If you recently changed from one visa category to another visa category (From one visa category to another visa) stamping is not allowed in Mexico
    • Ex : F1 to H1B; L1 to H1B etc.,

C) Why would i go to Mexico instead of India ?
Were there any 221G’s in Matamoros ? Were there any rejections ? Is it Safe ?

Any rejections in matamoros ? (Please keep reading below for this Information)

  • You can go to any country including Mexico, India or any other country for stamping. You can choose Mexico based on the recent trends of approvals, Check our recent updates page below.
  • https://usvisastampinginmexico.com/recent-visa-interview-questions-updates/
  • We have been following & helping our guests at Matamoros location since June 2017, Among our guests whom we have visibility; So far almost everyone of them approvals till now,
  • No one directly went to India from Mexico till date : Mar 13th 2019.
  • There were 221G’s in Matamoros location as well,
  • We have listed few cases below about 221G’s so far, also

As of Mar 13th 2019 :

Among our guests (whom we have visibility), 99% folks who came to Matamoros, Mexico for stamping got successful stamping & back to US,

Added Average Admin processing (221g) clearing days based on our observation.

There were 221G’s (May be 1 in 20 (or) 30 members) at this location due to missing documents, any necessary verification, but clears soon usually in 2-3 days; It completely depends on the visa officer handling the case & your profile.

  • 221g on PIMS Check – Clears usually in 1-3 days.(Nothing to do from your end)
  • 221g on Sevis Check – Clears usually in 1-7 days.(Nothing to do from your end)
  • Maximum days someone stayed due to 221g is not more than 21 days.
  • It completely depends on your profile & what visa officers want to verify.
  • Based on our Observation – Average time takes to clear in Mexico is way better than India(It might take months to clear in India)

Most of the cases so far based on our observations….. If any 221G, it usually clears in 1-2 days or 7 days mostly.

  • Max wait time due to 221G is 21 days at Matamoros so far we have seen among our guests.(better than home country most of the times )
  • If there is a need to go for stamping, you need to take that step with “Leap of faith” whether it’s home country or Mexico or any other country.
  • At the end it’s all your decision where to go.

Don’t worry about rejection unless you have any previous issues with law, any such cases as listed below
Who got denied / visa rejected in Mexico ? Can i come back to USA after visa denial ? (As of mar 14th 2019)

1) In 2018 : one guy scheduled Visa interview for him + his family in India in 2015, his family attended Visa interview in India in 2015 and he could not attend due to some work, his family got approved where as his Visa got rejected as he did not attend Visa interview in 2015 in India. When he attended visa interview in matamoros, VO asked this guy whether he know that his previous Visa got denied (this guy has no clue), VO officer stated that as reason and denied Visa and asked him to go and attend Visa interview in India, he took One time Visa waiver (I-193 Form, costs you 585$) at POE (we will guide you incase if you land in any denial situation., Most of the cases its POE officers final decision to give you 1 time Visa waiver or not, you can pay one time Visa waiver fee only if its granted by POE officer, so far all below denial folks got that) and came back to US and flew back to India and got successful stamping done & came back to USA

2) In 2018 : One guy was denied port of entry in chicago airport in 2016, he got deported to india and cleared everything and came back to US. When he attended Visa interview in matamoros, he was denied Visa and asked to attend Visa interview in India, same as above person, we guided him how to take One time Visa waiver (I-193 Form, costs you 585$) at POE to come back to US, so he can fly back to India and he can attend Visa interview again.

3. On Jan 15th 2019 : One guy attended for F1 visa renewal, he joined in Day 1 CPT University (Cumberlands) in Phd & working Full Time, Visa officer denied the visa. we recommend Day 1 CPT university guys not to attend in mexico. If you are planning to attend for F1 visa renewal, make sure you are attending a good university.

  • It is completely safe at matamoros, mexico if you travel with any local person, we will be always there along with you, we host all our guests in our guest house(Single guys or Single ladies) or our preferred hotel(Single guys / Single ladies / Families) in a good location with all amenities provided, we take care of your complete transportation in matamoros, mexico from the moment you enter into Mexico until you leave mexico. we helped many guests till now, please check our reviews for more info.
  • https://usvisastampinginmexico.com/reviews/

D) Can we pay visa fee at any location in Mexico ?
(From Sep 1st 2017, No more visa fee payments using credit card, only option is to pay by Cash in Mexican banks)

  • Yes, even if you are going to any US Consulate location in Mexico like Tijuana, Cuidad Juarez, Nogales, Guadalajara, Matamoros etc.,
  • You can pay your fee at any location at Banks like SCOTIA, BANAMEX in-person. We can help you by going in-person to the bank to make visa fee payment(already helped many) with that for a charge(usually we consider it as Express Payment., Either same day or next day morning depending on what time you contact us, we go to banks everyday at 10 AM & 12 PM(CST) to make your visa fee payment), if you reach us on or before 12 PM(CST) &
  • you send us your visa fee amount before 12 PM(CST), we can try to make your payment on same day.
  • Incase if you reach us later than 12 PM(CST), we will be able to make your visa fee payment next day morning at 10 AM.
  • If you need this help, send us an email to “matamoros.guest@gmail.com” with your first & last name, Contact number

E) How to look at Visa Dates Availability ?
Note : For Mexico we can get visa interview dates within a week,(that’s advantage of choosing Mexico), but to know exact availability of visa slots we need to fill ds160, create an Account and pay the fee.

  • Fill DS-160,
  • Register your account(follow the below BLUE link).
  • You will be able to see the available dates for visa interview for all locations of Mexico,
  • After you create the ACCOUNT and generate MRV it will select default date in a week or nearest available date.
  • Once fee payment is done you can choose fingerprints & visa interview dates on your wish within 1 year from visa fee payment.
  • Also join in our whatsapp, Facebook group so you can ask someone who are just trying to book visa interview slots.
  • https://usvisastampinginmexico.com/us-visa-booking-steps/

F) I already paid visa fee & scheduled interview, how many times can I reschedule interview ?

  • Once you paid fee, its valid for 1 year & if you already scheduled interview dates,
    you can re-schedule Interview dates upto 3 or more times.
  • You can cancel or reschedule your visa appointment until a day before your fingerprints.

G) What facilities will I get if I choose your services in Matamoros ?
At the accommodation place we provide all the basic items what you get in a hotel room, TV, Wi-Fi, Clean Towels, Iron board & Iron, Refrigerator, Snacks, water bottles, Shower gel, Shampoo as part of our facilities to our guests + Accommodation + Transportation.

H) Do I need to bring any power converter for using laptops, phone chargers ?
As Mexico has same power outlets as USA, you DON’T need to bring any converters.

I) How to know whether my PIMS is updated or not ?
NOTE : If your I-797 was recently approved, there might be a chance that your data was not updated in PIMS(KCC) Database, which US consulate uses to refer for your approved I-797 document. US consulate at Mexico expedite by requesting KCC (Kentucky Consular Center) for your info from PIMS DB, once they get the data, they will approve your Visa application. Usually at Matamoros, so far we have seen PIMS gets cleared same day or nexy day. So Don’t worry much about PIMS.
Special Notes from the Guests.
Aug 31st 2018 : About Sevis Check :
221G was cleared in 3 days(Attended visa interview on Aug 28th 2018, 221g cleared on Aug 31st 2018).
A small note from my experience: This is my second h1 stamping. First stamping was successful with no issues in india. For second stamping I was given a 221G in Matamoros, Mexico for “Sevis hit removal”. . If you have attended for your second masters, this is something expected. So, please plan your stamping accordingly.
More FAQS During ASC appointment & Visa interview / consular appointment

2) What you can carry & can’t carry to your ASC & Visa interview ?

A) Do I need to carry passport or Visa size photos with me ?
Answer: Not needed, your digital photos will be taken at ASC – Fingerprints appointment.
B) What can I carry ? What can’t I carry ?
Answer :
The mandatory documents that you should take to the ASC office are:
* I-797
* Passport
* DS160 confirmation page
But if you have all your documents in 1 file already organized , then take everything with you.
You are not allowed to take inside to the ASC or consulate offices the following items:
*Electronic devices such as cell phones ,laptops , headphones , USB flash drives, cell phone chargers, smart watches and any cable adapters.
* lip balms , plastic combs , nail clippers , scissors, cosmetics, medication, sunglasses, food, water , candies, chewing gums and toys.
* for women, you are not allowed to take your handbag.
3) Traveling with family (along with US Citizen Kids or Dependent Kids (H4, L2 etc) ?
Is it safe at Matamoros, Mexico along with kids ?
Regarding safety, don’t worry, We will be there along with you + other guests will be there at the accommodation place.
we had guests who came along with kids ranging from 6 months old kid to teenage boys / girls. ( Please ask us for link where you find our guests photos, we will share that link with you where you can see the families and other guests pictures ) – Not sharing pictures here to keep privacy of our clients.

  • If travelling along with kids, you can take them along with you during ASC & Visa interview.
  • Take your kids/ children passports (If US Citizens or H4 or L2 visa Holders) along with you & any necessary documents related to them (Birth Certificate etc).
  • If your kids are less than 7 years oldyou don’t need to take your (H4 or L2 – Dependent ) kids along with you to Fingerptints/ visa interview. Just take their photos along with you.
  • If you want, you can take them along with you to Fingerprints & visa interview.
  • But your kids needs to be in mexico along with you (as while coming back, they need to get I-94)
  • Photo Specifications for dependent Kids (H4 or L2 etc.,) as below
    • US Photo Size ( 2 * 2),
    • Color Photo & White background.
    • Completey visible and no hair covering foreheard or ears.
    • Person should be seeing lens of the camera while taking piture.(Direct eye contact)

4) I am Full Time Employee, I want Invoice for reimbursement of Expenses (of Visa fee payment + accommodation & transportation charges) from Employer ? (We can help with that, Check below image – sample invoice that we provide )
Please find sample invoice we will provide for reimbursement from your employer.


5) Below are the List of U.S. CONSULATES in Mexico (Click those links to see more info)
Have any questions ? Need to email US Consulate at Mexico ? 
(or)  Discovered An Error On Your Visa (After visa issue by US Consulate)

6) Please find below email ID to send email to US Consulate if you have any questions ?
The information printed on an issued U.S. visa should match the information in the applicant’s passport. If you discover an error (misspelling, error in the date of birth, error in the expiration date, etc.) on your U.S. visa, the applicant or a designated proxy can contact the Consular Section via:

Mexico City : visas_mexico@state.gov
Merida : Meridavisas@state.gov
Guadalajara : https://mx.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/guadalajara/contact-the-visa-section-guadalajara/
Monterrey : MonterreyVisas@state.gov
Nuevo Laredo : NVLVisas@state.gov
Matamoros : MatamorosVisas@state.gov
Ciudad Juarez : cdjconsularpassback@state.gov
Nogales : NogalesVisas@state.gov
Hermosillo : HermosilloVisas@state.gov
Tijuana : TijuanaInfo@state.gov

Good luck,
Venkat & Ernesto

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