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As we keep hearing alot of FAQ’s, we thought of creating a page where you can find answers to your questions.
1) Do I need Mexican visa before I travel or can I get it at Mexico Border ?
((( You don’t need a Mexican tourist visa if you have an unexpired (VALID) US, Canadian, Schengen or Japanese visa ))) ELSE

  • Yes, we would definitely recommend you to get Mexican visa before your travel at a near by Mexican Embassy, if possible, stop by directly at Mexican Embassy and you can get 6 months valid Visa for 36$ in usually Less than 2 hours(at most places in US), you cannot get Mexican visa at border.
  • You can get a 7 days permit for 30$ at the Mexican Border , which will not work in case your stay needs to be extended for any reason or if you need to travel to bigger city in Mexico to take an international flight, also since this is not a Visa, permit you will not allow you to come back to the location of Mexico where you are processing your stamping if you are in the need to go to your home country or somewhere else while you wait until your stamping process gets finished. This situation is very unlikely, but we don’t want you to struggle with it in case you are facing any unexpected situation on your stamping.
  • (Always remember you are stepping out of country for stamping, it’s always better to have any of Mexican/Canadian/Shenghen visa).
  • Check our page : Click here to see Mexican Visa Process
  • Check this website https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/losangeles/index.php/paisano

2) Why would i go to Mexico instead of India ?

  • You can go to any country including Mexico, India or any other country for stamping. You can choose Mexico based on the recent trends of approvals.
  • We have been following Matamoros location since June 2017, So far almost everyone of them approvals till now, no rejections.
  • Only 2 cases so far, one guy got PIMS update issue – resolved in 3 hours, 2nd is one guy forgot his Master’s degree certificate, US consulate at Matamoros called his US college for verification – Resolved in 1 day.
  • If there is a need to go for stamping, you need to take that step with “Leap of faith” whether it’s home country or Mexico.
  • At the end it’s all your decision where to go.

3) Can I go to Mexico for stamping ?

Above is Pre-Requisite Criteria to go for H1B, L1, F1, H4, E3 visa stamping

Reference website : https://mx.usembassy.gov/visas/third-country-nationals/

  • If you never had a H1B, H4, L1, E3, J etc., visa stamp in your passport, you are NOT eligible to go to Mexico for stamping, but you can go to Canada or home country.
  • Already had H1B, L1, F1, E3, J etc., visa stamp in passport & expired or about to expire & need to go in same visa category… then you can go to Mexico etc.,
  • Note : If you are on F1 visa, your F1 visa expired, but you need to go for your F1 extension stamping, you can go to mexico. (as it’s in same category stamping.
  • If you changed status from H1 to H4 or H4 to H1B, you can go for stamping in Mexico. It’s considered as same H visa category.
  • Remaning Change of status (From one visa category to another visa) stamping is not allowed in Mexico 
    • Ex : F1 to H1B;  L1 to H1B etc.,

4) Can we pay visa fee at any location in Mexico ?
(From Sep 1st 2017, No more visa fee payments using credit card, only option is to pay by Cash in Mexican banks)

  • Yes, even if you are going to any US Consulate location in Mexico like Tijuana, Cuidad Juarez, Nogales, Guadalajara, Matamoros etc., You can pay your fee at any location at Banks like SCOTIA, BANAMEX in-person. We can help you by going in-person to the bank to make visa fee payment(already helped many) with that for a charge(usually we consider it as Express Payment., Either same day or next day morning depending on what time you contact us, we go to banks everyday at 10 AM & 3 PM(CST) to make your visa fee payment), if you reach us on or before 3 PM(CST) & you send us your visa fee amount before 3 PM(CST), your payment will be made same day.
  • Incase if you reach us later than 3 PM(CST), we will be able to make your visa fee payment next day morning at 10 AM.
  • If you need this help, send us an email to “matamoros.guest@gmail.com” with your first & last name, Contact number

5) How to look at Visa Dates Availability ?
Note : For Mexico we can get visa interview dates within a week,(that’s advantage of choosing Mexico), but to know exact availability of visa slots we need to fill ds160, create an Account and pay the fee.

  • Fill DS-160,
  • Register your account(follow the below link).
  • You will be able to see the available dates for visa interview for all locations of Mexico,
  • After you create the ACCOUNT and generate MRV it will select default date in a week or nearest available date.
  • Once fee payment is done you can choose fingerprints & visa interview dates on your wish.
  • Also join in our whatsapp, Facebook group so you can ask someone who are just trying to book visa interview slots.
  • https://usvisastampinginmexico.com/us-visa-booking-steps/

8) I already paid visa fee & scheduled interview, how many times can I reschedule interview ?
Once you paid fee, its valid for 1 year & if you already scheduled interview dates,
you can re-schedule Interview dates upto 3 or more times.

8) What facilities will I get if I choose your services in Matamoros ?
At the accommodation place we provide all the basic items what you get in a hotel room, TV, Wi-Fi, Clean Towels, Iron board & Iron, Refrigerator, Snacks, water bottles, Shower gel, Shampoo as part of our facilities to our guests + Accommodation + Transportation.

9) Do I need to bring any power converter for using laptops, phone chargers ?
As Mexico has same power outlets as USA, you DON’T need to bring any converters.

10) How to know whether my PIMS is updated or not ?
If you are going to any location in Mexico,
Send email to this email ID,
If you are going to Matamoros,
Send email to MatamorosVisas@state.gov & MexicoNIV@state.gov
You can mention your H1B – I-797 petition number, First name, Last name, Appointment dates, your passport number.
Ask them to check whether your PIMS is updated or not
Good luck

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