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Pre-requisite :

If you are already in US,

If you had at least one H1B, H4, L1A, L1B, L2, E3, E3D, J, F1, F2, O-1 stamping in your Old or New passport & if it’s expired or about to expire within few months, Have an approved i-797A or i-797B Document through Extension or Transfer. (or after Extension or Transfer Denial & Approved)
And you need to go to stamping in same visa category.
Below Visa Categories Renewal stamping is possible in Mexico.

H1B to H4 or H4 to H1B comes under same H visa category.

F1 to F2 or F2 to F1 are considered as same visa F visa category.

F1 or F2 Renewal

H1B or H4 or H1B1 visa Renewal.

E3 or E3D visa renewal.

L1A or L1B or L2 visa renewal

J Visa Renewal

O-1 Visa Renewal or any other same visa category Renewal.


  • Note : If you are on F1 visa, your F1 visa expired, but you need to go for your F1 extension stamping or F1 to F2 or F2 to F1, then you can go to mexico (as its under same F Visa category).
  • If you changed status or need to change from H1 to H4 or H4 to H1B, you can go for stamping in Mexico. It’s considered as same H visa category.

Note :

First time Visa Stamping (means you never had any US stamping) or Change of status Stamping is not possible in Mexico from one visa category to another visa category. Ex : F1 to H1B, L1 to H1B etc.,

Check 3rd point from below website :


US Embassy locations in Mexico


Upcoming Information :

To know latest updates of our guests attending – Nov 27th, Dec (tuesdays or wednesdays) visa interview at Matamoros, you can join our whatsapp groups to get latest updates.
Latest Information :
As of Nov 22nd 2018 –

  • Among our guests, everyone who came to Matamoros, Mexico to attend visa interview got successful stamping & back to US,
  • No one waiting with 221G’s; There were 221G’s at this location due to missing documents, any necessary verification, but cleared soon usually within 2-3 days since June 2017.
  • Incase of any 221g, mostly clear less than a week.
  • Among our guests maximum days someone stayed due to 221g is not more than a 14 days(whom we have visibility).
  • No one went directly from matamoros, Mexico to India due to any rejections unless special cases (please check faqs for 2 rejection details special cases)

Until now 98% folks completed their stamping within 2 days in Matamoros, Mexico.

  • You arrive a day before ASC – fingerprints.
  • 1st day – ASC -fingerprints
  • 2nd day – Consular – Visa interview, mostly same day passport pickup in-person @ US consulate and leave to USA.
  • Incase of any delay, you will get passport next day.

Our guests till now including

  • FTE (Full time employees)
  • Consulting( EVC, EVVC, EVVVC), through Implementation partners etc.,
  • who got i-797B without i-94 through consular processing, (requires to go to stamping immediately., It says to go to home country)
  • Who got extension or transfer denied & approved again & got i-797B through consular processing.
  • who has not been to stamping in 6-12 years to home country after their last stamping in India, Canada, Jamaica or anywhere.
  • Who had only Bachelor’s degree from India.
  • Who had Masters degree from USA.
  • All above categories got successful stamping in Mexico.
  • Who has completed first master’s and need to enroll in 2nd masters.

So far we helped & guided many people for stamping since June 2017, looking forward to guide many more in 2018,

  • so you can visit your home country with peace of mind.

Share this below link to your friends on H1B for their Extension or Transfer stamping. (Not for first time stamping, Not for change of status; Ex : F1 to H1B )


Please share this group info to your friends on H1B, H4, might be useful for someone who needs help with stamping


Steps to follow to get your stamping in Matamoros, Mexico or any other location in Mexico.

send us text or whatsapp message to +1-901-308-4647 (USA) – VENKAT & ERNESTO

we will create individual group for you with our team to guide you completely throughout the process until you complete the visa stamping in Matamoros.

1) Create DS 160 (partially or just fill first page is also fine, save that, note that number, you can submit later before visa interview, must submit within 30 days after creating it )
2) Register account to book visa dates. (Check visa dates booking page in our website).

Click to see Visa Dates Booking Steps
3) Get MRV pin number in 2nd step last stage to your email once you select pay by cash option.
4) Send MRV pdf form to us to matamoros.guest@gmail.com
5) Transfer visa fee amount to us,

Email us at this point to matamoros.guest@gmail.com,

(As only option is to pay visa fee at Mexican banks, no online payment option anymore )
6) We make your visa fee payment in Mexican banks in-person.
7) You get confirmation email from CSRA about fee payment in 4-6 hours

Once you get that email,

you can visit the website where you registered your account, your visa payment will be validated automatically.
8 ) You should be good to book your visa dates
(ASC – fingerprints – 1st )
(Consular – Interview – 2nd )
9 ) Plan for your travel.
10) we will take care of your Accommodation & transportation in Matamoros, Mexico.
11) If you are going to Nogales, Tijuana, Cuidad Juarez etc., we can guide you.
NOTE : If you have valid Canadian visitor visa, Shenghen visa… you are good to travel without Mexican visa else
Parallel to above 8 ) steps : Try to get Mexican visa (Always remember we are stepping out of country for stamping, it’s always better to have any of Mexican/Canadian/Shenghen visa).

  • We always want whoever go there to be in better situation even during worst case scenarios, (luckily none from past 12 months as of June 2018)

So we always recommend everyone who goes to Mexico to get their Mexican visa or Canadian visa or Shenghen visa.
If it’s not possible at any case to get above,
Last option is to get border permit valid for a week which costs 30$.


Click to know How to get Mexican visitor visa ?


Venkat & Ernesto

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