US Visa stamping In Mexico with DUI

Visa Stamping with DUI

This page is created specifically for clients in USA who had previous DUI cases / arrest record, DUI case is closed / Expunged & looking for US visa stamping in mexico with DUI case cleared documents in hand, we gathered below info from clients who did successful US visa stamping in mexico with DUI.


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Why to choose mexico for stamping if you had previous DUI cases ?

Comparatively clearance time for administrative processing (221g) for DUI cases is far better (we have seen 2-3 weeks) than India(which might take weeks to months at home country).

If your DUI was dismissed / case cleared/ DUI from some years back / already attended stamping previously in home country after DUI – carry all clearance related documents that can help your case without medical lab tests again in mexico.(always depends on visa officer to waive medical lab tests again or not if you did lab tests during your previous stamping)

What’s average timeline to clear 221g (Administrative processing for DUI cases) in mexico ?

Based on info from our clients who attended in Mexico city / Ciudad juarez & other locations in mexico, Including your visa interview & lab tests, medical reports back to US consulate, getting passport varies between 2-3 weeks, Please be ready to stay 2-3 weeks minimum.

Which locations are good to choose for visa stamping in mexico with DUI cases ? Average timeline for clearing this 221g ?

Mexico city and Ciudad Juarez are recommended locations if you have previous DUI cases.

Even if you go to other consulate locations in mexico, you might need to fly to mexico city to get lab tests done(as consulate prefers the lab at mexico city or ciudad juarez to get your tests done)

My Lab tests are already completed in my previous stamping, do i still need to take medical lab test ?

Please carry those medical reports from your previous stamping while you attend at mexico, it depends on consulate officer who is going to take your visa interview to ask you to take medical lab tests again or not.

What are the Lab tests that will be performed & any other tests that will be done in mexico ?

  • Lab tests include 6 different tests – Urine test, Blood test, X-ray test, Eye test, Physical Evaluation / Psychology evaluation test with Doctor asking you few questions.
  • It costs you around 150 to 200$ USD for these tests, Can pay by Cash in Pesos or with credit card.
  • Information from recent client on Feb 14th 2023 :
  • Hi Venkat/Team – I am done with my medicals just now…
  • The below are the tests that they do (did) for DUI related. Codes are as per the clinic (sharing as it will help you for your upcoming clients)
  • *OT – Urine *
  • L – Blood Test
  • A – Vision
  • *RX – Chest Xray *
  • *EF – Height, Weight and Blood Pressure *
  • V – Medical exam by a physician and the interview by psychologist
  • All these test takes almost 1 hr to 1 hour 45 mins from the time you take your first test.
  • NOTE: Make sure you drink water before to give enough sample for your Urine test.

    More details from our clients who attended visa interviews in mexico with DUI case closed.

    • Client A : Nov 28th 2022(visa interview) > Dec 6th 2023 (Visa approval) – This is the fastest approval with DUI case. (Our transportation team helped in both locations to go to consulate, go to lab, follow up with lab results email delay to consulate.)
      • Nov 28th 2022 : Attended visa interview in Hermosillo, Mexico, Nov 29th – flew from Hermsillo to Ciudad Juarez(Our transportation team helped in both locations in mexico)
      • Nov 30th 2022 : Took Lab tests appointment at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Finished all lab tests process same day & got visa approval of US visa stamping in mexico by Dec 6th 2022 (including visa approval & visa stamping in hermosillo, mexico)

    How does 221g form related to Medical Lab tests looks like ?


    Explaining few scenarios of DUI cases :

    Case 1 : I got arrested for DUI in April 2017 and Convicted for Reckless Driving ( Reduced Offense ) in June 2018. I am still under my Informal Probation which will end by June 2020. I Have been completed my Community Service and paid court fine.

    Case 2:

    visa stamping with DUI – H1B visa renewal stamping in mexico with DUI closed case