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We will provide help with US Visa Application Fee payment in cash (pesos) in Mexican Banks – Citi BanAmex , Scotia for Tijuana, Mexico location

+ provide accommodation & transportation services in Tijuana, Mexico

+ necessary guidance for US Visa H1B Stamping Tijuana Mexico – Venkat & Ernesto

These are the steps :

You will arrive a day before Visa interview.

Next day – ASC – Fingerprints.

Next day – Visa Interview.

Passport delivery might be next day after visa interview.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Based on our observation by helping previous clients.

For Contractors – Client verification is mandatory, your client might get email or phone call (This might delay your approval process by few days) – please inform us ahead if you are a contractor ; so we can plan for your accommodation accordingly.

For Full time – Mostly it should be straight forward, sometimes they might do verification too for few cases.

Sharing few info & Experiences Below

Mexican Visa:
Our US Visa has expired so we had to get a Mexican visa at Sanjose Mexican Consulate (Mexican visa is good to have as you have to go through the Mexican immigration at the San Diego border in case you are going to Tijuana, Mexico). If you have a valid US visa (not expired) / Japan / Shenghen / Canadian Visitor visa, then you don’t need a Mexican visa.


You can get FMM card or Border permit at the Border or Online

You can apply for FMM card online at before going to mexico & can take a printout of it https://www.ivisa.com/apply-online/mexico

To obtain a Mexican visitors visa: Below is the process
1) Book an appointment a
2) Download and fill the application form
Documents required:
1) Passports (H1/Dependents)
2) I-797 Approvals for H1/H4/Dependents
3 I-94 (H1/Dependents)
3) Filled Mexican Visa Application form
4) Pay Stubs (last 6 months)
5) Bank Statements (last 6 months) for each applicant – NOTE: They asked bank statements for my wife who has H4 visa. I convinced them that my wife is not working and cannot have bank statements and provided the marriage certificate.
6) Marriage Certificate
7) Address proof (Drivers license or lease document or Utility bill or bank statements)
Above are the basic documents which mostly covers everything . However you might need additional documents based on your case or depending on the Mexican consulate you are applying at.
Visa Appointment/ DS-160
1) Filled Ds-160 forms for both of us (H1 and H4) and booked a visa slot
2) These days US consulate in mexico is not accepting visa fees payment online using credit/debit cards instead asking to pay the visa fees at local mexico banks (SCOTIABANK or BANAMEX). I used this website folks(Venkat & Ernesto) to pay our visa fees for US Visa H1B Stamping Tijuana Mexico

  Note: Unless you select the passport delivery location (DHL) while booking the visa appointment slot, it wont let you book the slot. you can just select the random delivery location and book the appointment. Also you can change the delivery location later which is not needed as you will actually collect the passport the very next day after the interview at 3:00 pm at the US consulate in-person where you attend the visa interview.

US Visa – H1B Stamping – Interview Process in Tijuana Mexico :
Note: Generally visa stamping in Tijuana Mexico is a 3 days process.
Day 1 – finger prints/photo,
Day 2 – interview,
Day 3 – passport pickup (some cases it might result in delay)
Day 1: ASC fingerprints and photo:
Do not carry any phones/electronics to this location as they don’t permit. I carried my file with all the documents however they asked for
1) Passport + Old passport(if applies) 
2) DS-160
3) Visa interview confirmation page
Day 2: Visa Interview:
Questions asked:
Me: Hello, Good Morning – Handed over Passports + DS-160 confirmation pages
VO: Good Morning
VO: I-129 please
ME: Provided.
VO: What does your company do?
ME: Answered
VO: Whats your role in your company?
ME Answered
VO: Whats your salary?
ME Answered
VO: Is this your direct employer or you have any vendor companies?
ME: Yes (I am an FTE)
VO: Same employer or a different employer?
ME: Different employer (I had changed employer 8 months ago)
VO: Your visa is approved. There is some delay going on in passport delivery but you may come back here and check the status tomorrow at 3:00 PM.
ME: Thank you very much. Have a good day!!
Documents I carried (H1 and H4 as applicable):
1) Passports
2) DS-160
3) I-797 approvals
3) I-94
4) I-129
5) LCA
6) I-140 approval
7) Resume
7) W2’s (Last 3 years)
8) Pay stubs (last 6 months)
9) Bank Statements (Last 6 months)
10) Client Letter (Employment verification letter) and Offer letter
11) Tax returns (last 2 years)
12) Marriage certificate
13) Educational degrees or transcripts
Note: These are the basic documents and you might need additional documents specific to your case.
Day 3, Day 4:  We went back to consulate to pickup our passports at 3:00 pm on both days but they said due to worldwide technical issues in visa systems, there is a delay going on and asked to check back again tomorrow. This is very unusual but we had to face it!! Cancelled flight, booked new hotel and had to handle a weird situation which we weren’t prepared for. Some of other fellow Indian and Chinese applicants had the same issue. But as I said it is very abnormal. We went last time to Tijuana for visa renewal and our process was done just in 3 days.
Day 5Lucky day!! We got our passports at 3:00 PM.
On the same day, We came back to San Ysidro (Mexico-USA border)  in uber and crossed the border with new I-94.
Additional Information:
Sandiego Airport to SanYsidro (Mexico Border)
Travel time: Approx: 1 hr
Download the “compass-cloud SDMTS & NCTD” app to buy ticket (Day Pass $5 per person) on the go   and use the same ticket for BUS+Trolley all the way to San Yasidro (Mexican-USA Border). Yes, the same ticket works for both Bus and Trolley. Alternatively you can take UBER or LYFT which could save you some time. We had kid and no car seat so we opted for public transportation which was convenient for us.
1) Take bus right outside the airport upon exiting the door (Route 992) and get down at “America Plaza” (address: One America Plaza 600 W Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101) where you make a transfer to a train (Blue Line Trolley)
2) cross the road and catch the blue line trolley (train) which takes you to the last stop which is San Ysidro (Mexico-USA border).
SanYsidro (Mexico Border) to San Diego Airport
Follow the same procedure – Board (Blue Line Trolley) at San Ysidro (Mexico-USA Border), get down at the last stop which is “America Plaza” (address: One America Plaza 600 W Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101)  and board (Route 992)  just beside the trolley station which takes you to the San Diego Airport.
Local Transportation in Tijuana:
We used uber and in some cases taxis. We had good experience with both.
Hotels in Tijuana:
Personally I recommend to stay in chained hotels like Marriott, Hyatt, Hampton inn by Hilton etc.
Food in Tijuana:
Most hotels provide free or at a cost breakfast buffet and lunch buffet. Please check with the hotel.
Kids to Interview:
We (H1 and H4) went to ASC fingerprints/photo appointment (day 1) and VISA appointment (day 2) along with our kid and we had no issues.
Thank you and Good Luck !!

Another Visa Stamping Experience at US Consulate at Tijuana Mexico

My Experience in US Consulate in Tijuana Mexico , I went with  family (Wife and two kids) – March 2019

Client verification is happening for contractors I have 2 rounds of interview and waited 4hr in Embassy to get the results  


Crossing Border 

I took Uber from Sandiego Airport to SanYsidro (Mexico Border) ( 30 min drive and $30 price)

From Border , I crossed the border by walk , It is 5 min Walk.

Filled Mexico port of entry form. ( 30 min to 1 hr based on the line)

There is Kiosk at Port of entry , they help to book the cab to Hotel ( Charged $17)

Stayed in  Hampton Inn by Hilton Tijuana Hotel

(Avenida Universidad 1951-133, Tijuana, BC, 22427 Mexico

+52 664210 4700)

ACS Center

I have appointment at 12:00PM, 

Started at 11:00am reached 11:25 am  with Hotel Shuttle

Carried all the documents but all you need here Passport, DS-160 confirmation page , they may ask I-797 original document

Finger print process took around 30 min , it is pretty straight forward 

Since I don’t have mobile , i took road side cab , he charged $12 to drop in Hotel

Most of the cab drivers doesn’t know English, not even numbers in English 🙂 

Uber works very well and there is option in the Uber app to book English speaking drivers

Restaurants are good , Lots of restaurants near to Hotel.


US Embassy

I have appointment at 7:30pm

Started at 6:30am reached 6:35 am  with Hotel Shuttle ( very near just 2KM)

There is a small shop where you can keep mobile, he charges around 40 Mexican currency. But I didn’t carry any electronic items

I entered in Embassy at 7:15am

After security check-up I stand in the line for finger prints

There is Lady showed the way for the interview counter at 7:40


Interview questions

Still working same client

Show me your birth certificate, wife, and Kids 

A: Luckily I carried all birth certificates , and I showed them

What is your title

Roles and responsibilities 

How long you are working for client

A: Around 8 years 

Continuously working or any breaks 

A: No Breaks

what is your project

how long your project

Is your supervisor is from your company

is he working at client location

can you show me your project documentation

(Since I don’t have project documentation , i showed my client email with my roles and responsibilities)

Current Salary

Marriage Certificate 

Finally after around 12 to 15 min , she said we need verify something please sit, we will call you back.

Waited more than two hours , then called another consular at different window and started asking questions

How long you are working at client place

What is your title 

what you do in client place

do you have any ID card with you

A: Client won’t provide Photo id card, I have access card

Consular said, card doesn’t have your name , I said client gives only access card, But i carried my profile pictures from client website , i showed them

and i asked them to search with my name with client name in the google, you will get my client profile with my picture

He said Please wait , we will inform the details to consular he will call you.

I waited more than hour then first interviewer called.

She said sorry for keep you waiting , Finally the magic words .. Your visa approved

Given white slip and along will all my documents.

During the waiting period , they sent emails few questions to my client, luckily client responded in time.

Mostly they compared  the client answers and the details i provided are matched

Passport collection 

Next day at US Embassy, Some times the passport may ready on the same day, you need to go and check at the US Embassy.

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