Scenarios & I-94 Renewal

Scenario 1 : Need Visa Stamping with I-797B & Expired US Visa.

  • You might have got I-797B through Consular processing, where your attorney says that you need to go out of country(It might say home country location) as soon as possible and get your stamping done.
  • But if you want, you can visit Matamoros, Mexico to get your Visa stamping with your I-797B & Expired US Visa.
  • Plan to get Mexican visitor visa before your travel.
  • We had few guests who came to Matamoros, Mexico with above scenario and got stamped successfully.

Scenario 2 : Already have Valid US Visa Stamping + I-797B & Need I-94 Renewal Only.

  • You might already have valid US visa, During extension – you got I-797B through consular processing & your I-94 was expired, you need to get your I-94 renewed.
  • If you need any help, we can guide & provide help for your i-94 renewal at the Matamoros(Mexico), Brownsville(Texas) border.
  • As you already have valid visa in this scenario, you don’t need Mexican visitor visa.

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