Mexican Visa

Do I need get Mexican Visa ?

  • If you have valid any US visa or Canada visitor visa or Shenghen Visa, Then You don’t need Mexican visa.


  • It’s always better to get Mexican visa before your travel.(To be in better situation if your stay needs to be extended; Remember that you are going out of country(US).
  • If getting Mexican visa is not possible at any case(Mexican embassy far from your current location), then last option is to get a border permit valid for a week for 30$ while you arrive at Matamoros, Mexico.
  • You can show your i-797 & passport & you can pay 30$, Get the border permit.

How to get Mexican Visa ?
Few locations of Mexican embassy in US require appointments by email, phone.

  • Dallas(TX)
  • Chicago(IL)

Appointment booking website:
Few locations – you can directly walk-in.

  • Austin (TX)
  • Boston (MA)
  • Charlotte(NC),
  • SFO (CA)

Please try to call or email to inquire whether they need appointment or not.
If you could not catch hold of someone in phone or did not receive email response, try direct walk-in.
Note : 98% of our guests came with Mexican visa, 2% came with just border permit only(Recommended to take this as last option in case if Mexican Embassy is too far from your current location )
Please use the below website to find Mexican embassy near your location.

Official website for Mexican visa info

Mexican Visa Requirements

Information from our guests.
Applying for Mexican visa @ Austin, Texas
It’s walk in here in Austin. No need of appointment.
documents required : 6 months bank statement , Visa application form(we can get at visa office) ,i797 copy ,passport copy ,a photo , employer letter. They asked 3 days for processing
Applying for Mexican visa @ San Francisco, California
Walked in to San Fransisco mexican consulate, No appointment is required at this location. They asked for Passport, I797 (copy and Original), 6 months of bank statements and passport size photos. Made $36 payment and then they asked me to pickup visa at 3 PM the same day.
Applying for Mexican visa @ Boston, MA
You can walk in or make an appointment with Mexico consulate.
Take appointment for you & spouse(if applies)
I 797 approval
Last 6 months bank statements
Last 6 months paystubs
Address proof ( leasing agreement)
Offer letter
Passport copies front and back
Wife’s h4 approval
Two passport photos 2*2= 4(h+w)
$36 cash or card each person
Site to create an account online for appointment