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consular processing after h1b extension transfer denied

Scenario 1 : Need Visa Stamping with I-797B (Consular processing with I-94 expired & Expired US Visa) – CHECK BELOW, THIS PAGE HAS 2 CASES WITH MORE DETAILED TIMELINE INFORMATION

  • You might have got I-797B through Consular processing, (either after as H1B extension or transfer denial & approval)
  • where your attorney says that you need to go out of country(It might say home country location) as soon as possible and attend for your visa interview.
  • But if you want, you can visit Matamoros, Mexico to get your Visa stamping with your I-797B & Expired US Visa.
  • Plan to get Mexican visitor visa before your travel.(for better situation)
  • We had many guests who came to Matamoros, Mexico with above scenario and got stamped successfully.
  • Scroll below for other candidates experience who got I-797B & got successful stamping & their interview questions.

Scenario 2 : Already have Valid US Visa Stamping + I-797B & Need I-94 Renewal Only.

  • You might already have valid US visa, During extension – you got I-797B through consular processing & your I-94 was expired, you need to get your I-94 renewed.
  • If you need any help, we can guide & provide help for your i-94 renewal at the Matamoros(Mexico), Brownsville(Texas) border.
  • As you already have valid visa in this scenario, you don’t need Mexican visitor visa.

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Guys with i-797A, don’t need to worry, you can go for stamping anytime you want

Guys with i-797B, which is approved through consular processing (does not have i-94 attached),

Scenario 1)
If you have valid visa stamping, then you can cross the border & come back to I-94 office & and get your i-94 renewal done (which is in US side ), this can be done at any POE locations.

Scenario 2)
If you don’t have valid visa stamping (expired visa),
Then you need visa stamping to come back to usa,
you can out of country to Mexico or canada or India & go to visa interview & get your stamping done, while coming back… You get your i-94.


Important profile : I-797B profile, Consular processing, Without i-94 attached, Informed to go out of country and re-enter; (In the I-797B, it says locations from home country Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Vancouver for few candidates; It does not matter what’s listed in that. you can go anywhere for attending visa interview. Candidates came for stamping to Mexico.

Scenario 1) I-797B : Candidates Interview questions & his profile :
May 2nd 2018 :

Travelled from : San Jose, CA; Last stamping : 2015, Hyderabad, India ; EVC; Attended with family with 2 children.

Came to Matamoros location with I-797B & with a gap of more than 30 days between previous denial & approval.

Questions :
What’s your job – Sr. Java developer.
Is this your kid? Yes sir pass me birth certificate and marriage certificate
Did your company applied for green card not yet -ok, that’s not a problem
These questions & Visa Approved.

On May 2nd 2018 : Got Visa approved and came back to US.

—– This Case Details as below ————-
H1B Extension Denial & Approval & Stamping completed with I-797B

Timelines :
1) Applied Extension on June 6th 2017 – Got receipt – Regular processing.
2) Got RFE in Sep 2017
3) Denied – Nov 17th 2017
4) Reached to new employer for Consular processing.
(to join same project; change of employer)
5) Dec 19th 2017 – Receipt. (Regular processing)
6) Moved to premium processing (In Feb 2018)
7) March 30th 2018 – Approved.
8) Apr 14th 2018 – Document at hand = I-797B
9) Attended visa interview at Matamoros on May 2nd 2018 (Got successful stamping without any issues)

Previous visa & i-94 expired :
September 30 2017

Even dependents got stamping based on Primary visa holder (I-797B).

Scenario 1) Candidates Interview questions & another candaidate profile

1. How long have you been working for this employer?
2. What is your salary? DS160 salary
3. Do you have end client? Yes
4. Name the end client? Name and tell what they(client) do.
5. Your role?
(Explain your role and where you fit in the client project)

While giving passport give along with i797 A or B whatever. They only tell i797. A or B really doesn’t matter.

Please pass this message to everyone as A or B doesn’t really matter. Matters is they need to have approved i797.

Profile :

From : King of prussia, Pennsylvania; Contracting (EVC)

Last stamping : 2017, India, Got i-797B Through consular processing.

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consular processing after h1b extension transfer denied

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